10 Ways to increase your PC speed

How to increase your PC speed– How are you guys, I am Sameer Mansoori and many of us, our computer is not working as fast as we would like, or as fast as it was in the past maybe.

So in this article, we will go over 10 specific tips on some things you can try on Windows that can improve your computer performance.

Now it is clear that nothing is hitting the hardware development, but if you have a low-end computer, some of these tricks can help.

ways to increase your PC speed
ways to increase your PC speed

Now if you have a high-end computer or a modern computer that has just been upgraded and is still running low, you may have other issues that may not help but if your computer over the years has slowed down, or has been a bit more lenient, this should help to some extent.

Increase Performance of very low-end computers

So to begin with, this probably will make a difference if you have a very low-end computer, or an old one, or like an old laptop, and that is to turn off the visible effects on Windows.

You can now access this first, then type in “performance”, then go to “Adjust Windows look and performance”, then check “Fix the best performance”.

This will only remove a lot of good animation, perhaps clicking results. So Windows will probably look a little too small, but it may look a little snappier because you don’t like waiting for animation and stuff like that, so again this will be a very low-key tool with very low graphics.

This might make a difference, but if you have a computer properly enabled, it won’t make much difference, so you can simply choose Windows to look good if you use it and don’t choose this.

If You Have A Lot Of Operating Systems Installed

this one will actually work if you have a lot of operating systems installed, so if not you can just ignore this one, but maybe read it if you are interested.

So you may know that when you double-click the computer, it will usually give you the option to choose which operating system you want to start, and will spend some time on that menu, and you can reduce that so it doesn’t take 30 seconds to automatically start.

You can go to Settings to change this first, then type in “This PC” and go to that, click on “Properties” on the right, then go to “Change Settings” (or “Advanced System Settings” Advanced, then start to restore, then go to Settings Then check the setting here called “App Display Time” and you can change this from the default 30 seconds to the other 10.

That will save you a lot of time as you shave. But also if you know you don’t have systems to start boot, you may not have corrupted those settings at all.

Make Windows Use A Higher-Performance App

The next thing you can try to do is make Windows use a higher-performance app. You can find it by going to the start menu, then the settings, then System, Power & Sleep, and then clicking More Power Options, and automatically this will show up as a balance, but there will be other options that can be seen here.

how to increase PC speed
how to increase PC speed

And high performance is probably the one you want to process, especially if you’re on a desktop. Now if you are using a laptop that is always connected, you can also choose a high performance, but just be careful that you are using an offline laptop on an off battery, then this will seriously drain battery life.

So in that case you may not want to change it, but if you run out of AC power, high performance may be best if your computer slows down too much most of the time keep in mind though that this will cause your CPU to run at high speed automatically all the time.

So if you’re worried about power consumption, or maybe you have a bad cooling on your computer, you may find it running hot, and fans running fast, so if you’re careful that and you don’t like it.

You can turn off the high performance back to normal but if you don’t see any issues operating at high temperatures, and it probably won’t make that much difference, you can just end up with high performance.

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Disable Or Restrict The Windows Search Index.

the next thing you can try is to disable or restrict the Windows search index.

So you can get to this setting by going to settings, then Search, and searching the Windows tab, and you can set this up as old, significantly reducing the number of files displayed. It will only be able to search within libraries and desktops, so it will not search everything else on your computer.

If set to upgrade, I think that may be the default for new Windows installations, it will search for files beyond libraries only. Now, this will make a big difference if you have as many files and have a hard drive that contradicts SSD.

If you are using an SSD it may not make that much difference but you still have to try, but be careful if you turn this off, then back up, when Windows will redirect everything, it may slow down your computer for a while, while it should point everything again.

So know that but you may see a difference if you disable it completely on low-end computers and do not perform multiple file searches.

You already know where everything is going to be worth shutting down It is not always compatible with files.

Take Advantage Of ReadyBoost

Now, the next feature that you can take advantage of is ReadyBoost which you may have heard of, but it allows you to insert a USB drive and type it to use as additional, slower RAM. So basically Windows can use this to store the most used files on the sixth drive.

Or I don’t know, load some RAM into it if you don’t have a lot of RAM, and the idea instead of using visible memory on the hard drive, (if you use a slow hard drive), if you use a USB drive because it has flash memory, maybe fast, and thus you can get the extra speed that can be had if you always run out of RAM and have a slow drive.

Now to use this feature, you will have to insert the sixth drive into any USB port on the computer and I believe it should be between 1 gigabyte free and 32 gigabytes free when I believe there are actually files in it

Windows will do some sort of data split and then saves it but anywhere after installing the drive you go to this PC where it lists all the installed drives, right-click on the flash drive and hit layouts, and go to ReadyBoost.

If your computer is fast enough that it will not benefit from this, as in my computer, it will tell you so and I will tell you that it is not worth your bother at all, but if you have a computer that may benefit, you will have many options.

So you can choose to dedicate this device to ReadyBoost where I believe it can be deleted or you can erase it yourself first, or you can just hit “use this device” and select a price to set this feature.

Also, this feature will probably make a difference only if you don’t have a lot of RAM in the first place. So whether you have 4 gigabytes or less, or less than 8 gigabytes, but you still use a lot of RAM, and your computer is always working against that limit and needs more space to keep it, and your hard drive is not fast. very “page file”, which we will discuss next.

Increase The Page File Size In Windows

So it may be helpful if you have a very low-end computer, but if your computer is speeding up properly with RAM at least then this may not be helpful, but it is still worth a try.

