How To Make Money Online As A Newbie

What to expect when you are new to the internet (“newbie”)

When you’re new to the Internet or “getting your feet wet,” there are a few things you need to be prepared for.

First of all, expect to be bombarded with promotional offers left and right from self-proclaimed internet “gurus” who promise you instant overnight success …

How To Make Money Online As A Newbie

Second, you will be subjected to people who promise you the next biggest craze, innovation, or internet wave, and you will benefit from it by jumping on the bandwagon now, of course thanks to their company and their dearly priced offerings. .

Third, you may experience information overload, which occurs when you pile up too much information too soon, get inundated with offers that promise to make you a million overnight …

When this happens, the main result is confusion over what to do next or how to sift through all the information, which websites you have bookmarked and which ones you have saved (for future reference, say – you to yourself).

Final result? You do nothing …

Fourth, expect to be offered, or even attracted, to scams. Those who tell you that with the opportunities the internet offers these days, it is so easy to get rich. That no experience, no expertise is required to make money. Yes indeed.

These scammers are misleading you by making their offers so attractive and easy to do that you would think that no hard work was required to generate income online. TIP: Don’t hit these deals with a ten foot pole.

How To Make Money Online As A Newbie

I went there, I did this.

During my year as a newbie, I was sucked into deals that promised to give me between $ 100 and $ 800 a day (!) By doing next to nothing, only to find out 2 months later that the most I was generating a measly $ 15, not even good enough for a full week of gasoline for my car.

I paid for eBooks that didn’t offer me anything I didn’t already know, even those that gave shady information on how to achieve top search engine rankings. (The latter is a bit disturbing, as using the tactics described in this manual could have had my website immediately banned from search engines!).

Worse, when I asked for a refund for some of these products, the merchants made it difficult for me to get one or didn’t respond to my emails at all!

Yes, I was new to the game at the time and these online crooks took me for a ride …

Unfortunately, these online scams and offers are a part of the internet whether you like them or not.

They are part of the ever-changing and ever-changing world of the web, and you need to know how to spot and protect yourself from them.

So how do you do exactly that?

For starters, always remember this little Internet truth: Nothing happens without hard work, even on the Internet.

Yes, there are smarter ways to do and automate tasks on the net that can make things easier, but you still have to put your effort into making them work.

How To Make Money Online As A Newbie

Forget the get-rich-quick schemes. They only work to deflate your ego when you realize you’ve been scammed yet again by an offer that promised everything, but delivered nothing.

An offer “too good to be true” will often turn out to be too good to be true!

I must have learned this in a painful (and expensive) way, but luckily, through this method of trial and error, I finally realized who to trust, who the real, legitimate players are.

They are the real deal since they have already managed to do wholesale online. They know how to make money consistently and legitimately.

These people themselves have had their share of pitfalls, but have managed to cope, to become the successful netpreneurs (Internet entrepreneurs) that they are now.

People online whose opinions I value and trust include:

Yanik Silver, Jim Edwards, Jim Daniels, Stephen Pierce, Cory Rudl and Derek Gehl, Rosalind Gardner, James Martell, Brad Callen, Perry Marshall, Paul Smithson, Chris Carpenter, Joe Robson, Michael Campbell, Michael Green, Phil Wiley, Stephen Mahaney , Alex Mandossian, Jim Cockrum.

What these real internet mentors share in terms of knowledge and experience is quite remarkable, very legitimate, but above all will help you make your own internet business a success, or at least give it a fighting chance.

Now you can ask, “If I am a newbie, what is the first thing I need to do to jumpstart my own online money making business?”. “What roadmap should I use to get to where I want to go?”

My answer to this would be one or all of the following resources:

“33 Days To Online Profits” – the classic course from Jim Edwards and Yanik Silver, a truly practical step-by-step guide to guide you to internet success, no matter what product or service you have online. I consider this to be one of the most important resources for newbies on the internet, for no reason other than because it works!

How To Make Money Online As A Newbie

“Web Business Builder” – Jim Daniels All-In-One Web Business Builder is an interactive compilation and CD that takes you from zero to owning your own Internet business. Jim doesn’t mind being called a “cheappskate” (I mean that in a good way) when it comes to his promotion methods, as he usually adopts inexpensive ways of promoting your business, but which have very big returns. Honestly, would you like to spend three or ten times as much as you owe just to promote your web business?

“Under Oath: The Whole Truth About Internet Marketing” – Stephen Pierce. As soon as I read Stephen’s e-book, a lot of pieces fell into place. The first few chapters alone are enough to give you the spark you need to start your internet business, as they debunk a lot of the misconceptions and “psychological baggage” that can keep you from starting your own online business. Direct-to-the point, no holdings, that’s what this resource is. It also has a very valuable addition: a review of many Internet programs that you are likely to come across on the Internet — warned is warned, right? It’s 200 pages of interesting information.

“The Ultimate Seminar Videos” – Cory Rudl and Derek Gehl. Cory started out with a simple e-book on cars, a passion he had very early on. From there he built forty million dollar internet empire marketing products that helped other netpreneurs achieve their internet success goals. If I was a newbie and wanted to start an online business in a week, develop a respectable number of responsive email subscribers ready to buy my products and get a large number of website visitors for free, this would be everything.

So the. It’s not easy to be new to something, especially if that something is doing business online. But with hard work and the right guidance, much of the burden could be lightened.

I made my mistakes – now you don’t have to. Use the resources I mentioned above and you’ll be better equipped to spot and avoid illegitimate internet scams; best of all, after going through them, you will finally know what to do to properly start your internet business!

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