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Best iPhones: –

Phone 8: –

The iPhone 8 The iPhone 8 starts at $ 499 and goes up to the iPhone 11 Pro Max which is the longest here at one thousand and forty-nine dollars to get the largest storage of 512 gigabytes so we have the widest price range from left to right so we have a few differences between them the iPhone 8 obviously has a home button and we have a face ID on something we will talk about in a moment but let’s talk about donations from one of these phones as you can see this is a silver iPhone 8 and a silver iPhone 8is 49 and then go for $ 4.99 for 64 gigabytes of storage 128 you can also get the iPhone 8 plus larger and also comes in the same prices the same storage and available in the gray space silver and gold so we have gray spaces here in silver with the iPhone 8

iphone XR: –

Now with the iPhone XR we have so many colors starting at 599 dollars and up to six hundred and forty-nine dollars you can get 64 or 128 gigabytes now it comes in a dark blue coral or red product like this so I’ll see that is the redest of its products which means they donate a certain amount to the AIDS Foundation to help eradicate AIDS globally and we have an iPhone 11 iPhone 11 starting at $ 6.99 and up to eight hundred and forty-nine dollars available at 64 128 gigabytes or more -256 comes in a dark yellow to yellow this is a blue color and a red product so this is a nice green color and a new color this year compared to the iPhone XR.

best iPhone of 2020
best iPhone of 2020

IPhone 11 pro: –

When it comes to the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro eleven Pro Ip 11pro comes in for $ 999 and up to thirteen and forty-nine dollars is available for 64 256 or 512gigabyte and you can see here a new green color midnight but also comes in a silver and gold space and with the iPhone 11 Pro max you can see this variation of Space Gray and this starts in 1099 and extends up to one thousand four hundred and forty-nine dollars up to 64 256 gigabytes or 512 gigabytes and has the same area of ​​silver gold and green at midnight when it comes to the overall design of the slightly different phones the left four phones weigh less because they are made of aluminum and then glass so the actual frame around the outer edge of the 8+ XR + 11 has aluminum on the entire outer edge and glass front and rear 11pro and 11pro Maxx these are made of stainless steel so the outer ring st stainless steel and also the front and rear glass so they are similar in terms of quality and craftsmanship and are similar to other types and now when it comes to overall weight the phone is unlocked. due to its stainless steel structure but it is not very heavy in general so here are the various weights and they range from 148 grams to 226 grams of all so from the smallest to the largest now the biggest difference in these phones is that they are four left all the LCDs and then the two right 11Pro and 11 Pro max are OLED and make them even better this year and make them a little brighter but let’s talk about the show and the decision because the LCDs show these are the best LCD panels ever made and I know i that some people will say XR and 11 do not have the same direct showing that it is a lower res olution than other indicators but because the pixel density is more than 300 you will not really see any of those pixels and it looks nice,

That there are good viewing angles and that it is true of any LCD display from Apple is very powerful they are very good and they go well and they are bright but they are not as bright as the OLED display at 11pro and 11promax 11 Pro and 11 Pro max can go very bright actually 800 nits is the brightness and then it can go very high when playing HDR content so Pro11 and 11 Pro max can play HDR and technically the iPhone 11 can also do the same but OLED displays give you darker blacks and lighter colors in total with a small fullness so that Apple can do a good job of measuring all these shows but they are not the same when it comes to viewing different content so you choose 4.7 inches which is actually a rectangular display up to 6.5 inches with round corners on OLED displays t he is 11pro max so you have a variety of what works for you but there is one thing I have to say related to OLED display especially that I do not hear many others talk about it but I have always said and that is called PWM or pulse width variation that the way the OLED displays control its brightness and some people are sensitive to this by about 1 in 10 people and what that means when you turn on or off the OLED display actually blinks faster or slower and if you keep the light brighter it looks like LCDs with the plus 8 or 8 and XR and 11 do not do this they are not tall in any way and they are beautiful and bright or dim and they are always lit to do that continuous vibration and that such a wave can disturb people’s eyes and make them feel nauseous or irritated it’s the head so it’s something they have to remember though with this year’s 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max phone with a high level of light where most people can’t ‘I see and it doesn’t bother a lot of people but it’s still there so I thought I’d say it now.

