how to make money from clickbank

how to make money from clickbank:-

In this beginner click bank will show you how to make money with a click bank in 2020.I have logged into my click bank account and you can see all the commissions I have been making for various products other commissions and other major commissions and in this tutorial I will show you exactly how to start doing the same how to make

how to make money from clickbank

money with a click bank and this particular tutorial today focuses on beginner click banking so if you’re completely started and if you’ve never made money with a click bank before or even if you’ve never made money in affiliate marketing before if you’re just starting out you can follow the steps in this tutorial how to get the same results now this tutorial today focuses on 100 free traffic you don’t need to spend money on traffic you don’t need either have a website so you can follow this tutorial so i really look forward to sharing these methods with you let’s get into it if you might be a little younger to click bank and wonder what by clicking bank actually clicking bank is a compatible market so that’s where you can make money online by clicking on products click the bank you don’t even need to have your own product there are many products on many different issues and different business positions that people put in the bank with a click and you can make money by advertising these banking products with a click as an affiliate so this is a good place to start online marketing and make money.

continue to register for free to become a member of the click-to-bank business so just log in to click bank. Com and sign up and once you have signed up for your free click bank account you can open this menu option at the top of the market and the station where you can find all the different offers you can promote now as you see in the left sections there are a lot of different categories from anything you can think of. spiritual sports for self-help health and health sports cooking games so there is a greater variety than thousands of profitable products in the click-through bank where you can make money so the first step in this process is to find the best promotional product that is guaranteed to make you money and give you good Earnings per click let’s work on the health and fitness niche so if you click on health and fitness on the left side I will take you through step by step I do what I do to find the most profitable products always to promote now this has opened up a whole category of health and fitness and you can do two things you can customize with products with popularity and popularity basically a dollar sales made by these products a few weeks ago or several months so this is the products here.

for a lot of dollars and you might arrange the results with gravity and gravity differently otherwise you will sometimes get the same results so here we have a certified key and a custom key in the right diet by customization we see validated research and meta back so we can see if the results are slightly different right because thunder meta core is the third and when we go through the back of the meta gravity it didn’t make it gravity and what gravity is phans i. Gravity is the number of agents that have successfully sold at least one of these products in the last few weeks so if we look at the gravitational law for example of this high-end product here research we can see that there are 676 gravity here.

This means that 676 different agents around the world have successfully made at least one sale of this product in the last few weeks which to us why this is so important means that the product converts many different agents and if you promote it too it will probably convert you and it means their sales page is good so much so that their tutorial tutorials on the product page are really good and actually like uh not as a risk you know how to send traffic and do all the work almost guaranteed you will make good sales as long as the traffic is now targeted in this tutorial i will definitely show you how to get the best guidance that turns 100 free tra ffic in this offer so we will get to that in a few minutes so if you are looking for the best product that you can promote in the click bank you can choose any category and you can choose any i have a strong magnetic field with another important figure I personally like to look at the average percentage of where I sell I want at least $ 30 a form and the landing page you don’t even need to have your own website if you’ve got convert kit convert kit allows you to build your own landing pages just through convert kit now of course.

if you already have a website or if you’ve got say click funnels or another funnel building software you’re most welcome to create a landing page on that software in this tutorial though i will show you how-to do this using convert kit let’s go ahead and click select this landing page so that we can create a landing page this is where we’re going to be driving our traffic to onto this landing page we’re going to be capturing this traffic onto our auto responder so that we can once we’ve got the lead we can continually market to this person and as an incentive for people to sign up we’re going to be using this lead magnet that’s why it’s so important to promote an offer that has got as one of the affiliate resources some kind of a free report that you can give away because obviously if you want somebody to sign up to your email list you want to be able to give away something valuable so that they are able to give their email address in exchange for this free report now you can see that convert kit actually comes with a ton of different templates and we can choose any of the templates but since we’re going to be using the recipe niche and recipe offers an example this ke to diet we can choose this Hawthorne to promote because it already has an image that is related to food and we can use this.

So all you need to do is just scroll down you can use any of these templates if you like another one more than the Hawthorne template then that’s completely fine as well but I’ll use the Hawthorne template as an examples let’s go choose and that will load the editor for us everything is drag and drop super easy and simple to create so here I’m going to show you how to make this looking nice and how to start capturing the leads into your auto responder so that you can make money on click bank our lead magnet is actually called deliciously easy keto recipes and you can download it to preview it or you can open it in a browser if you would like and if you scroll through i mean this is a great resource there are some excellent recipes this is a high quality resource that you can give away to your potential leads so let’s now set up this page i need to click inland as i start typing this is how easy and simple it is to start creating your own landing page so here I’m going to say free recipe book all right so just like this what I’ve done here is I’ve created a page that says free recipe book deliciously easy keto recipes download our free keto cookbook and their email below then we’ve got the field where people can enter their email address and after they enter their email address they will get onto our subscriber list and we can continually market and send useful information as well as some affiliate product recommendations and that’s how you can continually make money for months and years to come from the subscriber.

