HP Omen 15 reviews (2023)

HP Omen 15 reviews:-

The HP Omen 15 is one of the best Ryzen gaming laptops currently available; I will show you why it is worth considering this review. There are some nice specs of a gaming laptop inside, including an 8-core processor AMD Ryzen 7 4800H, Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti graphics, 

HP Omen 15 reviews
HP Omen 15 reviews

and 16gb of memory on a dual-channel with 144Hz screen. The overall quality of construction is respectable for some caveats. The lid is plastic; the interior is aluminum and everything has a silver finish. The front edge feels a little sharp when you rub it, but I never noticed it during daily use. There was a slight change in the lid as I tried to remove it, first noticing when I was going to brush something on the screen.

HP Omen 15 Look & build quality:-

A lot of people seem to be worried about this, but it doesn’t seem like a big deal, you can check out this article for more details. There is also the flexibility of the keyboard when you deliberately press down hard, but it sounds strong enough during normal use. There are no problems with unlocking it with one finger, and the screen rotates fully at 180 degrees. I saw some of the keyboard lighting leaking from the plastic under the screen; it’s not really a problem but something I’ve never seen before. My config weighed 4.6lb or 2.1kg, and with 200w electric bricks and charging cables we looked 6lb or 2.7kg altogether.

It’s not too big to get a 15-inch gaming laptop, it’s about the same size and portable. The thin dirt results in 6.5mm small screen bezels on the sides, but with a thick lower chin. The mine has a screen of 15.6 “1080p 144Hz, unfortunately there is no Free Sync, G-Sync, or Optimus optimization option. some compared to other 144Hz panels, but at the same time nowhere near as bad as other Ryzen options like ASUS TUF A15 or Dell G5 SE. 66% of NTSC, 72% of Adobe RGB and 71% of DCI-P3 In 100% light we are looking at 327nits and 710 to 1 ratio ratio, so all good play panel effects The rear bleeding was not very bad for my unit, the light spots were not bright enough to see during normal use, but this would vary between laptops and panels.

Camera and other features of HP Omen 15:-

There is a 720p camera above in the middle, there is no Windows Hello support yet. This is what the camera and microphone looks and sounds like in the HP Omen 15. This sounds like typing on a keyboard, and this is what it feels like when we set up a fan at high speed, so you don’t feel right over the fans.

HP Omen 15 reviews
HP Omen 15 reviews

My keyboard has only a bright white light that can be turned on or off without any other adjustment, but there is also a 4zone RGB option if you prefer. All buttons and second key functions are turned on, and although there is no numpad we still get extra keys on the right, so the arrows have plenty of space. I don’t use numpad personally so it didn’t really bother me. There is no N-key rollover yet, HP is directly writing 26 rollover, which I think is enough? 

The power button is part of the keyboard, so you might want to change the default functionality in Windows in case you accidentally press, which is to put it to sleep. Looks like there are small ventilation holes at the top of the keyboard. The precise touch pad clicks down anywhere and works well without problems, though smooth, at the same time it also sounds a little textured and not as smooth as others. Although fingerprints may not look like black ends, they do show, but they are easy to clean a smooth surface with a microfiber cloth. To the left of the rear are the power input, gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-A port, HDMI 2.0a output, 3.5mm audio combo jack, and full SD card size. To the right from the front is a USB3.1 Gen1 Type-C port with Display Port 1.4, no Thunderbolt here and a laptop that can be charged more than Type-C, Mini Display Port, air exhaust vent on the other side, and two other USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-A ports. All three display effects connect directly to Nvidia graphics, surpass Radeon graphics, great for VR. The back is just air vents, and even though there was nothing on the front, even the inserts to get your finger in, I had no problem opening the cover. The cover symbol is a kind of bright blue diamond in the center with the inscription of Omen underneath. At the bottom of the rear of the machine it looks like there are ventilation ducts, but if we look at the panel below some space is covered, even if the feed is much better compared to the TUF A15.

The entry included the removal of 8 phillipshead screws, and inside we have a battery down front, two M.2 storage spaces with heatsink on either side, and dual memory and WiFi 6 card over battery. The two speakers face forward on the left and right sides. I thought they sounded right in the middle, there were small bass and clear enough with high volume, and the delay of the results looked just right. Omen is powered by a 6-cell 71Wh battery, and I have powered it with a keyboard phone, background apps are disabled and 50% screen brightness. The results have been excellent compared to other high-performance gaming laptops, which last more than 8 hours in a YouTube play test and more than two hours while playing. Interestingly, the top four gaming laptops are all based on Ryzen.

Thermal Examination of HP Omen 15:-

HP Omen 15 reviews
HP Omen 15 reviews

Let’s examine thermals next. The Omen Command Center software allows you to choose between different operating modes, from the lowest to the most comfortable, automatic and functional, and has the option to enable the speed of a large fan in any of these modes, but no other fan controls. You can also use third-party Ryzen control software to improve processor performance above stock levels. The drugs were tested at a temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. The results of the inactivity below were positive. The pressure test is done with the Aida64 CPU test and the Heaven GPU simultaneously, and the games are tested with Watch Dogs 2. In the highest operating mode we do not hit even 90 degrees Celsius under these heavy loads, very good result, and we can even get cooling by increasing fan speed or by using the cooling pad. Clock speed was still 4 to above 4.1GHz depending on the test and without the correction of all 8 cores, so also very good results. The 1660 Ti has been able to use its 80 watt limit no matter what mode it is, so various modes only change the CPU power limit and fan speed. Thanks to the high power of the GPU, we can still play heavy GPU games without losing performance in low mode even though we will not really get a peaceful system, as you will hear soon. I never found the Ryzen controller to maximize performance on workloads where CPU and GPU work.

