How to earn from a blog

How to earn from a blog

If you want to legitimately earn money from home, there are several ways to do it. That said, the most common, popular, and by far the best way to fundraise at home is through writing. Let’s take a quick look at how writing can make you money, and why it’s a great way to earn extra income.

How Can Writing Make You Money?

When it comes to writing, there are 3 different ways to make money. The first is freelance work. Freelance writing is when you write an article for an individual or a business and they pay you for the rights to that article. Some people prefer to write their own articles and then sell them, while others prefer to find a job and write according to the instructions given to them. Whatever your preference, freelance writing can be a great way to earn extra income from home. The second and third ways to make money from home include blogging and writing articles. The concepts behind blogging and writing articles are somewhat different, but the methods of making money are the same. We will take a look.

How to earn from a blog

What is blogging? When someone starts a blog, they pick a specific niche and write about it on an ongoing basis. For example, one can choose to create a blog related to parenthood. One week they may choose to write an article on “how to save money on baby products” and the next week they may decide to write an article on “the cutest baby clothes on the market” . Blogs generally focus on articles on a specific topic and are designed to express opinions or relay information.

What is article writing? Writing articles is similar to blogging in that it conveys information or provides opinions to readers. The difference is that those who write articles are not confined to a single website, nor to a specific topic. On the contrary, you can write as many articles as you want and submit them to as many article directories as you want.

How To Make Money With Writing Articles And Blogging? Whether you choose to write articles or blog is entirely up to you (there are pros and cons to each over the others). Having said that, both make you money in the same way, mostly through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when an individual or business pays you to advertise their website on your article or blog. If a reader clicks on that ad and purchases a product, you earn a commission for it.

Why Choose Writing Articles Or Blogging To Make Money From Home Legitimately? The best part about blogging and writing articles is that they can provide you with a continuous flow of money. What does it mean? Once you publish an article or write a blog, it is never deleted (unless you delete it). This means that people can constantly view your post or blog until it is deleted. As such, an article can continue to make you money through affiliate marketing until you decide to delete it.

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