list that you build now here are a couple of options that you will need to keep in mind when you’re setting this up so first of all under settings there are two options to keep in mind and one is when a visitor subscribes to the page you can either show them a success message that basically just says congratulations check your email to confirm your subscription or you can redirect them to an external page we’ll want to redirect them to an external page because after somebody subscribes you want to send them straight to the click bank affiliate offer and where it says httpwebsite.comyou will want to grab your affiliate link where we created it before so just go into here and go back to your offer click promote generate your affiliate link generate hop link and copy and paste this hop link just like this copy that and paste it into this field here which basically then means that as soon as somebody is subscribed to your email list they will get onto your auto responder but they will also at the sometime get redirected to straight to the affiliate offer via your affiliate link and a large percentage of them will buy it right now because they’re interested in the cookbook so they will of course be interested in potentially buying the paid offer in the keto niche as well in general it’s also a good idea to put a disclaimer like this that says no you will be added to our promotional educational email list this way you will be telling the people who are signing up to your email list that they will be receiving both promotional and informational emails from you and of course also do your own due diligence on the email marketing laws in your country as a business owner its your responsibility to make sure that you are 100 compliant the next option here on the right hand side this one here which says incentive email typically personally un tick the incentive email i don’t use that option so you can skip that or you can use it it’s completely up to you after all of this is done you can click save and publish and that will publish your landing page onto the internet to check it out for yourself and see what it now looks like you can click this share link it will say share your landing page so you can click this to select the url then you can open it in the browser and you can see now you’ve got a really nice looking landing page for your product promotions all you need to do now is to start actually sending the traffic so you can start making the money from this click bank offer I’m going to show you how to send a lot of free 100 free traffic to this offer but first let’s take a look from the potential visitor perspective what happens so let’s say you get visitors to this page and they will get over here so as soon as they enter their email here and they click subscribe you will notice that they now actually get redirected to this affiliate offer via your affiliate link so anyone who now makes a purchase will that purchase will get credited to your

affiliate account on click bank you might now be thinking well that’s fine but how do they actually get this free recipe book that they have signed up to get and let me show you exactly how if you’re on a paid convert kit plan then you can use something called automation so you go into automations and then you can choose sequences and you can create a new sequence you can give your new sequence a name and sequence is essentially automated series of messages that get delivered to your subscribers automatically and the very first message in the series can be the message where you deliver that pdf of the cookbook to your subscribers and if you are on a free convert kit plan then you will be able to see here for example we’ve got confirm subscriber here is the subscriber uh with the email that have just subscribed with you will actually need to send them uh the broadcast messages from your auto responder manually to deliver that cookbook to them so here at the top you can click this option broadcasts and this is where once a day you can send the uh by email this pdf to all of your new subscribers all right well now we’ve got the funnel set up so this is now ready for you to start driving traffic everyone who lands on this page will a lot of them will download your recipe cookbook and a lot of them will click through and then hopefully a good percentage of them will go through and buy your pdf cookbook here is how the numbers work out as well so let’s say if you get 1000 leads into your final that is 1 000 immediate clicks to your affiliate link so you are kind of filtering the traffic into your list but you’re also instantly sending it to the click bank offer but don’t forget that then from these 1000 leads every day when you send an email you can expect to get anywhere from 10 to 15 open rate

how to make money from clickbank

so that means that 150 people will open your email if 30 of them click on your link that’s50 clicks every single day that you can now drive forever and ever and ever to any affiliate offer either to this affiliate offer or to pretty much any other related affiliate offer and that is you know these 50 clicks is multiplied by 30 days is one and half thousand clicks every single month then in a year that means what uh eighteen hundred sorry eighteen thousand clicks that you will be able to get from these one thousand leads now of course this is a lot better than just sending the traffic directly to a sales page and then never seeing these 1000 leads again from 1 000 leads you can get 18 000clicks to affiliate offers that is crazy and that is why it’s so important to be building your email list all right so now we’re going to betaking about exactly how to get massive targeted traffic to this landing page and to drive this traffic we’re going to be using pinterest, pinterest is an excellent source of high quality free traffic you can get a ton of free traffic from interest because pinterest is actually one of the largest search engines on the planet so if you currently are not using pinterest you definitely should so many people every single day get onto interest and start researching their favorite things favorite ideas and they literally use pinterestas they would use Google they start typing the information in so they might start typing in best keto recipes and you can see now pinterest gives the suggestions from their own database of popular searches and you can see that a lot of people are searching for different things our example here today is with the keto recipes cookbook so that’s why I’m using keto but you can search for example for dog training related pins people will be searching for that as well so we can say how to train my dog okay you can see how to train my dog my puppies they ‘researching for that as well and your job will be to create simple pins that are linking to your free book and a lot of people who are searching for that information they’ll then find your pin and they will then land onto your landing page and they will sign up to your free book so like right now I’ve typed in best keto and I started typing in recipes and you can see a lot of people are searching for their best keto recipes best keto recipes dinners best keto recipes easy so let’s take a look at what kind of pins actually come up when we enter that into the search box so this is the stuff that people will be searching for right when they’re looking on pinterest

