How to Make Money Online as a side Income

3 Secrets to “Striking It Rich” in Cyberspace

Everyone from industrial giants to local florists currently want to profitably claim cyberspace.

The allure of low start-up costs compared to physical operations and the promise of high rewards is attracting an ever-growing crowd of merchants to the online marketplace.

How to Make Money Online as a side Income

Yet despite the optimism, statistics tell us that 80% of these “e” businesses will fail within their first 12 months of operation.

People across the country ask me what it takes to be successful in the world of ecommerce once they have completed the basic steps to log in.

The following three keys to practically * guarantee the success * of any online business.

The first key:

A quality product or service with very obvious benefits that are easily understood by consumers.

If your product or service doesn’t represent the best possible quality and value, and consumers don’t understand exactly why they should buy from you, the speed of the Internet will simply expose your shortcomings to the market much faster.

In the offline world, the benefits of a product, not its functionality, drive consumers to make purchasing decisions.

A man doesn’t buy a car with a 5 liter engine because of the power, he buys it for the feeling of supremacy and control he thinks it will give him.

Kids don’t want a 1000 MHz computer for the computing power to do their homework, they want to play the latest games.

The Internet amplifies this benefit-driven assessment by consumers.

How to Make Money Online as a side Income

Products or services presented with selfish and easily understandable benefits to consumers sell best online (and off service).

The second key:

A great website that loads quickly, delivers relevant information to targeted consumers, and enables them to shop quickly and securely.

Your website should:

• Load quickly using graphics conservatively. (Go to for a great example.)

• Provide exactly the information your potential customers want and need.

• Make it easier for people to navigate your site and find exactly what they want.

• Looks good on Netscape and Internet Explorer web browsers at various screen resolutions (640×480, 800×600, etc.).

The third key:

Consistent, targeted website traffic from consumers able to purchase your product or service.

Imagine buying a 50ft billboard and instead of turning it off near the freeway, you hid it in your basement.

No one would see it!

The same thing happens if you don’t actively and continuously promote your website to attract visitors.

With its incredible speed and communication power, the Internet acts as a magnifying glass for the strengths and weaknesses of any organization. Ecommerce, email, and a website won’t do the job of marketing, sales, and customer service for any business.

However, they will help every organization to perform all of these business functions more efficiently, faster and cheaper with the real and tangible result of “getting rich” in cyberspace!

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