10 Easy Ways To Get More Likes On Facebook Pages

10 Easy Ways To Get More Likes On Facebook Pages

Your Facebook fan page is stagnating and gathering dust, are you struggling to get new likes and fans on Facebook?

This is a common problem for many bloggers and especially for those who venture into the blogging world.

10 Easy Ways To Get More Likes On Facebook Pages

How to get new people to your fan page when you already have a million and one things to do on your blog like writing content, researching new posts, and tinkering with search engine optimization.

There are many books and guides out there, you just have to spend 5 minutes on Amazon.com to see the abundance of books like Facebook For Dummies that all try to offer their 2 cents on how to build your base. Facebook fans.

To be honest, it’s not that hard and there’s not much you can do other than spending a little time and using a few tips and tricks to get the word out on your Facebook page. If I can save you a few bucks by not buying one of these books, it’s okay, right?

Below, I’ve listed some of the best ways to promote your Facebook fan page. These are really easy to integrate and implement and you should start to see an increase in the number of fans on your Facebook page in no time.

1. Get your friends and family to like: As simple as it sounds, bloggers often forget to tell their friends and family about their Facebook page. It’s one of the easiest ways to get likes on your page. At least it won’t feel empty when you start to drive readers and blog visitors to your fan page. (nobody likes to be the first, right?)

2. Add a Facebook Like button: Facebook allows you to easily install a Fan Page type widget on your blog. It’s a great way to attract new likes and fans, as it’s highly visible on your blog, allowing anyone who stumbles on your blog to see that you have an active Fan Page and become a fan right from your blog. blog. You can also add a Facebook social like button to your page as you can see on the right of my blog at the top, I have a selection.

3. Add an electronic signature: how many email accounts do you have? How often do you reply or send emails during the day? I’m sure that’s a lot why not embed your Facebook fan page link in your email. It’s easy, just add it as an email signature. It might read something like “why not check out my Facebook page”, you might be surprised!

4. Link from YouTube: If you are feeling adventurous, why not create a YouTube video and add not only your blog address but also your Facebook fan page address. You can easily put it in the details section of the video or even at the end of the video itself. YouTube is a great way to increase not only your blog visitors, but your social media fan base as well.

5. From other Facebook pages: This is a great way to get more fans and build a bigger following. Find fan pages in your niche and join them, I’m sure you already have, but if not then spend an hour stalking some. Every now and then, post a comment and add your page as a reference.

10 Easy Ways To Get More Likes On Facebook Pages

6. Via your newsletter: Adding a link to your fan page in your newsletter is another great way to develop your fans. This is often overlooked by many bloggers, but it’s free, so why not do it!

7. Using Facebook’s Promote Feature: Facebook now has a feature where you can promote your fan page or even a post from your fan page for a small cost. They also allow you to design an advertisement for your fan page and target your preferred audience. Yes, you pay a little bit of money to do this, but Facebook’s rates aren’t that bad and I’m sure you’ll see a return on your investment pretty quickly soon. why not check it out!

8. Create Photos and Share on Facebook: This is my proven way to get more fans, it worked for me on one of my other websites to the point where I was gaining over 100 new fans per day. If you are artistically gifted, this will be quite easy for you. All you need to do is design an image or poster, but make sure the link to your blog or fan page is there somewhere and start posting it on Facebook. You’ll be amazed at how many people will share it, especially if it’s funny!

9. Comment on other blogs and forums: It’s obvious! I’m sure you already do this to some extent as part of your daily routine to build your blogging authority and your visitor base. When commenting, drag the link from your fan page or add it as part of your signature in forums you frequent.

10. Write a blog post on your new fan page: Again, an often overlooked way to promote your Facebook fan page from your current blog. Write a blog post on your fan page to give your readers a compelling reason to join you! Try not to be too pushy, but if you give them a solid reason, you will see your audience start to grow.

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