how to make money with blog

Adsense is one of the best strategies for making money online, although it is naturally not the only one and throughout the articles on this blog we will be highlighting some of these possibilities. But when it comes to this Google program, there are a lot of people who invest their money and time because the profitability it produces is huge thus turning any page into a home office that people can always click on. . The banner. It has practically a function similar to that of a billboard which will always be there generating monthly income even without the need for new entries in the blog content. Here are some tips for making money from home:

The theme

The magic of all of this lies in a large percentage in the content type of your website. It would be useless for a company dedicated to the sale of chocolates to place advertisements on a blog where subjects on mathematics and computer science are studied: it would be much more possible to place them on a site dedicated to gastronomy or even on video games (you know gamers love candy while playing).

how to make money with blog

There are many blogs that work on such topics as Forex, the content of which has tremendous magnetism for various brokers in the industry to place their advertising on blogs related to this area. The topic is very important when it comes to improving user input, so your job first and foremost will be to think about what content will be most striking for your website.

It is so vital that many people create pages where viral content sites work for the same reason, allowing them to make money from home precisely by uploading topics that have a lot of impact on the net.

Once you’ve selected the theme, buy a domain so you can start working from home and making money online.

SEO optimization

After creating your page, you need to link it to the Adsense program by entering the page: From now on, the content of said blog cannot be copied from any page, in case you think it is only a matter of filling in your entries. Google has tracking systems that allow them to analyze the texts of any page to be able to identify if the content is copied, even if it is copied from a translation or is armed with sentences. from various websites.

This is why you have to produce totally original texts and for that another very interesting option is to work with keywords. To succeed in this work from home, Google has created another platform called Google Adwords, in which many people come to look for the most used words in Internet searches. How to make money from home is a simple question to solve and improve with these keywords. If you want to know more about this aspect, check out the article: How to Make Money from Home Using Google Adwords, as it is a topic that has a lot of content to explore.


Naturally, in order for there to be users who visit your page and click on the ads, you have to refer them in some way. Have you ever wondered why in Google search engines there are pages that rank higher than others after the search is complete? Previously, in the early days of the Internet, search engines printed searches in alphabetical order, which required many businesses to use a name that began with the letter A. Today, this order is due to the number of visits to the site, among Other aspects. One way to increase visits to your website is to take advantage of the use of platforms such as social media, by spreading awareness of this content in the most striking way. Some people are also able to attract more visitors by paying other skilled people, which gives them the opportunity to work from home like you.

how to make money with blog

These are perhaps the top three keys to making money with a blog. The important thing is to work to generate quality content on your website that positively catches the attention of visitors. Google takes care of everything else, and of course ad clicks are predictable – that’s what advertising is. After which, you can let this ship, this blog, freely navigate the waters, allowing you to earn money online.

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