Well, now the next thing we can do is try to increase the page file size in Windows. I will try to explain how this works.

how to improve PC speed
how to improve PC speed

Similar to the concept with ReadyBoost, the page file is a very old feature and it is the same thing where when your computer starts to run out of memory, it will start storing temporary files or the most used files that still need regular access to a so-called “page file” or dedicated drive space instead of RAM.

It will also dump items from RAM into the hard drive and use that, however, the hard drive slows down more often than RAM. So it’s like a last resort but if you don’t have a lot of RAM then you should still need to use this anyway.

So what will happen if you do not have enough RAM and do not have enough page file size as a backup, your computer will work very slowly.

So you want to make sure your page file size is big enough to use everything you need to do. So to change these settings, all you have to do is start the menu, and we’ll do the same as before, type “This PC” and go to the places there.

Go to the “Advanced System Settings” tab for advanced, under Activity go to settings, then the advanced tab here and look for “visible memory” and click on change.

By default, it will probably already mean “Automatically manage pairing file size for all drives”. if you want to deselect this you can uncheck it.

After that, you will want to look at the drive labeled “Managed system” and just click on this and this will show you the details of the size of the page file, and based on this you can decide to change it or not.

If the file size of the page is almost as large as your memory (your Max RAM memory), that may be fine but if it is too small, you can change it and you can do that by converting it to a custom size and setting the original size on any recommended and the full file size should be as much space as you are willing to pay for, or if you want to leave these programs managed alone.

In fact, you can just add as much drive as you can and add an extra page file to an additional drive.

So you can simply click on the drive without a page file and select “system-controlled size” or select “custom” so that it will automatically manage its size, you will have more there and well if you have an SSD, you can put at least one-page file on SSD, because it is much faster than a hard drive and much faster than what you find in ReadyBoost drive.

So a page file will be (at least one of them) on an SSD if you can afford it, but you still have a fair amount, even on a hard drive is better than nothing. Okay now, the following are related and related to making sure there are no corrupted files within the Windows installation.

Use System File Checker In Windows

System File Checker is also a Windows built-in tool that will automatically detect, as I just said, scan Windows files, check for any corruption, and try to repair them automatically.

So to do this, you will need to go to the Prompt command. So you can just go to the start menu Search for “Command Prompt” or “CMD” and right-click it hit run as administrator and it will appear, then type in “SFC / scan now” and let it happen.

Tricks to improve laptop speed
Tricks to improve laptop speed

It may take as long as an hour or more, but you can do other things while it is running. And hopefully, it will mean that no errors have been found but it may come back with something and try to fix it. We hope he will successfully rectify the situation.

Now if you can’t get into all the errors it might indicate if something is wrong. You just have to go to Google and try to fix it yourself. There is so much for me that I can never cover it. So at least if you use this and it shows something, you will know that something might be wrong.

Now after you have used System File Checker there is another command that you can type which is the same scanner but slightly different but also do the same basic thing, when another area of files is corrupted and you try to replace it with Windows automatically update.

So again, you will want to open the Prompt command and type the next command. I have given it to you here so you can copy and paste it, it is “DISM.exe / Online / Cleanup-image / Restore” and then go and run what it does and hopefully, it will be able to fix any issues if it finds anything.

Use Checker Program And The DISM Command

Now one big thing you can point out after using the Checker program and the DISM command, let both runs, maybe you want to restart and use System File Checker again, and this is because both scanning commands may rely on files that one may have edited.

Therefore, if the System File Checker failed to fix something when using DISM it may file a file that will allow System File Checker to correct it the next time you run it.

So that’s why you want to use both, then use System File Checker again, and hope that that will fix you if there are some problems this is a good rule of thumb every now and then, even if your computer doesn’t have any problems because there may be some corrupted file but they start adding extra time before you know you have problems.

So it’s best to just sit back and use these machines to make sure everything works properly.

Use The Default Maintenance Of Windows

Okay next time we want to use the default maintenance of Windows. Now, this is Windows that should work automatically every day but if it doesn’t work properly, that can cause problems.

So you can get to this by going to the start menu and typing in the control panel and then going to System and Security, Security and Maintenance, and then going to the drop-down next to Maintenance. Here you can view the last day of the default maintenance.

So when it’s time you can go into the configuration settings and choose the best time when the computer can really be.

I believe that even if it sets to 2 AM automatically then it will work the next time the window starts, but that may not happen if you see that it is not too late.

So just set a time when you know that you may not be using a computer but it is still going on, or you can click on Start maintenance and we will do it quickly and this just does other things like slow down on your hard drive if you need to know what kind of storage items are mounting.

Reset Your PC

Well now if you have tried everything to make your computer faster and less efficient, there is only one way to save nuclear, which is a feature called “Reset this PC” it will be much better, but difficult, resetting the PC is the next thing and this will restore Windows in default mode.

I believe it removes all programs and resets all settings and things like that, but I believe it should keep the files stable. So you should always want to back up before doing something like this.

So you might want to look at this method of reinstalling Windows with the original version first.

Now before I tell you how to do this be sure to stick to the whole problem because I will talk about some obvious things you should definitely do until you use this but I wanted to say it first because it is clear but you should try before you do this but you need what you do.

You go to Settings with Update and Security and go to restore, then you will have the option to reset this PC and it will tell you how it works, but also do this as a last resort.

Those were the ten main things I wanted to say in this article.

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