How to Create a Free Blog and Make Money

How to Create a Free Blog and Make Money

Hello friends through this post i will tell you about how to create a free blog and make money. Creating a blog and making money through it is a simple task and believe me many peoples are earning millions of rupees per month through it so read carefuller to start your journey.

How to set up your blog for free

After you decide you want to create a blog, the next question is how do you set it up for free. Sites like the Blogger Platform make it easier than ever. Their first step is to register an account with them using an email address and password. Afterwards, you enter the domain name you want to use and it will be generated and available for you to use. You can either purchase the domain name or you can register a free one. Next, create a URL that you want to use as your domain name. This is the page that will be visible when you visit your blog. To create a domain name for your blog, go to and enter the word “blog” in the search bar. Alternatively, you can use a browser plug-in such as the free W3 Total Cache.

Making money from your blog

Turning your blog into money is actually quite simple. The biggest thing to do is to begin to make money from your blog. Here’s how to do it. Find a natural audience. There are many different sources for generating a natural audience. Ask for feedback from your own blog or someone else. Also, consider speaking to your own circle of friends and family. Work on quality, not quantity. I’d recommend keeping a relatively low blog traffic. As a successful blogger, I’ve found it easier to get views from my blog than from social media. So, I use social media a lot to interact with people, but I don’t get much interaction on my blog, which means my income can’t be generated there. I just try to post the best articles I can.

The Blogging Process

First you need to be in the blogging game. You will need to set up a blog account, which means signing up with a service like WordPress. You’ll then need to edit your website to add a bio, choose a domain name and add some content. You can begin publishing your content right away, but you may want to wait a few days before your first post to catch some attention. “Writing is like setting up a meeting, you need to be friendly, you need to prepare. The best way is to set a timer and write for at least 10 minutes every day. Once you have 10-15 posts out on your blog, then you can move on to building an audience,” says Kaitlyn Havers of Your Time Worth Knowing. “At first, I think the best way to build an audience is by creating regular content.

Building a reader base

Creating an audience is the number one tactic that successful bloggers use to build traffic and income. Think about the blog you read the most. Are you there just for the blog’s content, or do you return to it day in, day out, looking for new content? This is where you can turn readers into money makers by offering them access to something useful. Every successful blogger knows that a good way to build an audience is through giveaway and review options. Think about these two examples: 1. Taking a short survey We’ve all read the posts with over 100,000 likes on Facebook. They all look amazing and contain useful information, like: • Why we should buy this amazing bag • Best hiking shoes 2. Taking a quick survey Okay, but this one doesn’t look as fancy.

Monetising with Ads

The easiest way to make money online is to incorporate ads into your blog content. There are lots of ways to do it – banner ads, click-throughs from a search result, custom adverts. Choose whatever works best for you. You’ll make your money by sharing a unique URL with your targeted audience, which they can use to subscribe to your content. When they hit your unique page, a pixel will appear on their browser allowing them to buy your product, or to sign up to receive freebies. Whether it’s a short newsletter with a few essential tips or a whole magazine packed with inspiration, sales from your unique traffic will make it all worthwhile. It’s important that your emails are personalised so that you capture the attention of the reader.

Monetising with Products

As you already know, you don’t make money through advertising, you make it through product sales. If you run a blog with a domain name or a niche, then you can sell your products. For example, I sell my own original branded furniture. Use the extra income to expand your blog. You can offer products on your blog As you mentioned in your blog, you sell these products on a site that’s called Frugal Hub. Frugal Hub sells all sorts of products. It also has forums where people sell their products and review them. For example, you can sell tablecloths and curtains or cookware. I sell a lot of my own designs. I also created a Facebook group called Living Well With Feng Shui which has over 21,000 members. As you can see, there’s a wide range of products that you can sell.

Monetising with Affiliate Marketing

The easiest way to make money from your blog is by using affiliate marketing. If your site is in the market for any product, and there’s a chance it could be advertised on it, then you can look to create a link that links back to your site. Put a price tag on each item you promote, and offer a significant discount to make it worthwhile to buy. Set up an affiliate account with a supplier, and simply promote products on your blog – with the aim of making sales for your site. Some of the more popular links you can promote include books, music, clothing and other goods that you can order online. The earnings are relatively modest, but they can make up a significant part of your income. For an example, you can earn up to $5 for every click on a link.


If you want to build a successful blog, the best thing to do is find a niche, focus on your blog, and devote a lot of your time to it. The audience will follow. Do you have a profitable niche you think we should know more about? Drop us a comment below or if you want us to cover it, email us at marketing [at] cPanel [dot] com.

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