how to fix server error (5xx) google search console

What is Server Error (5xx)


You are facing a number of issues with Google, including: Searches taking an unusually long time to complete Slow speeds or no response from Google Search events unexpectedly slow down A bad response from Google’s crawl scheduler You work hard to build a content site and then Google completely fails to display the content, you should be concerned. There are multiple things you can do to get Google to display your site more quickly, and there is a wide range of differences between server errors and responses to this error. As your website’s traffic grows, you can easily see how Google Search Console’s crawling latency will eventually impact the speed of your site and, in turn, your search rankings.

What is Server Error (5xx)

A server error or latency error occurs when you perform a query that takes a long time to perform. It occurs when a website has too many pages on the page, when a proxy server is trying to download a large response, when you are experiencing congestion at your server and slowdowns in the network, or when you are having difficulties finding a server. The first step to find out if a server error is happening is to check if your site responds. You can check this by simply typing your URL into Google search and hitting the search engine’s button. If you see your website’s URL in the search results, it means that Googlebot is successfully accessing your site, and the search results have not been waiting on a network error.

How to Fix Server Error (5xx) in Google Search Console

Once Google reports you as having a server error, you’ll see a summary in the “Site Success” area of Google Search Console’s Error Overview page. If you see this summary, it’s best to ignore the summary and leave the error to be addressed by your development team or host. Click on “Configure” to access your server errors to determine what is causing the error. SEE ALSO: How to Monitor and Improve Google Search Results Troubleshooting Issues in Google Search Console Unfortunately, if your errors do happen to be related to Google Search Console, you will also have access to those errors. While you are browsing the Error Overview page for a server error, you can set the proper details for it so you can follow the steps to resolve your issue.

server error (5xx): What It Is And How It Impacts Search Engine Rankings

The Importance of SEO

In order to have the most influential impact on your target audience, you need to enter their radar by becoming a part of their daily lives. You want to be the answer to a client’s search queries. You want to be at the top of Google’s search results. You want to convert customers and generate sales. When you prioritize SEO and implement it appropriately, you not only improve the accuracy of your Google SERP, but you also increase your audience and retain loyal customers. While SEO is not the only consideration for establishing a reputable business, it is crucial to attracting clients and making a solid brand impression. You Need to Look out for Your server error (5xx)server error (5xx) is often an indication that something is not right with your website.

What are 5xx server errors?

The server error (5xx) is a common complaint that a lot of websites are experiencing today. Sometimes the error is obvious, while other times it’s a little trickier to pinpoint. That being said, let’s clear up any confusion you might be having. You’ll need to make sure that your website’s setup is adequate for the purpose it serves. If your website serves one purpose, you should avoid using overly complex setup processes. And if your website serves multiple purposes, it’s time to rethink how you structure your website. Of course, you should take note of what is going on internally, as well. Don’t forget that SEO is a constantly changing field. What causes 5xx errors? Frequently, a server error (5xx) is caused by an excessive number of internal and external trackers on your site.

How does a server error 5xx affect your search engine rankings?

If you are a brand new site without a structured site or who is experiencing issues with your website, you will want to look into a technical issue that could affect your SEO. If your site is experiencing these server error (5xx), you should follow these steps to identify the problem and resolve it as quickly as possible: 1. Start by identifying your current main domain. 2. To discover which domain is causing the problem, open your domain explorer tool. Select your main domain. On the left-hand side, select the Help tab and search for the word “slash”. 3. You should see a list of similar domains (links). Click on the links to see what the problem is. 4. This list is only valid until the next time you change your main domain. 5.

How can you fix a server error 5xx?

It’s All About Traffic If your site experiences a server error, you may not have any visitors to your website. However, as you’ve learned, search engines use the number of visitors to determine search engine rankings. So, if the number of visitors is zero, your site is not good for search engines and will receive a low ranking. How can you find this server error? Using the number of pageviews to determine how visitors find your site is a great way to find your server error (5xx). The goal is to identify the traffic source that is triggering the error. This can be a big time-saver in determining the best way to fix your site’s health. Simply identify the traffic source that is causing the problem and use a keyword-specific solution that works for your content.


There are plenty of resources and tools that you can use to better understand your site’s health and search engine rankings. If you use a tool or service that you feel is providing you the right results, it is worth your while to continue using it. If you have a question about your site or an issue with a specific tool, feel free to ask the person that created it!


If you run into any of these types of errors, the team will help you correct the issue. They may also have additional information about other potential causes that you can address immediately. You may also have to contact your hosting company for further assistance.

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