Best Laptops Under $800

Hello! How are you Mr. Sameer Technical here. And this is a comparison between $ 1000 gaming laptops.

Now, choosing one of these things is not so easy, you have to make a compromise, of some kind. You won’t have a $ 800 laptop, that’s too small, with a 12-hour battery life and such an amazing performance. It just won’t happen.

You need to find out what you find most important about your decision. And what you don’t care about so much and you decide to buy based on that.

Asus GL 553: – This is one of the few laptops with a black and orange color scheme. It has an RGB keyboard and a high metal screen.

Dell Inspiron 7567: – redesigned in 2017, it comes in red or gray and sounds very strong. This item is too tight.

HP Omen: – I have never made an article in this updated version, it is very similar to the 2016 model and very similar to the HP Pavillion this year.

MSI GE62: – This is one of the most supported Pascal laptops on the market. It also has a high metal cover with the MI dragon logo.

VX-15 from Acer: – This has a lot of traditional beauty of the playhouse. I don’t like the color but I like the design language they want.

SABER 15 from Gigabyte: – This is their most expensive gaming laptop and no red accents at all. It is also based on the Clevo barebone laptop computer.

Lenovo Y520: – Not too red for this. Its entire exterior is black and is a low key type but the interior has red markings.

Okay, the first thing is to build quality and at this price point you will not get high quality construction. I better have a well-handled plastic and then a badly made metal. My top choice is the Dell 7567, this item is built like a tank. The chassis is hard on the rock. It is actually amazing to have the hardest thing you feel at this price point. The ASUS GL 553 I would say comes in second place. It has a high aluminum panel, under the plastic, but well built. The Lenovo Y520 and ACER VX15 are also excellent choices, both of which are well-designed. Okay, the next thing I want to talk about is screen quality. All I need to say though is that this laptop, the Dell 7567, was originally introduced by the TN panel. It was really bad, and Dell realized they had made a big mistake and now they were posting through IPS panels. So I say it’s not the best but it’s much better than what they used to have. The winner here is MI GE62. Closing the runner-up will be the GL 553.

They are very expensive, so you pay less to get a better screen. But if you want something bright or accurate with color in that price range of $ 1000, this is my top two choice. All the others are actually the same. I would say Dell with its new IPS panel comes out on top in color accuracy, but they are obviously not as good as the two leaders. HP Omen and Dell 7567 both have 4k panel options. The 4k Omen panel looks great. PenTile Show. The 4k Dell panel is better. And if you want, you can upgrade all these panels, not only the ones in the table, but the ones that are out of the frame right now, but you can download all the panels if you want and buy them on eBay and switch to them. Now, it is not an easy process but it can be done. So if you are stuck on a laptop without the best screen, you can take the most accurate and really colorful panels on eBay and make your own. Okay, here’s a chart of which ports and you drive these devices. All are upgraded as you can unlock them and add memory and save drives. But the easiest to upgrade is the Dell 7567.

There is a single inlet screw and it just goes straight as if it was designed for the user to open. The Saber 15 or Clevo has a large number of ports, but some of them are located at the bottom right, so it can get a little crowded. And Asus and MSI have optical drives, if you need them. Now generally all of this has good connections and good port options, but I have had to choose the winner will be the MSI GE62. Depending on the keyboard, they all have a decent keyboard. None of them are evil in secret. My favorite keyboard would probably be MI. Solid keyboard with brightly colored RGB. And the second place I would say would go to the Lenovo Y520. Trackpads are a different story. Both of those laptops I just mentioned for good keyboards don’t have the best trackpads. My favorite trackpad is the Dell 7567: plastic top, window clearance drivers, nice button operation. I like this one. To be honest I don’t feel like everyone else they are beautiful.

Maybe the Saber 15 tracking is the same, but I really like clicking on Dell over the buttons dedicated to Saber. Okay, so performance depends on two things. First the parts, so fast things work well and then the second thing is how cool those things are. So if you don’t cool them down, they just won’t work well. You need to have a combination of these two in order to enjoy the “best performance”. So, all of these laptops fit in, well most of them, coming in with two adjustments to the i5 and i7. If you play games the i5 is fine, but if you edit the videos I can completely upgrade to i7. So, all of these laptops use the KabyLake i7 and the best thermal performance is up to the Dell 7567. I have a hard time making this thing move. It’s really cool. I put them on a scale from the good to the worst of how the CPU heats up when it uses the 3DMark pressure test and here are some Fire Strike scores. Now, remember that these temperatures are off the bench, right? Regularly playing or editing the video will not be too stressful for the laptop but this gives us a negative impression. While we’re here, I might be talking about fan noise and all of this works for the Lake Lake processors so for the most part it works well. Fans don’t have to run when laptops do idling. These are the standards I have taken and it is the closest battle to the first place. I think it’s a throw between Dell and HP Omen. According to the speakers, the two leaders are Lenovo and Dell.

They are not heavy bass but they are. Lenovo has the best speakers. It is high up so it proves up and down the sides, so the stereo effect is very noticeable. If you want the sound of a game environment, and you don’t want headphones or can’t use headphones, this is very useful. ASUS also has good speakers too. All right, let’s talk about battery life. Here is the chart and here is the leader Dell. It is a large battery, much larger than other models here. Now all this is measured on a 1080p screen. If you upgrade to a 4k panel the battery life will be less. And in case you are wondering how I do my battery test, I set my laptops to 250 nits, if the laptop can even reach that light, but I set it to 250 and use the script that makes web browsing and write input into this loop. Okay, the final category is the price and I think the winner with the biggest prize is just the Lenovo Y520. For 850 bucks you can get 1050Ti, which is the most powerful chip in the game and still get your 2 year Lenovo warranty and stuff. Dell and Acer are also very good but every laptop here has some strengths and weaknesses, so you can’t go wrong choosing any of them. If you are wondering what my top decisions among these are, it is the Dell 7567 and as I said everyone who is chosen is a little different. My choice is because of the larger battery and the excellent build quality and they like to install that. This only applies to the new IPS panel. If they didn’t have that new panel I would have designed the Acer VX-15. Now, if you’re one of those people with a TN panel, it’s not that big of a deal, I mean it’s not as good as this new IPS panel, but you always have the option to go ebay and do everything I’ve changed that I said earlier. It is less expensive and less expensive for this particular model and you can get really nice panels like a hundred bucks. Now, one more thing I want to say. 3 laptops I do not recommend buying: first is Samsung Odyssey, I have a review unit, I will not make an update on it.

It’s $ 1,500. It’s the most expensive way to know what that product is. I think it’s cheaper. I think – I mean – a good laptop was $ 1000 and not $ 1500. Another thing is that this laptop here is the MSI GE62. It has a little brother called GL62 and you might be tempted to buy the GL, because it’s cheaper than this, but the fans for that thing are too big, the screen is too bad. Save GE62 if you want MSI. Another thing is not to buy a laptop with the GTX 960M right now except that it looks like a huge discount because the performance difference between 1050 to 1050Ti and 960 is too big to ignore. You don’t want to buy a 960M to save a few buckets. You will get as long as life with this laptop if you choose the 1050. It will last as long as years like sports. So if you can save 1050 or 1050 TI.

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