Iphone 8 and 8plus: –

Another thing to say is that the iPhone 8 and 8plus only have a 3d touch and that means there is a pressure sensor under the display that allows you to press lightly or hard to take a different action and maybe you are familiar with this you can slide your finger to adjust brightness but what Apple has done with all new phones out of ten remove that and replace it with a machine and hold to get press and hold to accomplish the same function and while working there is no immediate approach as well as pressure sensitivity in the music app for example if I press and hold we will try and you will see that it didn’t work the first time time on iPhone11 Pro let’s try it and you will see that it works but it is slow let me try it again so that you can see again that it works it gives you the same kind of functions but it is slow a little bit so keep that in mind if you like 3d touch while doing it in an amazing change with iOS 13 is still there when it is not good but definitely better than touching hap tic or printer and grab what we have on new phones now with new Apple iPhone phones 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max seems to be more melted but by doing so it softens the glass and makes them prone to scratching so for example on my iPhone11 pro my max is better scratched and scratched easily than the iPhone 8 plus.

I have here years of use this doesn’t have much scratches on it and i don’t use screen protector but with the new phone it seems to collect scratches easily and that is to put it in my pocket there is nothing else i was very careful where i said but it’s just something you should know and i would highly recommend a screen protector if you have one of the new phones while resisting cracking you will probably get more scratches on them but the resistance is not a bad thing because if you were to break these and you did not have Apple Care the price of replacement displays is very expensive and the back installation price is very expensive so I highly recommend Apple care on these devices for your high cost for almost $ 100 because it would be more expensive if you broke the rear glass Apple replaces the whole device for five to six dollars or even when it comes to older devices if you smashed the glass it makes more sense to have the display replaced without the forefront but the front makes sense replaced if you just need to keep that in mind with the LCD display it is cheaper to repair if you can break the screen now in the end something I no longer think about with knots knot may bother other people it doesn’t bother me much you are familiar with it but if it is s Something that worries you most people who switch directly to the phone with a button do not really pay attention to you after a day or so many people talk to them saying it is not a big thing I thought it could be but it just doesn’t keep that in mind but for the most part it is not something to worry about but if it drives you nuts are quite a consideration now even though there is a difference in resolution the displays look very good you won’t complain.

So I don’t think even if some people will say XR and 11 are 720p mirrors they are actually very close to 1080p you can watch 1080p content on YouTube no problem with that and no reason that you can view quality content in these and you will not be able to see the difference so let’s go into one of my videos to show you if we can choose some of the above options here you will see here is the quality you have 1080p is an option for watching 1080p video it will simply be rated and closer to 1080p than 720p but also less important decisions compared to pixel size so you won’t see those pixels now let’s talk about the general specs because while there is a step The biggest specs between all these different devices is not as big as you can imagine for example the iPhone 8 has an 11Bionic processor with 2 gigabytes of RAM 8 plus has the same 11 Bionic but with 3 gigabytes of RAM usually due to that big show the iPhone XR has 12 Bionic with 3 gigabytes of RAM the iPhone 11 has 13 Bionic as does the iPhone 11 Pro and pro max all have 13 Bionic also they all have 4 gigabytes of RAM so they all have to compete very well for speed now one of the ways we can plan this test if I go to a very old device and one of the new devices sees maybe we will have an iPhone 8 and 8 plus having an old processor so you’ll see in less than a second or so both will be very playable there will be no problems with that,

But I wanted to do one test that pays less tax on the processor and some people say this is not something you can do in real life and that’s true but actually is one of the ways you can press the processor or chip to it to see what difference I would make to compress the 4k video I put on iMovie on all these devices so let me now shut down all the apps I used and let’s continue to open iMovie to see if they aren’t some open applications on any of the phones are not stored in memory so i have imported a clip separating clip and put a title in each of these this is a 4k clip and also let’s bring the iPhone for because maybe we will have it later in the year ni but here is the stopwatch we are going to use so what i am going to export thi s you will see i will add an article here i am done with that so we will post this clip and see how fast they can press on all of these because sometimes on Mac this can take a while to do but on the phone. so this particular clip is more than three minutes or about four minutes so when i go to the end here all like 3 minutes and 46 seconds now i have all these videos ready to export i tried to hit them all at once so we get them all sent at once and hit the stopwatch so let’s try that and get started and see how long this takes,

