50 quick blogging tips

I love lists, which is why I decided to create so many blogging tips you can apply right now.

They are simple but useful.

Note that this advice comes from my personal experience, it is not something like a universal law that will automatically make you money.

1.use wordpress

2. get a unique domain

3.If you have the time to learn search engine optimization, don’t hire an SEO

4.Get unique design

5.have a user-friendly design

6.link your website internally for ease of navigation and increase the number of page views and time spent on your site

7.Create a design to offer

8.add a link in the design footer to get backlinks

9.comment on other blogs

10. Join the Problogger community

11. be funny

12. be nice

13. show evidence of your success when you can

14. add images to your messages


16. Read problem blogs

17. use social media, but use it the right way or it can kill you

18. make a big list

19. make interviews with problemoggers who are in your niche

20. share your experiences, the bad ones too. People read your blog to learn.

21. Go to famous events when you can (World Blog Expo)

22. always give before trying to get something

23. don’t blog for money

24.blog about anything you want, having the knowledge or not having it, but just blogging about something you are ready to learn

25. write your own pdf

26. Create a newsletter by e-mail

27. Build relationships

28. don’t be afraid to give advice to a great blogger

29. read Matt Cutts’ blog

30. use Google’s webmaster tools

31. stick to a publication frequency

32. DON’T! quit your job to start blogging for money

33. at start-up, don’t compare your blog with the blogs of problemogger

34. Care about Alexa rankings if you want to make money blogging

35. use automatic ping services

36. link to old posts

37. use recommended plugins

38. don’t think about doing it, just do it

39. don’t blame yourself for your mistakes, learn from them

40. response to comments

41. be patient

42. don’t use Black Hat SEO

43. Never underestimate blog directories

44. don’t be crazy about submitting your sites to search engines. do it if you have the time and focus on google

45. SEO on page optimization

46. ​​Off-page SEO optimization

47. offer a full flow

48. be original

49. bad comments? great, keep blogging you’re on the right track

50. don’t be afraid to link to other blogs

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