now the way pinterest works is a little bit different to google and the search results every time somebody searches for something the search results will be different so European always has an opportunity to be at the top unlike google on google the same 10 sites are always in the top 10 results right but pinterest loves fresh pins so when you create one of these kind of images and when you put it on pinterest you will always have a chance of getting a ton of views because look at this I’m going to now refresh this and I’m actually going to get completely different results see now it says ke to Philly cheese steak stop going on a diet so let’s just type that in again and search for that again so you can see now this one pan keto is different the best kid of pizza ever is different now I’m going to refresh and they will change again these are the search results that people will be seeing after they type in best keto recipes and you can very easily get onto the front page in pinterest search because pinterest loves new content and it’s really simple to create these pins and the competition on pinterest is a lot easier and lower than it is on google you can actually get a ton of traffic from creating these simple pins and you will the idea is that you create a lot of pintestar getting each of these little sort of variations so you’ll create one pin for best killer recipes another one for best keto recipes easy another one for best keto recipe is low crab and so on and it only literally takes five or ten minutes to create each of these pins because you don’t have to write a massive article all you need to do is just create this very simple pin I’m going to show you how to do that for that we can use a software called canva canva is also 100 free so once you’ve got your canva account just go over and say create a design and then here there is already a predetermined pinterest pin template 1000 by one and a half thousand pixels so once this opens up all you need to do is just select one of these templates here on the left hand side and you can see there are some categories there’s one called food pinterest pins so we can go see all and literally select any of these templates that you like so let’s say for example i want to use this one i can open this up and i can just click and start editing this you can click and edit anything it’s very very simple to use so i can highlight this and i can say free download and then here I can say easy keto recipe book and if you see this kind of mesh going through this symbol and it says remove watermark they

kind of are hoping to get you to upgrade by doing this they put a premium image but just click on that image delete it and then you can substitute it with any other image so just click on the photos and then enter food and find a free image when you mouse over the images you see that a lot of them are actually free so you don’t have to use these pro images so if i drag this free image over here you can see just like that this is now 100 free and your pin is ready what you need to do after this is just click here to download its go ahead and download this pin unfortunately actually here it stills prompting us to um to pay so looks like this one is premium yes it says remove watermark so just get rid of that as well and you can search for elements and insert an element so we can say hawks and you can see here i found a fork that is free so i can just drag that over here and resize it a little bit and there we go now our free pin is ready so let’s go and download okay so now it’s not prompting me to pay so i can just download this pin okay so now to create this pin on pinterest we need to go into create and then click create pin and this is where we can upload the pin that we’ve just created in canva so you’ll see a dialog that looks similar to this where you need to add your title and description and this is where you want to enter sorry there’s just a bit of a wizard here okay so uh let’s just click through done okay so it says add your title this is where you want to enter the keyword that you’re looking to target so as you remember for this pin we’re targeting best keto recipes and then in the future you can create pins for dinners easy dessert echo right now we’re targeting best keto recipes that’s what we want you can also put in a bit more delicious cool book free download okay and then it says enter your description so you’ve got 500characters for the description so once again make sure that you include the keywords in your description so that your pins are searchable and this is where you need to drag and drop to upload the image that we’ve just created so here I’m just going to click this go open and this is now uploaded now I’m going to pause the tutorial and quickly type in the description and

how to make money from clickbank

you can see here I’ve written want to get some of the best keto recipes download our cookbook with the most amazing keto recipes all 100 free so here we’ve got an option that says add a destination link and destination link has to be your lead capture page this is where people can actually download their cookbooks just grab this destination link over here of your landing page that you’ve created in convert kit and paste that over here on this page click paste and this your pin is now done so literally all you need to do is just select which board you would like to publish it to if you don’t have any boards then you can just select a boarder create a board called keto and click publish so i’m now publishing these to the keto recipes board so let’s go hit publish so if i now go into my boards I’ve got this keto recipes board and we’ve got this pin and whenever somebody finds this pin or comes across it when they click the cool thing is okay when they see this in search results as soon as they click on the actual pin guess what happens it opens this up and if they click on it it opens your landing page and this is how you can get all of this traffic coming onto your landing page so from here what you need to do of course is to make sure that you create regular pins on your pinterest uh post pins every single day you can publish anywhere from 5 to 10 to 15 new pins per day in your niche and you will be getting traffic from pinterest getting onto your landing page and then opting in and going into your funnel and making your sales ultimately on click bank.

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