Now it’s a little over half you’ll see some old phones like these ten and plus plus six these two do very well the RAM on the iPhone eight for me makes it into smaller pieces but it is impressive to see how they work now as expected the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Mac’s were all even in times times the 10rwas just behind it by maybe a second or half a second and the iPhone 8 plus was behind that not too much at but the eight was much more behind with Isuspect that’s because of the amount of RAM that has a very small amount of RAM and video transmission can be very powerful with RAM but any way they all did well compared to exporting to a macbook so that should give you a general idea of ​​how quickly they compare when they do a great job though i don’t suspect this is something you can always do now when it comes to iPhone one of the biggest reasons people buy an iPhone it’s because of their cameras their cameras are very compatible but there is a very big difference from the iPhone 8 all the way to iPhone 11 pro max so i wanted to show you the difference first i will show you the front camera and then show you the rear camera so when it comes to the front camera the iPhone 8 8 plus and iPhone XRe all have 7 megapixel F2.2 aperture they all record it at 1080p and the iPhone XR can make 1080p 60 the front camera removed so when I turn on the front XR camera for example it will rotate it here and if we go to the video and do the same at 8 or 8 plus it will be the same quality.

It will be the same and i will show you a different sample in a moment now when we take a look at the iPhone 11, 11Pro and 11 pro max this is a new 12 megapixel camera so it has a 12 megapixel front camera and F 2.2 aperture so the quality is better very high and can record at 4k 60 so it has a very high resolution looks good and you can honestly use it to vote as long as you have good lights therefore a very impressive camera let me show you a small sample of all the ones I record with a front-facing camera on three different phones 8 Plus, similar to the8 the XR and the 11 Pro so the 11pro of 11 Pro max and 11 all have the same cameras so you can to see the rear 8 plus beats a bit where the XR and 11pro are slightly different and have a better overall power range and you can hear the sound between the three 11pro XR and 8 plus now when it comes to the rear cameras this is a big difference so- then with the iPhone 8 for example we have one lens and this lens is a 12 megapixel camera and it can record 4k 60 all are capable and they all have at least one fixed image lens 8 plus it has a dual camera with a standard camera and then a phone lens when it comes to iPhone XR is back with a single camera but also this excellent camera is a 12 megapixel 12 F 1.8 lens with a second zoom digital and looks really good and then on the iPhone 11 we added another lens but this time it’s not a telephoto this is a very wide lens so out of 11 we have 12 megapixel sensors but a new sensor is unlocked 11, 11 Pro and 11Pro max if compared to 12 megapixel sensors on older phones so with 11 we have two 12 megapixel camera sets one point 8 and 12 megapixel 2 point 4 ultra wide they can record at 4k 60 and they also use a knurl engineer processor to process video in real time it’s amazing.

What I can do with the iPhone 11 Pro in 11pro max with the same camera setup so now we have three lenses with a standard 12megapixels F 1.8 then we don’t have 12 megapixels of 12 zoom lenses and we have lenses brand new ultra wide at 11 F 2.4 so all of them are very good cameras but let me show you some samples comparing them with some video here a you can see video st block between all six phones each camera has a phone lens except iPhone XR the iPhone XR uses digital zoom but it is better than you can expect so here is 2x and here is 1x you will see them all look the same but new iPhones -11 the 11 Pro and 11 Pro max also has a wide wide lens where you can zoom in and see a lot more now some considerations between phones to touch face ID ID now when new phones deal with the ID provider immediately and you usually just take it look at the phone and swipe when you pick up the phone but if you have a touch ID you will have a different situation you probably have this home button here or you can take it open and do it that way but let me show you what I mean I will pick it up and swipe and hit the home button at the same time and you will stay hard to say let’s compare the two but let’s try and you will see the home button looks a little faster but most people like the ability to have a larger screen because you don’t need a home button bezel so this great consideration for some people with ID is very safe except maybe if they have twins but overall both are good after using face ID and finally in the new generation I think there is enough and most people I talk to would be more interested in having a face ID than the contact ID.

