how to start fish farming business in india

how to start fish farming business in india

Hello friends, how are you guys, I hope all of you will be fine, so friends today we have come up with a new agricultural business idea and its name is fish farming, friends, you must have known that fish farming business in india is doing very well nowadays. And this is the most profitable business of all, if you want, you can start the business, it is very low investment main to friends, today I am going to give you information about fish farming business in india.

how to start business, it is business. How much profit and how much loss is there and will this business help you to earn a lot of money, today we will discuss about fish farming business in india. Friends, if we talk about today, there are many benefits of eating fish, because there is a lot of nutrition available in fish, that’s why. Everyone likes to eat fish, so there is a lot of demand for fish in the market, think friends, if you start your own fish farming business in india, then you are going to get a lot of profit out of it, friends, you must know about the nursery there. Seedlings of any kind are found, in the same way fish sail You have to start the nursery of business, friends, you will get a lot of income from the business, I say with the main guarantee, then friends, we bring you knowing about how to start fish farming business in india.

how to start fish farming business in india

Hello friends, let us go about how to start fish farming business in india, friends, a business is a business related to agriculture, if you say agriculture, you must have graduated, then you must have got the subject of fisheries, in this you will have to do fish farming business in india. Everything related is given knowledge and before starting fish farming business in india, I tell you that doing business course is a business course, it is half to one month, in this it gives you all the information about fish farming business in india.

Friends, you have to do this course because going ahead if you do not have any knowledge about business, then I tell you the simple procedure of Friends is Business, nothing friends, do not invest more in business and do more work in it. There is no need. Friends, the bigger your pond, the more money you will get.

So friends, if you already have a pond, then it is a good thing or it is not, then you can make it as per your wish, then you will earn a lot by becoming small and big, friends, now the pond has become your company. The pup has to be raised and we have to leave it in the pond, friends, when the fish are small, they have to feed one to two kilograms in two days, when they grow up, they have to put 10 kilos of food, when they are two or three months, then they It is to be avoided that two or three months old fish are sold for 3 to 4 rupees. And from this you get income.

So let’s go friends, now we know about its profit and loss, why friends, you should also know that how much profit or loss is there in the business and you also start as soon as possible.

How much profit will you get from fish farming business in india in a year?

Hello friends, how are you guys today we are going to talk about how much profit will be made from fish farming business in a year, friends, before starting any business, everyone takes care of the same thing that how much profit we will get from the business, no matter what the business will be Before starting, you should know that the business you are doing, how much profit we will get in a year from work, before starting the business, we should have all the knowledge of business, for ISI, I am in every business idea. Let me let you know a little bit about the annual profit of our business because you also know how much profit is there in which business or you should start a which business, friends should do business idea, I will give you how much profit in fish farming business in india. I’ll tell you this happens.
Look friends, fish farming business in india is not a big investment business, anyone can start it, see friends, in this you have got a banana pond in your farm, it does not cost much, now the second thing is to buy other fish babies And they get you from anywhere in one to 2 rupees, you have to take care of them for 3 to 4 months and after that you can be interrupted. Friends is sari process, I cost you 3 to 4 lakh rupees less than work, why friends fish food is expensive, friends, by investing your 400000 rupees, you get a lot of money, friends, in a year you can buy 2 fish. So 3 batches can come out, friends, if you have a child of 100000 fish, then your fish sells for 5 rupees.
So if you get 50000 rupees from a child, then you will get 150000 rupees in a year, in which SE 500000 will cost you, then your net profit will be 1000000 rupees, all friends, I tell you this, I am telling you about fish nursery. You can make the fish bigger and you can also make the beach, some friends must have understood in this that there is a lot of income in the fish farming business and you should not invest too much, for friends, I hope you get a business. Would have liked the idea if something is missing then you can contact me thank you guys get the next new business idea.
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