Boost search engine rankings with SEO

Boost search engine rankings with SEO

If you have a blog and you’re ready to start driving traffic to your site, you need to start focusing on search engine optimization.

Make sure you develop your website with proper search engine optimization techniques. All cheaters will be caught and your blog will be penalized.

Here are some great on-page SEO optimization tips.

Properly Formatted Meta Tags – Your site’s Meta tags, including your title tag, description tag, and keyword tag, are important for ranking your website and communicating the content of each page to major search engines. . While Meta tags aren’t as important as they once were, they are used for many purposes, including how your list appears in search engine results.

Focus on Keyword Density – If you are trying to optimize your site for a keyword or keyword phrase, you need to focus on your keyword density. Keyword density is the percentage of your keywords on a particular web page. Keyword density should be between 2-8%. To determine your keyword density on a given page, divide the number of times your keyword appears by the total number of words on the respective page.

Good Layout – Search engines seem to like to focus on keywords. You can identify your keywords with tags like title, h1, h2, etc. tags and properly formatted text. Using bold, italics, and underlines in your keywords at least once on the page you’re trying to optimize will also help.

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