How To Make Money Online Through Blogging

How To Make Money Online Through Blogging

Hello here i am going to tell you or give you a brief guide about how to make money online through blogging so you have to read the article carefully and follow all the given steps to start making much money fast through blogging and if you have another question in mind after reading this article you can ask me in comment i will publish a new article about it as soon as possible so let’s carry on article about how to make money online through blogging.


Do you know a lot about blogging? Do you want to know how to start a blog and make money from it? Well, I have more than enough information for you on this front. The only thing you need to do is to have a knack for writing in the first place. But you will have to understand one thing first. Before I go into any details, I will need you to get my point. Blogging is all about the content, and when you do good work on your blog, people will love it and will start paying you for it. But if you do not have great content, then people will not want to pay for it and it will be an uphill battle for you. Without any further ado, let me dive right into it.

how to make money online through blogging
how to make money online through blogging

What is a blog and why do you need one?

In simple terms a blog is a website that allows people to publish their content in a manner to generate an income. There are different types of blogs that you can have: Free. These are blogs that can be accessed by anyone for free but may also cost you some money in terms of hosting and server upgrades. These are blogs that can be accessed by anyone for free but may also cost you some money in terms of hosting and server upgrades. Paid. A paid blog can be accessed by paid subscribers. In the future you may get paid to share your content. I can tell you that you will be paid in ways that you cannot expect. You will also need to own a domain name. More than likely you will want to buy your own domain because it is worth it. Why Do People Blog?

Blogging basics

So what is a blogging? It is essentially a means of sharing information and its associated emotions. The main aim of blogging is to get someone’s attention, either you can sell their information, or maybe influence them to do what you want. The trick is to get them to respond to what you say. The right platform is an important part. Every platform has a different way of getting your point across. Even the right platform can change with time, so you have to find the platform that suits you. I am going to use the example of flickr as the main platform. But you can also use vlog, linkdrama or youtube to get attention. Twitter is just an added bonus when it comes to getting started. In one blog post (Youtube channel), you can attract more than 1,000 readers.

How to start a blog

Firstly, you need to create a blog for starters. This may not require much and can be done with a good amount of effort. You can start off with a simple blog by having a variety of topics that you can talk about. Choose a blog name that stands out and targets a specific audience. This will help attract more readers. If you want to improve your blog, get some reviews by your peers and blog readers. Once you have your blog, there are a few topics that you can focus on. Some of the best topics are self-development and how to become a better writer. There are thousands of people who want to learn how to become better writers and many of them write blogs about the topic. Another popular blog topic is podcasting where podcasters talk about their experiences, their challenges and more.

What are the best ways to make money from blogging?

• Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is the way to go if you want to get the most from blogging. You have the ability to link your affiliate products and services with a blogger. This link will bring you both the sale of products or services and the commission. • Paid Reviews: Paid reviews or sponsored reviews are the best and proven way to monetize your blog. All you need to do is set up a system where you will ask companies to pay you a sum of money for posting their products on your blog. • Author/Author Relationship: Author/author relationship is a form of social media where you will be paid to post books that you are a published author of.

Blogging tips

On this blog, you will be regularly provided with step by step instructions to help you make money blogging. This blog has been hosted on Typepad since 2014. I still use it because it is the easiest platform to get started with. You may want to consider using WordPress. There are dozens of affiliate programs that provide more money when you refer your readers to the seller. I still recommend working with Amazon as they are the largest seller in the world. You may want to consider using Angie’s List to submit those great guest posts you have been meaning to write. My blog has been featured by tons of bloggers and I get a ton of inbound traffic. You are a writer. You are good at what you do. You don’t need to hire anyone else to write your content. Who’s working for you?


Do not be discouraged if you do not have a blog ready for you to start working on. All you need to do is create your blog on a domain and become a writer. That’s all.

I think now you understand all about how to make money online through blogging.

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