Blog for fun Money will come for sure

Blog for fun Money will come for sure

One of the biggest problems for many bloggers is that they lose sight of the reasons they started blogging.

Blog for fun Money will come for sure

The original passion and drive to create great blog content that they once had is fading and being replaced by a drive to monetize their blog in any way possible.

It can be the death of most blogging and a sure way to lose visitors and potential subscribers.

Pushing ads into your visitors’ knees by any means necessary won’t work – let’s be honest! A large percentage of visitors to your blog are probably coming from search engines like Google, on the back of certain keywords or niche topics that they were looking for.

The last thing they want is an ad flashing all over their faces when they first land on your blog, when they really only want to read the rest of the snippet they saw. on Google.

Yes, you could win a few dollars, but at what cost?

I have seen so many blogs that are full of ads that you have to research the actual blog content. Not only that, but the site or blog looks so cluttered and disorganized.

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, most people these days are “scanners” if they can’t find what they’re looking for in about 30 seconds, they’ll move on.

With that in mind, you want to present your content to your readers as simple and uncluttered as possible, right?

What you are looking for are regular blog visitors, subscriber, and social following. You will only achieve this by offering something to keep your followers and visitors coming back and it won’t be ads that will bring them back to your blog, is it?

As the title of this article says “Blog for fun, the money will definitely come”, what do I mean?

Quite simply, if you go back to your roots and rekindle the passion that initially drove you to blog and focus on that rather than spending your time trying to find ways to monetize your blog, you will see your audience grow, more visitors, more subscribers and more money to turn.

If you write quality content consistently and consistently, I can almost guarantee that you’ll see your blog turn into a cash machine just by using basic monetization tools like Google AdSense or a great popular Infolinks alternative.

No need to spend day after day looking for the next best monetization tool for your blog, spend that time writing great content.

Final note:

Sometimes money grows on trees, you just need to sow the seeds and make sure you have strong roots to keep that tree growing.

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