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how to rank website in google

It is the universal desire of every online marketer: how to rank website in google. Unfortunately, too many people think it’s as easy as pressing a few buttons or subscribing to the next greatest software invention. The reality is that getting to the top of Google takes a lot of hard work, a certain level of technical skill, a good understanding of how search engines work, the right software tools to analyze the market and track results, and a lot of the. patience.

Let’s take a look at these elements in more detail.

how to rank website in google
how to rank website in google

Hard Work – Implementing SEO for a website is a painstaking and very time consuming effort. From the moment the project starts with keyword research and content creation to link building, there really aren’t any shortcuts for SEO. Many SEO companies promise overnight success or top positions in 30 days, but don’t believe the hype. You can also get your website banned. So be prepared to spend days or weeks researching keywords and then writing content consistently (daily if possible) and never stop linking. So basically SEO is a never-ending process because while you are in those top positions someone else is working just as hard to take them away from you.

Technical Skills – You don’t have to be a programmer to learn how to rank website in google, but you will need to learn some specific technical skills. For example, you will need to create a hosting account, create databases, load WordPress, write html code, copy and paste javascript, create anchor text links. and many other technical elements. None of them are that hard to learn and I can say that seven years ago I didn’t know how to do any of these things. But it is very important if you are trying to learn online marketing that you need to develop some of these required skills.

Understanding Search Engines – Understanding how search engines work isn’t that hard – most people try to make it harder to understand than it actually is. My take on this is very simple: you select targeted keywords for your website, you apply certain SEO tactics to optimize your website for those keywords, you write keyword-relevant content for your website, you syndicate that content with keyword-relevant anchor text links pointing backwards. to the links you want to promote. This is the full cycle, now you do it over and over again daily for each keyword you want to target. The more pages of content you create, the more relevance and notoriety you will gain in search engines. After going through this SEO process for several months, you will start to see that you are looking to rank website in google

software tools – Having the right SEO software tools is essential for a successful SEO implementation. There are a number of great tools available on the internet, but there are plenty more that just aren’t worth the money. We’ve tried a lot of software tools and I hate to admit we’ve been burned on more than one occasion. We run our SEO business with three main products: Market Samurai for Keyword Research, Keyword Competition Analysis, and SEMRush Keyword Rank Tracker for Extended Competition Analysis of keywords, and Veretekk for content syndication and SEO backlink building. In other words, if you buy these three software tools, you can implement SEO on your own for very little money.

patience – SEO takes time and you won’t see immediate results. It can get very frustrating sometimes when, day in and day out, you do the “right” things but don’t see your search engine rankings change. In fact, if this is your first time tracking your rank, you might be surprised to see your rank bounce back. At some point, you think you’ll never figure out how to rank website in google. But here’s the key: Many internet marketers stop during this phase and never reach the levels they want to achieve. That’s why it’s important to focus on the fundamentals of the SEO process and not worry about your ranking position for at least the first three months after starting your SEO implementation. Sometimes I won’t even check my traffic or rank tracking stats for a few days or weeks because I don’t want to be distracted by not seeing the results I want. Consider in the long run that doing SEO the right way will provide long term lasting success with your search engine rankings.

how to rank website in google
how to rank website in google

SEO is a never-ending project and to be successful in search engines it takes an ongoing commitment to following SEO fundamentals consistently. But once you figure out how to rank website in google for the keywords you want to target, you can replicate the process over and over again for any niche market you want to target. Gaining knowledge on how to rank website in google is like having the keys to the castle – once you do, the internet becomes much more lucrative for your online business.

You can also do link building seo with it to rank website in google

What is Link Building In SEO

Knowing the answer to this question – what is SEO link building – is something every internet marketer should understand. If you are new to SEO, you might be wondering what a backlink is and why they are so important to implementing an SEO strategy. This article will answer these questions.

Backlinks are the most important building blocks for having a good SEO implementation, according to Google, which has openly stated that the number one factor in determining search engine rankings is the number of backlinks that point to a specific page. So it is very important to understand what a backlink is, why they are important and how you can create as many as possible in a “white hat” way. The white hat just means that the back links are built using natural, organic SEO methods that will get to rank website in google

Backlinks are the links which point out your website from another websites. Typically, these backlinks come from keyword-relevant “anchor text” that essentially tells readers and search engines the link you are creating. The number of backlinks you get is an indication of how popular or important your website is and search engines give credit to websites that have a high number of quality backlinks, and consider them more relevant than others with a lower number of backlinks. . So, assuming everything else is equal – domain age, page rank, page optimization, etc. – the page with the greatest number of links obtains a higher ranking.

Search engines also take the quality of inbound links into account. So it’s not enough to just build large amounts of backlinks, you also need to focus on building high quality links as the search engines see these links as more relevant to your site. For example, a link to this website (an SEO website) from another high ranking SEO website is more important than a link from a website on albums. But they are all important and the more you can link back the better.

how to rank website in google
how to rank website in google

The right way to build back links is organic and natural, and is usually something that gets accomplished over time. This is why subscribing to a link farm or some of the other outlandish thousands of overnight backlink schemes is so dangerous for your online business. Search engines want a level playing field and discourage the use of “black hat” techniques such as hidden links, automatic link page generation and other types of link farms. Proceed with caution if you plan to use any of these techniques, as you could get your site banned from search engines altogether.

Let’s take a look at a few methods for building backlinks:

Article Submissions – Article submissions are still one of the best backlink building techniques available. There are several sites available where you can submit articles, including EzineArticles, GoArticles, ArticlesBase, and many more. By writing a single good and effective article, it will eventually spread to a wide variety of blogs and other websites through the natural syndication process of article directories. An investment of an hour can turn into hundreds or even thousands of backlinks over time.

Social Bookmarks – This is a great way to backlink, although some of the social bookmark sites have now changed their links to nofollow. But not all of them have, and even in the case of nofollow links, putting your content on these sites is very useful because of the traffic it can create.

Forums – One of the most common link building techniques is posting comments in forums that allow you to create a profile page and signature link. Signature links should be built with links to your website and will be included at the bottom of any posts or comments you leave in the forum. Although the signature links can be of poor quality, this is an accepted method of building back links. But beware, these links have little value in search engines.

Directories – I use directories a lot and although they require a lot of manual effort, they are very useful and valuable as most of the directories have a high domain age and a high page rank. They also allow you to place your links in categories relevant to your website and you can use whatever anchor text you choose for the link.

Hubs – Hubs continue to gain popularity in services such as Squidoo. For example, Squidoo Hub Pages or Lenses allow for the creation of keyword relevant pages where you can place keyword relevant back links to your website. Besides the SEO aspect, hub pages are very useful in driving click traffic to your website.

Link Farms – These link farms can be part of your back link building strategy, but proceed with caution. There are actually many better ways to bond that won’t get you off the hook.

The bottom line is that understanding the answers to “what is SEO link building” is extremely important to the success of your online business. Our favorite link building solution which is what we consider to be the best SEO program for search engine marketing. This solution will allow you to build a natural and organic link building strategy to build online awareness of your website.

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