How to write blog post

Your first blog post

Your first blog post is always exciting. You will find it interesting and existing to see your article on the web. However, you might be wondering what to do with your first post?

You want to keep your first professional post. As it will be the first thing many of your readers will see. Also, when users are browsing your message archive, this message will be the last on the list so they can land on this message every now and then. For example, a user sorts your messages and arrives at the very end, and although this message will be the one they see

Your first post should be about your blog. It should discuss the topic of your blog and what you are trying to accomplish through your blog. Be as descriptive as possible and explain to your users what you are going to write in your brand new blog. Your first post shouldn’t just be a test to see if your blog host is working – it should be informative!

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