10 Home Business And Income Opportunities 2022

When it comes to making money from my home with my more than 5 years of experience, I have found that some things work while others don’t.

The things that work are usually learned the hard way or through mentorship and vary from home business to home business.

The real difference between home businesses that make money and those that don’t is what works (in terms of money management, marketing, home life balance, and professional and business operations).

10 Home Business And Income Opportunities 2022
10 Home Business And Income Opportunities 2022

Breakdowns of these ideas will come in another post during this time, I want to share some home business opportunities that are lucrative if managed well and the business owner uses home business management principles that work.

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10 Home Business And Income Opportunities

Here they come – keep in mind that there are no guarantees in running a home business. You can succeed or fail, but your chances of success increase when you properly and professionally run your home business.

1. Real estate agency

This activity involves connecting real estate buyers with sellers or helping potential tenants secure housing or rented apartments in suitable locations and, within their budgets, a low-cost, high-income business that can earn money.

good profits business owner. You only need an Internet-enabled mobile phone to get started.

2. E-commerce: online store

It involves helping people find unique, useful, high-quality products to buy from their own online store.

The online store can be a Facebook page, an eCommerce website, or just a simple social network account with product listings.

Leading e-commerce sites such as; Konga and Jumia provide the ability for individuals to sell products online from their e-commerce platforms, even if these people work from home.

3. Business plan writing

I have been writing business plans since 2020 and there were months when I made over 200,000 nairas from this service alone.

The downside is that you have to read a lot, do a lot of writing, and research, and always be connected online, which might not really be a downside, but the stress that comes with it could take its toll on your Home Business And Income Opportunities. health, but it’s a good way to do it.

4. Online tutoring

It is a relatively new business compared to others. The business is to teach people different things such as:

school subjects/subjects (academic) or professional skills such as; cooking, baking, home decorating, financial planning, or even life skills such as public speaking, self-defense, or balancing other skills.

The activity consists of offering training and courses for sale to customers

10 Home Business And Income Opportunities 2022

5. academic research

The fast-paced world we live in, coupled with declining educational standards, creates a market for college students (the busiest, the lazy, and those who struggle to understand lessons).

There are a few services that can be rendered here; regular missions, school projects, seminars

6. Fashion designer

Design clothes at home and sell them online in a specific market or sew clothes to measure for customers and charge them a fee for sewing their clothes.

The price ranges from 3000 to over 10,000 nairas per dress and from 5,000 to over 20,000 nairas per dress or sewn fabric.

7. Freelance writer

Writing eBooks, articles, essays, blog posts, or business / technical reports can be very lucrative. For my part, I have made a lot of money selling reports online to people from various walks of life.

The interesting thing is the low entry requirement for this business and the profit is very huge

8. Graphic designer

Design logos, letterheads, web pages, product brands, outdoor signs, and a host of others using highly profitable marketing approaches.

This field is very competitive but very profitable for those who can build a strong brand and an engaging customer base.

9. Computer programmer

The design of mobile applications, software for Running business, web applications, or other software programs targeting specific markets can be very lucrative.

The main challenge is that computer programming is very competitive and recent technological advancements can make a lot of software unnecessary or obsolete.

10. Backyard poultry

You can also start backyard poultry at the back of your house or in any available space in a residential location. Raising poultry for eggs is more lucrative than for meat.

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