HP Omen 15 dc0085tx vs HP omen dc0107tx which is best


HP Omen 15 dc0085tx vs HP omen dc0107tx which is best:-

Hello today i will compare HP Omen 15 dc0085tx vs HP omen dc0107tx which is best i have given both laptops reviews you can read them and choose easily which will be best for you.

HP Pavilion 15-a0030tx gaming computer: –

Hello, if you are in the market for a new gaming laptop you have probably heard of the 2019 Acer Predator Helios 300. It is one of the best laptops you can buy right now for just over $1000, but recently I had a chance to test the new 2019 HP Pavilion 15 Gaming. that it was incredibly beautiful, but a really amazing laptop. Wondering which is the best choice? In this article you will find the answer, so be sure to watch it to the end, and find out all the pros and cons of both laptops.

HP Omen 15 dc0085tx vs HP omen dc0107tx which is best
HP Omen 15 dc0085tx vs HP omen dc0107tx which is best

If you don’t know my blog yet and like this kind of comparison consider subscribing to Mr. Sameer technical and ring the notification so you don’t miss future articles. As usual in the article HERE on Amazon links to USA and other countries to check the correct price.I’m Sameer from Mr.Sameer Technical and now let’s get into the comparison.

Design of HP Pavilion 15:-

Speaking of design the HP Pavilion is a very clean looking gaming laptop device. The lid is made of black plastic with only a hint of green HP mark on the inside. The desk is also plastic and I like that there are no nice colored accents. Laptops do not easily handle fingerprints like Predator, so it is easy to keep it clean. On top of the keyboard you can find shooting speakers covered in a beautiful scenery. The background looks good, but the center hook makes the screen look a little flawed. Predator is a winner when it comes to building quality. It feels like a premium and sturdy as the lid and desk are made of steel. On the other hand it looks like a lover. On the cover you can find blue accents and Predator logo that light up blue. Inside there is a blue highlight on the touchpad and other buttons. 

Apart from the texture of the desk line, fingerprints show ease, but are easy to erase. Both laptops come with a small bezel display and in both you can get a 720p web camera mounted on the top bezel. When it comes to size the Predator is a little smaller, but the HP Pavilion is about light 150g light in plastic construction. I had no problem carrying any of these laptops and both could fit into a standard bag easily. The keyboard in the Pavilion is great, but the design and size of the operating key takes a long time to get used to. It has a 1.5mm key movement and is free to type. However it does not have a dedicated button for the control center or fan growth app and I get an awesome view of the layout of the arrow keys. It is far from free to play games on such small keys. The Predator keyboard has a 1.7mm key movement, good space and large arrow keys in comfort.

Features of HP Pavilion 15:-

You have one dedicated key to unlock the control center app, and a turbo button that enhances performance and sets fans to max, more on that later. Keys with white stripes look good but the lights are not as strong and clear as HP. It has four lighting environments and a few simple effects, so you can customize the keyboard a bit but please know that the most popular $ 1100 model with 1660Ti comes with only blue keyboard lighting in the USA. Types with higher specs and other 1660Timodels come with RGB, so make sure you buy the right one. The Pavilion is available in solid green, light white and strong violet and the key stripes are the same color as the light. But certain colors may not be available in all countries. I have it green and I love it. Lighting is a powerful and very clear Tannin Predator.

HP Omen 15 dc0085tx vs HP omen dc0107tx which is best
HP Omen 15 dc0085tx vs HP omen dc0107tx which is best

