how to increase traffic to the website

how to increase traffic to the website

Hello friends today in this article i will tell you about how to increase traffic to the website. I will provide all information through which you can get visitors to your website/ blog.

Read the article carefully to know all strategies which you have to follow to increase traffic to the website.

  • Optimize your website for the Google search engine

how to increase traffic to the website
how to increase traffic to the website

Google guarantees you at least 60-75% of your website traffic; So it is imperative that you index your website with Google. One way to index your site is to submit your website to Google through Google Webmaster Central. It is also essential to be listed in Google as soon as possible and to populate your blog rich in keywords as much as possible; generate traffic and rank high in the Google search engine, by placing your site in the top 10 of the search engine results page (SERP).

  • Use WordPress Blog / Content Management System (CMS)

WordPress is perhaps the most convenient system for building websites or blogging sites. You can complete the installation of the blog in minutes, manage your content in its centralized content management system. WordPress also has great theme and plugin features, giving you broader options for designing your site and the flexibility to enable or disable themes and plugins without the need to delete files from the server. Another benefit of using WordPress is that it offers powerful tools that can optimize your site and rank your website at the top of the search engines to increase traffic to the website.

  • Apply SEO plugins for WordPress and Ping list

Search engine optimization plugins or SEO plugins can actually make your website get more traffic. WordPress allows you to install these plugins on your website without difficulty even if you don’t have technical knowledge. The plugins needed include Google Sitemap Generators, AIO SEO Pack, Sociable, and many more. WordPress also has a built-in ping function and comes with a default ping site, all you need is to put more ping sites in the list and use these powerful features.

  • Use Google tools for webmasters

Google webmaster tools allow you to identify which specific keyword is bringing you the more traffic to your site. With this essential information, you can perform certain actions on how to optimize that keyword to maximize your ranking by studying the data.

  • Use Google Analytic

With Google Analytics, you will be able to track the behavior of visitors to your website. Use Google Analytics to find out which search engine is driving you the most traffic; also find out how visitors landed on your site and where they came from. Stay informed, compare visitor trends and patterns, and measure the success of your display advertising for the best return on investment.

  • Appropriate keyword research

how to increase traffic to the website
how to increase traffic to the website

Keywords play a vital role in driving traffic to your website which is why proper keyword research is very important. You need to know what keywords people tend to search for online. Keywords should also determine the topic of your blog or the content of your blog.

  • Competitor analysis

When you are in the marketing industry, educating yourself about the competition in the market is extremely essential. Finding out how tough the competition is allows you to make a certain competition plan or not. If you are new to the market, it is better to try something easier or less competitive keywords to increase traffic to the website.

  • Profitability search

Research is a must before promoting certain products, knowing its profitability and market demand. Why sell something when you knew you weren’t going to get any profit in return? It is also important to check if there are enough advertisements on the niches. The more ads you discover, the more profitable this niche is.

  • Create high quality content

It is essential to write content that values ​​readers. Don’t just write articles on just any topic, instead write articles based on what people are often looking for online. This way you are assured that your articles will show up every time someone types the keyword as it is based on what they have searched often. It is also advisable to write articles of around 1000-2000 words in order to provide enough information and data for people reading your article.

  • Consistency in content

Consistency of content is very important. You can’t just write a topic and talk about something else. You need to stick to your keywords and plan your content. Research can help you a lot. Try Google, your best friend, when searching online for the topic you want to write about and have it as a guide to increase traffic to the website.

  • Creating links

Link building is essential for SEO as some search engines, especially Google, will give extra credit to websites that have a higher amount of quality external backlinks, and consider those that type of content ore useful and relevant as other sites are giving link for your website to give their readers more knowledge External backlinks can improve your ranking and build brand awareness from other websites.

  • Create side links and outgoing links

Interconnecting your pages with other websites will create and establish a certain relationship with other bloggers around the world. Therefore, it is essential that you consider side-linking and out-linking, but keep in mind that you should only link to quality content as it will give your own content a big impact.

  • Use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others

Nowadays, social media is more and more popular all over the world. Millions of people tend to subscribe to one of them every day. Therefore, it is very useful to use these types of media to promote your site as it will generate significantly more traffic for you without relying on search engines. Social media platforms are also the best source of traffic for your site as you can share your posts in facebook, twitter, quara and linkedin.

  • Create video content

how to increase traffic to the website
how to increase traffic to the website

Videos are often preferred by researchers because they provide more interesting and engaging visual content, and remove the boredom of reading long articles. Videos also allow for better understanding, especially for tutorials. YouTube is one of the best sites for posting videos, but you can also upload your videos to other popular video sites. Creating videos can actually increase traffic to the website.

  • Submit content to the feed site

Building backlinks will help you promote your websites, but in order for your content to reach audience searches, you need to submit your blogs to various feed sites that are available online. Feed sites are used to post content to external websites like Squidoo, Hubpages,,,, YouTube, and many more.

  • Use only a good hosting company

A great hosting company will definitely matter if you are considering starting your own blog site. You will never like it so suddenly your hosting company will unexpectedly fail in case many guests visit your site. Avoid loss of visitors due to an unreliable hosting company and reduce downtime issues. I would recommend Hostgator and another more popular hosting company that others use to be sure of their quality service and to avoid any inaccessibility issues.

  • Use the community forum and website

Forum and community websites are places for sharing different ideas and thoughts. Participating in these type of activities is extremely useful for you to build relationships with other participants and community members, which allows you to promote your websites with them. This can help you drive long term traffic to your sites.

  • Correct use of comments

When participating in a community website, it is important that you comment correctly and not just simple comments for the purpose of building backlinks. Share your ideas on the topic being discussed and provide useful information to gain the respect and value of community members.

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