how to get immediate traffic to your website in 1 hour

How To Get Immediate Traffic To Your Website In 1 Hour

how to derive traffic to your blog

Ready to build your web empire? I’m sure you would agree that building an empire takes people, and online those people come in the form of visitors to your website. So, let’s talk about how to get immediate traffic to your website in 1 hour. How fast? And in the next few hours? It really isn’t as hard as you might think. Some of these solutions are so simple that most people simply forget about them.

How To Get Immediate Traffic To Your Website In 1 Hour
How To Get Immediate Traffic To Your Website In 1 Hour

WARNING: Don’t start sending more traffic to your website until you have answered the 5 Essential Questions for Website Success.

Each of the following methods is effective in driving traffic to your website. However, you will probably find that using several of them at the same time will give you synergy and generate more traffic. We’re going to start with the simpler and work on the more difficult (none of these steps are very difficult – it’s just that some take a little bit more time).

E-mail signature

People are often surprised at how much traffic they start to generate by simply adding a link to their website in their email signature. All of the major email services offer the ability to customize the signature that appears at the bottom of your email messages. (Not sure how? Just do a Google search for “add email signature in ____________”. Insert your email service provider’s name in the blank space.)

If you want extra credit, try making specials in your email signature. For example, you could write: “Save 25% on our widgets this weekend only”. Then point that whole sentence to a web page that promotes your special discount.


Email all your contacts telling them to check out your website. Or better yet, send them a special offer to be a friend, family member, etc. (Do not spam. Send email only to people who have given you permission to email them. And don’t become that annoying friend or family member who continually pushes their products and services on high. third.)

Social media

Use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to let others know you’ve made changes to your website. Remember that they are connected to WIIFM (What’s In It For Me). Make sure you tell them why they will benefit from viewing your website, and you might be surprised at how much traffic you can drive to your site with social media.

Leverage others

Got a friend with a website? What about a friend with email contacts? Awesome! Buy them lunch in exchange for mentioning your website to their contacts (or a link from their website to yours). (Again, don’t spam and ask others to spam for you.)

How To Get Immediate Traffic To Your Website In 1 Hour
How To Get Immediate Traffic To Your Website In 1 Hour

Be a good guest

If you know someone who has a blog, offer to write a blog post for their blog. Here are some tips for getting others to let you write a guest post:

a. Keep it relevant – make sure you write about the things their readers are interested in reading.

b. Don’t sell – don’t use your guest post to sell. Use your guest post to generate traffic. You do this by really wowing their readers with your content and then linking to your website in a brief bio at the bottom of the page.

vs. Return the favor – make your audience available to your friend. Offer to promote them and their products / services to your audience. Offline Marketing

At a minimum, make sure all of your offline marketing and print materials provide your web address. If you want to be more aggressive, use offline marketing to channel and channel leads through your website.

Using offline marketing to generate web traffic is probably one of the most overlooked methods of traffic generation. Take a copy of any business related magazine (Inc, Forbes, Fast Company, etc.) and you will likely find several web based companies advertising their services. While you probably can’t afford space in one of these national magazines, you can afford space in your local or regional publications.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

With PPC, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and takes it to your website (or a specific page on your website). Pay Per Click can be one of the most effective forms of marketing and traffic generation. The reason is simple; you only pay for the traffic that ends up on your site.

How To Get Immediate Traffic To Your Website In 1 Hour
How To Get Immediate Traffic To Your Website In 1 Hour

I recommend starting with Google AdWords. Why? They make it easy to set up and remain by far the biggest search engine in the world. We will see a little later how to set up a Google Pay-Per-Click campaign.

Get the press

Using press and advertising is another great way to drive immediate traffic to your website. I know, I know, you might not know where to start or what to do to get publicity. The good news is, you don’t have to … there are companies out there that can handle all of this for you for a small fee.

Two of the most popular are and, and both are worth familiarizing yourself with. Either one can handle the writing, publishing and distribution of your press release for as little as $ 49.00.


Honestly, I am flattered that you have already spent so much time reading something that I have written. But, if you start to act based on the steps outlined above, I’d love to!

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