When it comes to touching the pads we have a few differences. The main thing is that the Pavilion has an Elan touch pad while Predator uses the Windows Precision driver, so it has better touch and tracking. However I had no complaints on the Pavilion touch pad. Aside from the plastic surface being beautiful and smooth, the tracking was great and I actually like the clean look so much. Predator also has a smooth plastic surface, but a different shape. It’s high, but it’s low. In terms of port options I prefer the HP Pavilion, because it has the SD card space I usually use. Predator discards it, but on the other hand it has a Mini Display port and a missing HP security lock. All other I / O’s are the same on both laptops and if you don’t ask for one of them to support Thunderbolt. Speaking of show unfortunately I had two laptops with different panels. The Predator had a 144Hz display and the Pavilion was 60Hz, but if you want you can buy the Pavilion with an optional 1080p 144Hz screen or 4K 60Hz for good. However, as this is a kind of budget from HP they sell it mostly with 60Hz panels. If you are planning to buy it on Amazon be careful, because some models are listed as 144Hz while actually 60Hz according to population reports, so before you buy contact the seller and make sure you get the right model. I found my 60Hz, 1080p IPS HP Pavilion very good for gaming, but I can also recommend it for content design.

60Hz channels usually have very poor color output, but in this case they are different. You have 100% sRGB color gamut, 78% of AdobeRGB andbrightness is 295 nits. Of course no G-Sync here and i actually found the screen tearing to be more noticeable here than in other 60Hz laptops. By the way I’m not sure if every 60Hz model has such good color reproduction since I’ve seen couple of reviewers showing much lower numbers. My Predator has 1080p 144Hz 3ms response time IPS pannel without G-Sync. It’s much smoother than 60Hz, but i am pretty sure that there is no really big difference between Pavilion’s optional 144Hz pannel and the Predator that I’ve got here. The colors are very vivid and sharp, and the display has perfectly balanced cold tone. It can reproduce 97% of sRGB color gamut, 75% of AdobeRGB and the brightness is 315 nits.

I think that the games look perfect and any kind of color current work can be done on this laptop without problem. However there was one thing that was not perfect. I found screen bleeding which was also slightly noticeable during normal use when the content on the screen was black. This may vary between laptops because of diversity in the production process; however this is only a cosmetic issue which you may not even notice. On the other hand HP has almost no backlight bleeding which is a very good sign. Alright, so now you probably wonder how the price is. Speaking of it i prepared a list with available configurations and approximated prices of both laptops as for today, but please note that the prices may vary with time. So in the article HERE I left the Amazon links for the USA and other countries to check the current price. Let’s talk about the Predator first. You can get it with the GTX 1660Ti, RTX 2060or RTX 2070 Max-Q.

Processor of HP Pavilion 15:-

If it comes to processor it’s available with6-core i7-9750H or 4-core i5-9300H. As a default the 2019 Predator comes with144hz display, but I’ve heard about 60hz models too depending on the country. The most popular GTX 1660Ti model is well known for the best price to performance ratio out there, but if that’s not enough it was few times on sale for $999 on Amazon. If you’re planning to buy one stay tuned and don’t forget to check the current price, especially in the Black Friday. The 2019 HP Pavilion has wider range of configurations if it comes to budget segment. The GTX 1660Ti Max-Q is actually the stronger station here. For the processor you can choose between i7-9750Hand i5-9300H. Since this is a budget laptop it’s worth mentioning that GTX 1650 model has pretty good price that may suit some of you, but the GTX 1660Tiis usually the point where you don’t pay much more money and the performance increases drastically, especially that it’s usually paired with the i7 like in this case. Please note that the models of Pavilion that I am talking about come with less than 16GB of RAM, and both Predator and Pavilion usually come with only one M.2 SSD,

HP Omen 15 dc0085tx vs HP omen dc0107tx which is best
HP Omen 15 dc0085tx vs HP omen dc0107tx which is best

So you’ll probably want to add some Hard Drive for more storage. Now these are not very cheap devices, and I believe that some of you may worry about breaking something during upgrade, so I made a step by step detailed guides where i am showing how to disassemble and upgrade both of them. In my upgrade articles you can also find compatible RAM and storage drives, so if you’re planning to add more RAM, swap out your hard drive or SSD, you can check it out. Links to the articles will be in the HERE. The performance comparison is probably what you’re most interested in. I’ve got both laptops with the same specs, except the fact that the GTX 1660Ti in HP is Max-Q. As i said at the beginning the HP Pavilion is a very strange laptop. The i7-9750H is limited to 30W here, but sometimes for no reason the power limit doesn’t kick in and the processor runs on 45W. I tried different ways to get rid of the limit, but it seems to be factory setting that you can’t change, so i tested it on 30W. You might think that with Max-Q GPU and limited CPU power the performance will be much worse, but to my surprise Pavilion was not so far behind. Here is a quick preview of the game performance, but if you want to see more games tested, check out my gaming benchmark articles where I tested 20 games on each laptop. Links will be in the HERE.

