how to create gmail account in mobile

how to create gmail account in mobile full guide

Hello today we are going to know how to create gmail account in mobile it is very simple process to create a gmail account in mobile you have to follow all steps which i have given in the article to create a gmail account easily.

How to Create a Gmail Account on Your Mobile Phone

Overview Create a Gmail account for free on your phone. You will be able to make an account on the Web or on your computer. Email As a bonus, we’ll show you how to enable Email forwarding on Google’s Web interface. Click to close this window or move on to the instructions. Share your email address with Google. Click on the “Email” button on the lower right of your Gmail page and fill out the form. The screen you are presented with offers to change the language and setting of your email address. Click OK and you will see a list of accounts you can share. Click on the option labeled “Forgot your password?” and you can create a new password. Sign in to your Gmail account. We will enter the email address you created in the earlier step and the password you created in step 1.

How to Add and Edit Contacts in Gmail

You can also do more with Gmail contacts. You can add contacts, as well as edit and remove people from your Gmail contact list. There are a few different ways to add contacts to your Gmail account. One way is to use the Gmail app. The other is to use a desktop app such as Outlook for Gmail, or GTalk. We will show you how to add and edit your Gmail contacts using the Gmail app. How to Update and Deleted Contacts in Gmail You can also easily delete and update your Gmail contacts. To edit a contact, simply right click on it, then select “Edit Contact.” You will then see a form to input your information. Once you have finished inputting your information, click on “OK” on the confirmation page. To delete a contact, use the same method.

How to Edit Mail Settings in Gmail

From the Gmail account screen, click the cogwheel (three dots in the upper-left corner) > Edit Email Settings. Click the Edit button. You will then be taken to a window where you can change the following email settings: Who should receive a message in my inbox? How do I manage my emails? Do I want to use labels to organize emails? How do I categorize my emails? How do I delete emails? Who can view/archive my sent emails? How do I read/archive/delete emails from a conversation? How do I manage long term archiving? How do I manage the “clutter” of emails? How do I find the emails that I have sent or received? How do I archive my email conversations? How do I remove duplicates? How do I perform a search? Who can access/edit my settings?

We’ll show you how to do this on a Windows or Mac PC using a Chrome browser. Your Google account is also used for Google Drive, so you will have to sign in to a Google Drive account to be able to use Gmail. The steps we’ll show you for setting up your Google account on a mobile phone are similar, but you will need to go to the Google Play store to get this to work.

How to Add an Email Address to Your Contacts

Gmail will send you an email with instructions on how to add an email address to your Gmail contacts. Please make sure you remember this email, as you will need it to edit your contacts after this lesson. If you are ready, click the yellow Sign In button below. (You should receive a prompt to sign in to your Google account, if you haven’t already.) Fill out the required information, such as the email address, and click Sign In. You will receive another email asking if you want to save your account information. Click Save. Setting Up Gmail for iOS Sign in to your Gmail account if you already have one. Enter the email address you want to add to your contacts. Your Gmail inbox should appear on the top right.
Here are some important steps to take: The sign-up process will take just minutes, but you will want to make sure your answers are accurate before you provide them.

You should wait for a few minutes before you click the “Submit” button. It’s best to keep your inbox as clean as possible at this point so that Gmail knows nothing is missing or lying around. It’s not a good idea to hit “Submit” or you’ll get sent to the “Site Lock Out” page. So, make sure you are confident before you press that button. It’s easier to lose track of which emails have been sent to your Gmail account. You can “Reply” or “Sender” an email from Gmail. This will ensure the email doesn’t automatically post to your other email accounts. Step 1. Sign up Make sure you are on the same Google server with Gmail.


Download this page as a PDF. Setting up a Gmail Account on Your Mobile Device To set up Gmail on a mobile device, the only requirement is the Google Chrome browser. The steps below are for a Windows-powered mobile device. If you are running a different mobile operating system, it is important to verify your settings for Gmail on your phone before proceeding. Open Gmail on your browser Select the Settings option on the upper left Choose ‘Manage Apps’ Pick an app that you have installed on your device Click ‘Edit’ Enter a Gmail email address into the field marked ’email address’ On a Windows device, you will click the sign in button in the upper right corner and then a phone number. A URL may be entered for verification.
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