3 ways to generate traffic quickly and affordably

3 ways to generate traffic quickly and affordably

After working long and hard to get your new website up and running, you probably have little patience left to wait months and months to start driving traffic to your site and start making sales!

But these search engine submissions take a long time to generate traffic. You’ve also discovered that joining web rings, exchanging links, and posting free classifieds are time-consuming activities that only generate a small amount of traffic, IF you’re lucky.

3 ways to generate traffic quickly and affordably

Plus, you don’t want to spend huge amounts of money on advertising in case your site isn’t converting visitors into buyers at a rate that generates a fair profit.

You want a lot of traffic, you want it cheap, and you want it now! So what are you doing?

Well, there are 3 ways to get traffic to your site fast, even on a budget.

Write Articles – You’ve written all of these product recommendations for your site, and the articles aren’t much different, nor more difficult to write. If your site is about beer and promotes a variety of home brewing related products, write an article called “10 Secrets to Your Best Batch Ever.”

Include a resource box under your article that gives your name, a brief description of your site and its URL. (Use my resource box at the end of this article as an example.)

Your next step is to go to Charlie Page’s “Online Magazine Directory” and purchase an annual subscription. Review the list of ezines in the Food / Wine category, and submit your article to everyone who accepts articles. Some newsletters may have a circulation of only a few hundred, but others will have a few hundred THOUSANDS subscribers.

Ezine Advertising – Your membership in the Directory of Ezines (DOE) will also help you locate ezines in which to advertise your site. The beauty of this type of advertising is that it is generally inexpensive, sometimes as little as $ 8 per issue for 6 lines at 65 characters per line.

3 ways to generate traffic quickly and affordably

But the best part is that you are presenting your message to a very targeted audience. There’s no point in trying to sell home brewing kits to tea lovers, right?

Pay Per Click Search Engines – The fastest way to get traffic to your site is to buy keywords and keyword phrases from PPC (pay per click search engines) such as Overture, Google and FindWhat.

Google is arguably the fastest PPC account to set up. Just write your title and description, choose your keywords, make a deposit and you are up and running.

Set a maximum daily budget and check your income and expenses frequently until you make sure the first consistently exceeds the second.

You will know within a week how well your site will convert visitors to buyers, which beats the heck of months waiting for comments!

For as little as one or two hundred dollars, you can drive tons of highly targeted traffic to your site in a very short period of time. Calculate your conversion, “change” your site, then reinvest your income to drive even more traffic and earn more sales.

Stick to the plan, and in no time you’ll be able to sit down

back and enjoy one of these house beers while watching your sales soar.

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