Galaxy S21 Ultra

How can you make the best Smartphone?

If money were nothing, what would it look like?

Can there be more cameras, better cameras, bigger and brighter screen, faster processors, more RAM, more storage, pen?

Yes, Samsung thinks it has the answer.

Galaxy S21 Ultra

The phone thinks what it would look like if you didn’t have to make compromises. A phone that shows what the best of Samsung hardware and Android software can look like. If you are willing to pay for it. The Galaxy S21 Ultra is the latest Smartphone called the latest Samsung. He is a fan of last year’s Galaxy S20 Ultra and shares very similarities with that phone. The Giant OLED display, a 108-megapixel camera, works. But the Galaxy S21 Ultra is a purer version of last year’s model.

It looks to inspire some sharp edges of the S20 Ultra. Indeed in some cases we are grateful for the new round language used by Samsung here. And if you look at the spec sheet, the S21 Ultra sounds like a top list of desired Android lists.

There’s a 6.8 inch 3,200 with 1,440 OLED display with refresh rates up to 120 hertz, and unlike last year’s model, you’ll be able to use that 120 Hertz refresh rate with full customization. Although it is a standard upgrade, Samsung software will control where and when it goes up. It also has 12 gigabytes of RAM, the latest Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 processor, up to 512 gigabytes of storage, and a capacity of 5,000 milliamp. It also fully supports 5G with sub gigahertz support and millimeter wave 5G, and has a wide band radio that will work with Samsung’s new Samsung tags.

It’s really hard to imagine that Samsung is pressing anything else here.

Of course, just because Samsung can’t physically measure it on a phone doesn’t mean they’ve finished installing the features. This year’s Galaxy S21 Ultra will be the first Galaxy S phone to support Samsung’s S Pen pen, fitted with optional cases. Unfortunately, that pen is not included in the box. Instead, you will have to spend another $ 40 on the original style or buy it with a $ 70 package that includes a case, any that comes out or records on the side. You could say that it is very small in S. To put it aside however, the S Pen on the S21 Ultra works exactly the same as the Galaxy Note.

You will be able to use it to take notes, navigate to the operating system, and convert handwriting into text. If you really like the S Pen on the Galaxy Note, you will really like this one. Although it adds a lot of value to what is already a great phone with almost any metric, so it’s something you want to consider. And then there are the cameras.

Now last year the S20 shot a month, literally. Samsung’s technical demo showed how to zoom in and take pictures of the moon. But apart from Samsung’s high ambitions, there were some problems. The original S20 ultra suffered from problems with automatic focus among other photography bugs. The IS21 Ultra though promises a better feeling. There is a new laser auto focus system where Samsung says it should help with a lot of focus problems, especially when you zoom in all the way to using that 100x wild feature. There is also support for 12-bit color depth, better mosiacing process, and adjustment on how Samsung handles AI objects and is particularly smooth.

That said, we’ll have to wait for a full test before seeing if Samsung has actually upgraded the S21 Ultra camera from a cool technical demo to a camera competitor. Now the S21 Ultra is not limited to that 108-megapixel sensor.

There are also three additional cameras in the background. Just for fun. There is a 12-megapixel wide exposure range and two separate telephoto cameras. One that goes up to 3x zoom and one that goes up to 10x zoom. Now both phones capture 10 megapixels and provide visual image stabilization.

Now, the reason for having two different telephoto lenses is designed to do very different things. It allows users to have more control and offers a better option by zooming in at different distances Now, all four of those cameras, with the laser auto focus and flash system, are all available on the new main camera on the back of the phone. But like the smaller S21s, that’s where the new Samsung design will play out here, which is to say the camera explosion isn’t this weird roundabout that just ruins the back of your phone.

Samsung has assembled it with an aluminum frame for an excellent look. It just flows together.

Which is better: –

That said, there are still a lot of things Samsung needs to balance on that list, so it doesn’t look as fun as the three cameras on the S21 and S21 +.

That little inconvenience is a common practice on the S21 Ultra. It’s just bigger than the S21 + which just makes it harder to hold in your hands, a little harder. Now, again, there is nothing wrong with that. You get a lot more for that extra measure and weight. You get better cameras, better screen adjustments, and moreRAM, S Pen support. But that difference is exacerbated, especially when you consider that this phone costs $ 300 more for its basic price than the S21 +.

As you might expect from the best 2021 phone, there is only one port, which is a USB-C port. Side buttons on the side are also quite common. There is a power button and a volume rocker. No Bixby button. Rest in peace. Another big difference between the S21 Ultra and the S21 and S21 + display shapes. S21 and S21 + have moved to a flat panel. but the S21 Ultra, with that high resolution, still clings to that neatly curved Samsung display that you know and love from years ago.

As for that screen, it looks great. Samsung is one of the best when it comes to making OLED panels stand out. Almost glistening with the eyes, the solution looks fantastic, and the 120 hertz scrolling is remarkably smooth. Very nice screen.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra starts at $ 1,299, so the price goes up as you add storage, with pre-orders starting on January 14 and shipping on January 29. It’s a different phone model than Samsung’s other flagship items. This is the creme de la creme. This is the phone you get when you want the best when money is not an item. I don’t think the S21 Ultra will be a phone for everyone. But if you are looking for the best Android phone you can buy, or the best smartphone you can buy, honestly, well, I think the galaxy S21 will make a compelling case that it is that phone.

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