Performance of HP Pavilion 15:-

What is important is that every time I test the performance i set the maximum possible laptop settings to see its full potential. If it comes to Pavilion there is no any control center app to set the fan speed or over clock the GPU. In Predator you can click the turbo button which instantly over clocks the GPU, increases the CPU power limit and sets the fans to max. You can also tweak this all as opposed to the Predator Sense app. Now let’s talk about cooling off, because here’s where the big difference starts. The Helios 300 works better, but with a higher fan speed of about 1/3 higher than the HP, and increasing the CPU power limit with an excessive GPU produces high heat, which brings us to thermals.

Although it operates with the highest clock speed the Predator faces very good temperatures. It has an efficient cooling system that allows to maintain a CPU temperature of 83 degrees Celsius and a GPU temperature of only 71 degrees. However the HP Pavilion due to low power limits and Max-Q drawings does not usually exceed 80 degrees Celsius. The average CPU temperature was only 79 degrees, and the GPU average was 68 degrees. It is not uncommon to see such low temperatures on a gaming laptop these days, but in this case we know that the trade has been out. However it is not a huge loss of performance here. Speaking of sound I find both laptops the same size. They have a much more bass bass than most other devices and I was amazed at how clear the sound was. In both cases the stock settings had a lot of detail and depth without much distortion at very high prices. Sound measurement in Predator has Waves MaxxAudio software. Pavilion uses Bang & Olufsen Audio Control. By the way, this time I also tested the speed of the M.2 SSD on both laptops and the Predator had 2x faster and 3x faster read speeds.

Battery test of HP Pavilion 15:-

In terms of battery life I was able to use Predator for up to 6 hours while browsing the web and working on a small production project.When the play battery dies after 15 hours. HP was a little behind – running up to 5 hours when the light was running, and 1 hour when playing. Okay, it seems to be all you need to know to wisely choose one of these laptops, but before we finish let me share my thoughts on closing. So when it comes to the 2019 Acer Predator Helios300 I think its biggest advantage is its price. For just over $ 1000 you get the specs and features you can find on the most expensive $ 400 laptops. It has a premium metal design, a 144Hz 3msresponse time display with excellent color accuracy and a great cooling system. Compared to the HP Pavilion it works better, allows you to control the speed of the fans and override the GPU in the software, the keyboard is better and more efficient, it is easier to upgrade and you can buy it up to the RTX2070 Max-Q. What needs to be said is that it is often the sales that make it the best transaction. The only problem is the screen output, but it varies between laptops and I believe it is not very visible in most cases during normal use. It is very high and has higher temperatures than HP. On the other hand we have the 2019 HP Pavilion15 Gaming which due to its efficient and limited CPP CPU is probably the most quiet gaming laptop on the market.

HP Omen 15 dc0085tx vs HP omen dc0107tx which is best
HP Omen 15 dc0085tx vs HP omen dc0107tx which is best

It goes much cooler than a bunch of gaming laptops and the commercial performance isn’t quite that great. I think the Pavilion looks cleaner than the Predator, it’s a little lighter and the plastic construction doesn’t feel cheap at all. If I think it is a kind of budget from HP I have to admit that it is not cheap in terms of features. The 60Hz model has excellent color and light output. It was actually similar to Predator’s144Hz display when it comes to colors. The loudspeakers from the top are over and above. The Pavilion costs less than the Predator and has cheaper prices for the GTX 1650 however it have 8GB of RAM. On the weak sides of this laptop we can include screen cracks on the 60Hz display, lack of control center application and complicated development process. If I had to choose I would prefer to go to the 2019Helios 300, but I want to know what you choose. I hope this article has helped you decide, so if you know which laptop to buy now, let us know in the comments. If you are new to the blog it might be surprising if you are considering signing up for Mr. Sameer technical. In my blog you can find detailed reviews of laptops, comparing laptop playing benchmarks and more. Now thank you for your time and we will see you in the next article!