However it has given us a boost in CPU performance loading only, for example on the Cine bench we can increase multicore performance by about 6% with this tool. When we compare the results with other laptops we work very well, it is tied to the Eluktronics RP-15 and is much better compared to many other tests, only to beat the thicker and more expensive options. The keyboard area had never been heated regardless of how the workload was carried out, or it could have been improved depending on the specific mode and the fan speed option used. Especially the WASD keys kept cool as the air had to be pulled by the keyboard, and the rest of the wrist was also good, so it always felt comfortable even after playing for hours, let’s listen to those fans. When the idling fan used to go up a bit that’s why I recorded two levels? For some reason the comfort mode brings out the fans with continuous pressure testing, not sure if that’s a bug or if HP’s comfort concept is how cool the machine feels without your ears, but that’s why the comfort mode went cooler than the higher default mode. Max’s speed was on the big side, but nothing could be solved by using headphones – the same case with most gaming laptops.

Gaming test of HP Omen 15:-

Now let’s take a look at how the Omen 15 works in games and compare it to other laptops. In Battlefield 5 I found the Omen 15 highlighted in red. The standard frame rate is similar to the other 1660 Ti laptops I have tested, though I am a little behind others but with only a few frames. The low 1% seems to be low for Ryzen-based laptops in this game, the i7 options on vapor 15 aka mag-15 and Helios 300 for example see a positive improvement in this. These are the effects from Far Cry 5 with ultra settings on the built-in bench.

HP Omen 15 reviews
HP Omen 15 reviews

The standard FPS is the same compared to other laptops based on the 1660 Ti I tested, but in this very difficult processor test the 1% performance was better than other alternatives than the less Helios 300. it was also good in the past for standard FPS now, at least compared to the last game. Shadow for Tomb Raider was also tested with a game rating tool with the highest setup setup, and like the hard GPU test it is no surprise that we have 1660 Ti laptops doing the same, 74 FPS is the highest recorded result from 1660 Ti and Omen 15 managed to hit with this.

My point of views on HP Omen 15:-

I have tested with Omen 15 in 20 games on all set levels; you can view the card in the upper right corner or link in the description of the article if you want to see results in multiple games. Now with the rating tools, I’ve tested Heaven, Valley, and Superposition from Unigine, as well as the Fire and Timespy strike from 3DMark, just pause the article if you want to take a closer look at these results. I used Adobe Premiere to export one of my laptop update articles in 4K, and the Omen 15 worked well with the Ryzen Laptop with 1660 Ti, better than the A15 anywhere and almost identical to the RP-15 by 2060, but those Intel options have an edge here because of the speed sync. I also tested Premiere but with a Puget program bench that also caters for things like live play rather than just export times.

Higher scores are better here, and in addition to the annoying green release Omen 15 now performs better than other Intel options with higher GPUs. In Adobe Photoshop Omen was on the low side compared to many other tested ones, I am not quite sure why as this is a tough CPU test and as we have seen that processing power is very real. The DaVinci solution actually works well, a very good result on any 1660 Ti laptop I have driven so far. I also tested the SPEC viewer which tests various 3D operating loads. I used the OpenVR benchmark to test the HTC Vive Cosmos Elite, and Omen was working closely with the other 1660 Ti laptops tested, the CPU is a little more important here in my testing as this survives the GPU, but in any case however it still offers playable performance in the half-life alyx, in fact only alpha15 and below did not.

Price of HP Omen 15:-

I used Crystal Disk Mark to test the storage, and the 512 gb NVMe M.2 SSD worked well. SD card space was not too bad, at least the reading is better than preferred text as most people will discard photos rather than write to the card. The card clicks inside and stays mostly on the laptop. At the time of writing, in the US the configuration with 8 gb of memory and 512gb of storage is $ 1250 USD, but it was recently sold for $ 200less than this, so it should be considered. With $ 100 more you can get double the storage and double the memory I think it’s worth doing, 16 gb of RAM is a good place in my opinion, but again this was just out of $ 200 again. So with all this in mind let’s conclude by summarizing the pros and cons of the HP Omen 15 gaming laptop to help you decide if it’s worth it. All things considered, I think the Omen 15is comes out ahead of the Eluktronics RP-15 that I had been testing as my current favorite Ryzen laptop. The performance difference is not too large for most operating loads and the screens are the same with a small edge when responding to RP-15 depending on what you use it for. Omen has a quality edge for construction, although there is a flexible cover.

HP Omen 15 reviews
HP Omen 15 reviews

The performance of the games is no different despite the fact that the RP-15 has 2060, and the battery life is much better with the Omen, so it comes down to the price difference and what’s most important to you. Omen’s hot performance mainly puts others like TUF A15 and Dell G5 SE to shame; this is how the Ryzen gaming laptop should be. I think there is a great value to offer compared to other alternatives, which is why it is my current favorite Ryzen laptop to play, but I still have a lot of those who come to check it out before making a big comparison. So in a nutshell, if you want a gaming laptop with AMD’s Ryzen processors, then the HP Omen 15 should be at the top of the list, especially if you can choose to sell it. Let me know what you thought of HP’s Omen 15 laptop game below in the comments, and if you are new to the blog follow the next laptop updates and technical articles like these.

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