I can go with and / or other people will be more selective about that now let’s talk a little bit about battery because this is a big difference among all the ones starting with the iPhone 8 we have very little battery because we have a thin body of the phone so eighteen hours and twenty-one milliamp will give you about five hours of screen time depending on usage When we move to the 8th plus we have a battery life of 2,600 milliamp screen time at a time depending on the usage of the nearest six hours but depending on whether you show up using the phone when we arrive at the iPhone 10 the battery grows larger than the best phone last year to the point where the battery goes You get a battery of two thousand nine hundred and forty-two hours you will get about seven hours of screen time while other people can do a little better depending on how they use it but that’s what I find very good for you ‘I get extra screen time and iPhone11 has a slightly larger 3110 milliamp battery which is probably seven hours tontine depending on how you use it some people will get less if they survive ek use games and stuff and then when it comes to the iPhone 11 pro and pro max Apple has increased the battery size by the size of The slightly chassis iPhone 11 pro has a battery of 3,466 milliamp hour that will get you an extra five-hour screen while there is an iPhone XS that replaces most people see 10 to 11 hours off the screen with the iPhone 11 Pro with -11 Pro max we have a 3969milliamp hour battery and this will get you 10 to 12 hours on screen at a time and it looks like I get about 12 hours of screen time and normal usage so when I go Battery life and battery is 100% lower than this canary a little but if we make an example where I used my 25% battery today I spent 2 hours and 24 minutes on the screen during 1 hour and 3 minutes on the screen when we did two and a half hours 4 times since I used only my quarter battery and reduced percentage 77 when we do the mahland these 2 4 that gives us about 10 hours maybe more maybe a little but most of the time 10 to 12 hours and that doesn’t include the time to lock the screen I’m in they sing and so they are excellent batteries on new phones they all support fast charging but only the iPhone 11 pro and pro max include a quick charger in the box so you can quickly charge old phones may be a little slow to charge quickly but they will be quick to charge if you have a theright adapter.

Now the one most important thing is obviously the acceptance and acceptance on the iPhone 8 -8 plus if you have a variation of Verizon it could be much better than what you get with the latest 11 Pro and Promax phones and that it comes down to the use of Qualcomm modems Intel modems most people with Qualcomm modems have better reception or information on older phones especially seven or more via iPh one 11 Pro max where there are some color problems sometimes switching from Wi-Fi to LTE or LTE signal may go down while it is wrong for most people other people have a problem with it and i have seen that i also occasionally so 8 m8 plus especia lly as i said that CDMA or Verizon variant will be accepted better than any of them so just remember that everything else is very similar i find that they go there and 11 seem a little better to be accepted than 11 Pro and Pro max i don’t know if that’s due to construction or no but i find that it is so now when we talk about speakers of all it is very difficult to feel the difference between them all in the microphone in unity i have here i am talking about but there is a very big difference between 11 Pro and Pro max compared to others so from worst to good it will be a 8 plus in XR then 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max the volume on the 11, 11 Pro and Pro max are very loud the 8 and 8 plus are fine but you have a much more surround sound feel when you listen with it especially iPhone 11 Pro Max or Pro because you have found that beautiful sound that reveals something else now remember landscape mode if you have 8 Plus you can make landscape on home screen you can’t do that on any other phone so any other phones you are given now can only do portrait mode but 8plus gives landscape Home screen mode others people like that thing and it is not available on new phones and finally let’s talk about IP measurement because that is a measure of entry protection or protection against dirt and dust and water so the iPhone 8, 8 Plus & XR all have an IP67 rating of about one meter for 30 minutes or of course if we are thrown into one meter of water we have to work after 30 minutes but I have seen that this is not the case in time past so make sure you are aware Apple does not include water damage so even if you were to bathe with it or swim without it they will not cover the iPhone 11 with an IP 68 certificate that allows a depth of 2 meters or more to 30 minutes then Apple went a liter I went a little further with 11pro and Pro max is IP 68 of 4 meters for 30 minutes but also if it is water damage it won’t cover it for free so keep that in mind that’s what this year’s iPhones offer and 8 and 8 plus still good phones I know many people still pick them up because they like the home button prefer the square display they like the home screen layout there are many reasons to really like these apps you still have good cameras good speakers to receive decent battery life but if you go to the top 11pro max then your best battery life is without adding extra charge to it with the battery and where you can significantly extend it and place intermediate phones that give you all the latest features iPhone XR and 11 phones are considered 11 for $ 50 more maybe a better way to go or $ 100 more depending on your last options and things but it’s actually a good phone and I think this is a phone that most people have to make take if you want brand new and great but don’t want to pay an extra $ 300 for a stainless steel OLED display so if nothing else matters to you the iPhone 11 would be my choice for most people the XR is perfect if you have a small budget and all they will be supported for at least another few years and eight and eight years and all for many more years.

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