HP omen ek0019tx:-

The HP Omen 15 is one of the best Ryzen gaming laptops currently available; There’s some nice specs for a gaming laptop inside, including 8 core AMD Ryzen 7 4800H processor, Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti graphics, and16gb of memory in dual blog with 144Hz screen. You can check out other configs and updated prices in the article HERE. Overall build quality is decent with some caveats. The lid is plastic; the interior is aluminium and the whole thing has a silver finish. The front edge felt a little sharp if you brush up against it, but I never noticed it during everyday use.

Design of HP omen ek0019tx:-

There was quite a bit of flex to the lid when trying to move it, I first noticed it when I went to brush something off the screen. A lot of people seem to have concerns about this, but it doesn’t look like it’s that big of a deal, There’s also some keyboard flex when intentionally pushing down hard, but it felt sturdy enough during normal use. No issues opening it up with one finger, and the screen goes the full 180 degrees back. I noticed some of the keyboard lighting leaks onto the plastic below the screen; it’s not really an issue but something I haven’t really seen before. My config weighed in at 4.6lb or 2.1kg, and with the 200w power brick and cables for charging we’re looking at 6lb or 2.7kg all up.

HP Omen 15 dc0085tx vs HP omen dc0107tx which is best
HP Omen 15 dc0085tx vs HP omen dc0107tx which is best

It’s not too large for a 15 inch gaming laptop, about average thickness and overall quite portable. The smaller footprint results in 6.5mm thin screen bezels on the sides, but with a thicker bottom chin. Mine has a 15.6” 1080p 144Hz screen, unfortunately there’s no FreeSync, G-Sync, or option to disable optimus. I measured the screen’s average grey-to-grey response time at just under 8ms It’s somewhat similar when compared to other144Hz panels, but at the same time nowhere near as bad as other Ryzen options like the ASUS TUF A15 or Dell G5 SE. I’ve measured colour gamut with the Spyder5, and got 96% of sRGB, 66% of NTSC, 72% of AdobeRGB and 71% of DCI-P3. At 100% brightness we’re looking at 327nits and a 710 to 1 contrast ratio, so overall some fair results for a gaming panel, bit lower on the contrast though. Backlight bleed wasn’t too bad in my unit, the glow patches weren’t bright enough to notice during normal use, but this will vary between laptops and panels. There’s a 720p camera above the display in the middle, no Windows Hello support though. This is what the camera and microphone look and sound like on the HP Omen 15.

Noise test of HP omen ek0019tx:-

Here’s what it sounds like to type on the keyboard, and this is what it sounds like if we set the fan to max speed, keyboard only has white backlighting which can either be turned on or off without any further adjustment, but there is also a 4zone RGB option if you prefer. All keys and secondary key functions are illuminated, and although there’s no numpad we still get some extra keys to the right, so the arrows have plenty of space. I don’t personally use the numpad so it didn’t really bother me. No N-key rollover though, HP specifically notes 26-key rollover, which I guess is probably enough?

The power button is part of the keyboard,so you might want to change the default behaviour in Windows in case of an accidental press, which is to put it to sleep. There also appears to be small air ventilation holes up the back above the keyboard. The precision touchpad clicks down any where and works fine without any issues, although it’s smooth, at the same time also feels a little textured and not quite as smooth as others. Although fingerprints aren’t as obvious as on a black finish, they do show, but they’re easy to clean off the smooth surface with a microfiber cloth. On the left from the back there’s the power input, gigabit ethernet, USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-A port, HDMI 2.0a output, 3.5mm audio combo jack, and full size SD card slot. On the right from the front there’s a USB3.1 Gen1 Type-C port with Display Port 1.4 support, no Thunderbolt here and the laptop cannot be charged over Type-C, mini Display Port, air exhaust vent on this side, and two more USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-A ports.

