how to delete gmail account from phone permanently

How To Delete Gmail Account From Phone Permanently

Many of us create’s multiple gmail accounts in mobile and if you have some of them useful you can easily delete any of them this is very simple process and take’s just 5-10 minutes to delete gmail account from phone permanently.

How to delete Gmail account on Android

There are two ways to delete Gmail. You can download and transfer all your data into a different Gmail ID, or you can permanently delete the email ID and all its associated data. We’ll explain both ways in this guide. If you’ve already deleted your Gmail account from your phone, you can download and transfer all your data into a new Gmail ID. Go to the Play Store > search for “Google Gmail: Backup and restore your account”. Download the app. When the app launches, you will be asked to set up your new Gmail ID and import your data. The app will then request permission to access your Gmail data. If you don’t have a Gmail account already, you’ll need to download Gmail on your computer. Once you’ve done this, the app will copy all your data to your new Gmail ID and save it on your computer.

How to backup Gmail account on Android

As we already know, Google Mail app has a feature which allows you to backup your Gmail accounts to Google Drive. This is one of the best options available for backing up Gmail data. The only thing to keep in mind is that you will need to sign into Gmail on your phone before you backup. Then tap on the “Back up Gmail” option. Google Drive will then show a popup which you need to tap on to open the Mail backup form. There are separate Gmail backup forms for Gmail and Google Apps. If you do not see any option, then tap on “Sign in to use Gmail”. You will then be required to sign in into Gmail on your Gmail account in order to get a Google Drive link. Once you do this, you will be asked to provide Gmail credentials.

How to delete Gmail account in settings

Open the Google Play store on your phone. Tap Menu icon in the top right corner. Scroll down and tap Settings. The Delete account option should be visible on the top right corner. Tap Delete Account. Now choose from either Delete mail account to remove your Gmail account completely from the phone. How to delete Gmail account permanently from phone There are two ways to permanently delete Gmail account on your phone. First way is the easiest and convenient way to delete Gmail account permanently. Just tap Delete Account under the Delete account option on the top right corner. Now choose whether you want to permanently delete your Gmail account or not. Second way is to go to Gmail account settings > account and click on the option to Delete account.

How to delete Gmail account using the web

If you have been able to delete the Gmail account from your Android phone using this guide, you might be wondering how can you delete your Gmail account from the web interface. The good news is, you can simply do this on your browser on your PC and not from your Android device. So here’s how you can do it: Log into your Google Account on your browser. Click the “Manage your Gmail account” link and navigate to “” Next, click the three vertical dots in the top-right corner and choose “Upload file” link. In a moment, you’ll get a file download URL that will allow you to upload a file of the Gmail account that you want to delete. On the next step, click the file upload and select “ID/Password/Sign in With” link in the “Change password” box.


Sometimes deleting an account is better than having a dysfunctional one. If you still want to keep your Gmail ID, you can always download the Gmail app on your Android phone.

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