5 top tips for better blog post titles

5 top tips for better blog post titles

For many new bloggers, the title of your last post never gets much or very little attention.

Believe it or not, the title of your blog post is actually important to Google and other search engines, especially if the title is keyword rich or even answers a question someone may be looking for. .

5 top tips for better blog post titles

Not only that, but the title is the gateway to your carefully crafted blog post. If you can’t grab the attention of potential readers in the handful of words in your headline, you’re very unlikely to catch them and get them to read the rest of your blog post.

With the abundance of information at the fingertips of the average Joe these days, you need to set yourself apart from the competition. With millions of Google searches per day, how do you stand out?

Below, I’ve listed some basic ways to make your blog post title stand out and hopefully grab the attention of potential readers who are looking for Google or other major search engines.

5 top tips for writing better blog post titles

Use Power Words: Many people these days use search engines as a quick response tool. They don’t want to spend hours crawling and googling. With this in mind, try using words like Top, Best, Free, Worst, and Amazing. Here are some examples:

Top 10 Blogging Tools I Can’t Live Without

The best cameras in 2012

The worst places to visit in Dubai

Free Video Tutorials

Sprinkling a few “powerful words” in your headline is a great way to stand out from the crowd, but make sure you have great content to back up your claims.

Ask a Question: A great way to attract potential readers is to ask a question, you will be surprised how many people are subconsciously drawn to and want to read the rest of your blog post.

Not only that, but people use google and search engines to answer questions every day, so if your headline is formed into a question, you might be more likely to have someone stumble upon your blog post. .

5 W’s And One H: What are you talking about? Try to think back to your school days, I know it can be a bit difficult for some of you. Do you remember being told to use the 5 W and One H?

5 top tips for better blog post titles

Who what when where Why How

Using any of these words in the title of your blog post is a sure way to grab the attention of your readers. A good point to mention is that none of these questions can be answered with a simple yes or no.

Add a number: People like to keep things simple, especially in the internet world where large amounts of information are in abundance. If you use a number in your headline this is a sure way to get more readers, here are some examples:

Top 5

10 most discussed topics

Top 100

25 places to visit

Not only do people love the numbers they love lists, but scannable content like lists and bullet points is a great way to engage your readers.

Avoid Bait And Switch: I’m a big fan of writing catchy blog titles to try and attract potential readers, but be honest in your title.

There is nothing worse than a reader who finds your blog in Google only to then find that the actual content of the blog post has nothing to do with the title or even what they were looking for, believe it. on or not, this often happens.

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