HP Omen 15 dc0085tx vs HP omen dc0107tx which is best
HP Omen 15 dc0085tx vs HP omen dc0107tx which is best

All three display outputs connect directly to the Nvidia graphics, bypassing the Radeon graphics, so good to go for VR. The back is just air exhaust vents, and although there’s nothing on the front, not evens an indentation to get your finger into, I had no issues opening the lid. The lid logo is a sort of reflective blueishpurple diamond in the center with Omen text underneath. Underneath the back half of the machine appears to be air intake vents, but if we look at the bottom panel some of the space is covered, regardless still far better intake compared to the TUF A15.

Inside we’ve got the battery down the front, two M.2 storage slots with heatsink on either side of it, and two memory slots and WiFi 6 card above the battery. The two speakers are towards the front on the left and right sides. I thought they sounded pretty average, there’s a little bass and they were clear enough at maximum volume, and the latencymon results were looking alright. The Omen is powered by a 6-cell 71Wh battery, and I’ve tested it with the keyboard lighting off, background apps disabled and screen at 50% brightness. The results were excellent when compared to other gaming laptops with large batteries, lasting more than 8 hours on YouTube playback tests and over 2 hours while playing. Interestingly, the top four gaming laptops are all based on Ryzen.

Some special features of HP omen ek0019tx:-

You have the option of enabling large fan speeds by any of these methods, but no other fan controls are granular. You can also use third-party Ryzen control software to improve processor performance above stock levels. The drugs were tested at a temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. The results of the inactivity below were positive. The pressure test is done with the Aida 64 CPU test and the Heaven GPU simultaneously, and the games are tested with Watch Dogs 2. In the highest operating mode we do not hit even 90 degrees Celsius under these heavy loads, very good result, and we can even get and cooling by increasing fan speed or by using a cooling pad.

HP Omen 15 dc0085tx vs HP omen dc0107tx which is best
HP Omen 15 dc0085tx vs HP omen dc0107tx which is best

The clock speed was still 4 to over 4.1GHz depending on the test and without the correction of all 8 cores, so also very good results. The 1660 Ti has been able to use its 80 watt limit no matter what mode it is, so various modes only change the CPU power limit and fan speed. Thanks to the high power of the GPU, we can still play heavy GPU games without losing performance in low mode even though we will not really get a peaceful system, as you will hear soon. I never found the Ryzen controller to maximize performance on workloads where CPU and GPU work. However it has given us a boost in CPU performance loading only, for example on the Cine bench we can increase multicore performance by about 6% with this tool. When we compare the results with other laptops we work very well, it is tied to the Eluktronics RP-15 and is much better compared to many other tests, only to beat the thicker and more expensive options.

The keyboard area had never been heated regardless of how the workload was carried out, or it could have been improved depending on the specific mode and the fan speed option used. Especially the WASD keys stay cool as the air has to be pulled by the keyboard, and the wrist rest area was also good, so it always felt comfortable even after playing for hours, When the idling fan sometimes strikes a bit that’s why I ” recorded two levels? For some reason the comfort mode includes fans with pressure testing, not sure if that is a bug or if HP’s comfort concept is how cool the machine is without your ears, but that’s why the comfort mode went cooler than the default default mode. Max’s speed was on the big side, but nothing could be solved by using headphones – the same case with most gaming laptops.

HP Omen 15 dc0085tx vs HP omen dc0107tx which is best
HP Omen 15 dc0085tx vs HP omen dc0107tx which is best

Omen 15 applies to games: –

I checked and found that the HP Omen 15 is better in sports can run heavy games without too much heat.a

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