earn money with AliExpress

 earn money online with AliExpress

Already in the series of articles titled Make Money with ClickBank and Tiered Businesses on the Internet, the concept of Affiliate Marketing and Tiered Businesses has been extensively developed, through which we can work to home, or by referring users to the company that sells the products. and thus get a small percentage of sales, or, by selling the products and creating a legion of associates behind them who help us support the business in question. In this article we will come back to focus on an affiliate network, but from a dropshipping point of view, which is used to sell your products on the internet without having to move from your home and work the same way as if you had one. personal warehouse. This is of course one of the strategies most used by people who have embraced the lifestyle of working from home and making money online.

earn money with AliExpress

Dropshipping consists of connecting the customer and the order that he places with you as a seller, at a second instance, that is to say to the wholesaler who supplies all the products. You act as an intermediary, but the benefits are more effective as long as you make a specific investment by partnering directly with the supplier and the product is mailed directly to the user who requested it. So, one of the most famous web pages where a valuable affiliate network has been created is the one that represents the company Alibaba Expresss. What is Alibaba Express?

The Alibaba Group consortium, which supports this website, is mainly dedicated to online business, through portals with a retail market model. Around 2012, it was possible to know according to a study that there had been a total of monetary transactions of more than 170,000 million dollars, which positioned this group above its competitors such as eBay and Amazon. . In fact, if the two companies were to merge based on how much money they move annually, they wouldn’t be able to reach that number. This is why many people who decide to lead a lifestyle such as working from home, have chosen to make affiliate marketing sales through this consortium.

A very, very interesting fact about this group is that their source of work and greatest economic activity is in the People’s Republic of China, which makes this country one of the commercial sites from which they extract the products. that are going to be sold. on the Alibaba Express site, which also makes this Asian country the largest exporter of products for this company, offering quality products at low prices. The reason that the costs of the items are so cheap and affordable, which makes them more acceptable to customers, is precisely because of what is well known around the world: China is the country with the highest activity. international manufacturing. But how does it work?

To answer this question, it would be better to answer it by asking yourself another: have you ever entered the Mercado Libre or Amazon? It works the same way, only here when you become a supplier you come in to earn as if you own a business, a virtual business where selling your products will put you on the top seller rankings. If you sell Chinese smartphones or tablets, among other items like clothes or tennis shoes, your virtual store is positioned according to customer satisfaction. Herein lies the triumph that Alibaba Express offers when it comes to enabling its users to make money online and work from home: for the simple fact that when selling, what whichever item you make the most profit with, you can go and evaluate against other suppliers. If you start selling T-shirts and have big sales: later when you want to sell smartphones, the caliber of previous good sales will ensure you are at the level you deserve regardless of the product change. , because in Alibaba Express, what matters is that you are a good supplier. All you need is to have a good deal with the branch in China who will ship the products to the customer.

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