Check your page ranking

Check your page ranking

Page Rank is a score assigned to a given web page by Google. The lowest page ranking score a web page can get is 0, the highest is 10. Page ranking is based on the number of quality and relevant web pages that link to your web page.

So if you have a cooking webpage and high ranking cooking and recipe sites link to your webpage, your page ranking should go up. It is very important that high page rank sites link to you if you want to boost your page rank. It would be better to have a rank 6 website link to you rather than having three or four rank 1 websites to you.

There are two ways to check your site’s page ranking

The easiest way to check the page rank of any web page on the web is to download the Google Toolbar. When you download the Google Toolbar, you have the option to turn on page ranking. When you do this, every time you are on a webpage, it will show you the ranking score of the page in your toolbar.

Another way to check the page rank of any page is to visit Just click on get page ranking and it will show you the given page of any webpage.

Google updates its page ranking about once a month. Many webmasters pay a lot of attention to page rankings because it is well known that higher ranked sites have a better chance of appearing in organic Google search results.

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