In the last post we saw why it is so hard to make money blogging / online in the ‘make money’ niche which is getting harder and harder by the day

In the last post we saw why it is so hard to make money blogging / online in the ‘make money’ niche which is getting harder and harder by the day.

Today’s post will surely be more positive and profitable, as we’ll try to figure out how to accomplish something that SEEMS impossible but actually is possible: making money with just your laptop and internet connection.

Why It’s So Hard To Make Money In The Online Niche To Make Money [and How To Fix It] – Part II

Let’s analyze the problems and give them a solution in order – as posted – individually so that we can focus on them in a better way, instead of giving an overall solution – which could be done too – but would result in an incorrect message.

Reason number one – Saturation:

We have seen that there are actually far too many people blogging on this topic which in fact is not as broad and cannot be expanded / developed as much as newbies think, so starting here, we end up with a blog that looks like the rest of the 400 million blogs out there and ran out of ideas after the first two months of launch.

While this is an issue that can hardly be fought – as we cannot outwit our competition – there is something we can do to avoid the saturation issue.

In two parts:

1) Before starting our blog:

If you are planning to start a new blog, you can directly avoid this problem by just doing some research on keyword competition, finding a keyword that matches both your blog topic and has a volume of. decent traffic and a relatively low competition rate. 

There are different ways to do this, you can either pay for a keyword engine or use the AdWords Keyword Tool which is a great free tool.

If you want to go for the second option, I wrote an article a long time ago on how to use the AdWords keyword tool. You might want to check it out.

Once you have completed your research you are on the right track and I can assure you that you are already ahead of the 90% of newbies who are not doing any research or marketing plan.

2) Already started:

If you’ve already started your blog and it’s too late to return, there are a few tips you can try to increase your chances of success. Some tips I’m thinking of now:


– Marketing Combination: You can use WISE PPC systems to drive WISELEMENT traffic to your site so that you can profit from it even if you don’t rake the search engines.


Why a combination? Because you have to combine that PPC traffic with imagination to make profit.

As we all know, driving this kind of traffic costs money, so we have to do something to compensate our balance, right?

Drive that traffic to a landing page on your blog or display WISELY ads in strategic places.

The basic conclusion here is to be wise. You have the tools there, use them!

2. – SEO: search engine optimization. Personally, I like to do SEO work because it takes a lot of time and patience, but the results show up and when they show up it’s often great. It’s like going to the gym.

You have decent SEO information there and even here at keepblogging.

I recommend that you take the time to read the concepts from scratch and start working on them.

Other than that, regularly visiting and Matt Cutt’s blog won’t hurt.

Again, you have the tools, use them.


Reason number two – People’s mistrust:

“If I can’t see it, I don’t believe it”

Always run your blog with this phrase in mind and you will have one more ingredient for success.

People are very skeptical about making money online. This is also pretty reasonable because out of five online businesses online, three are scams and two are legitimate – generous and positive – so it’s okay for your readers to find it hard to believe.


The key is simple: show them that it is possible.

Post videos or even screenshots. I did this while doing my monthly reports. I posted several screenshots of my PayPal account proving that in fact I was making the $ 300- $ 500 per month that I was claiming. You can check some of this evidence on my monthly reports.

Other than that, it would be nice to show yourself on a photo stick on your ‘About Me’ page. While this is not necessary and there are privacy reasons behind it, it is surely a plus.

Show some evidence. There is no reason not to. Just hide some private information and go with it; you will gain confidence, something that cannot be bought on this kind of business.

Reason number three – human selfishness:


There isn’t much to do here, really. I don’t have the magic formula to fix our greatest wickedness – man, I wish! – But there is actually something you can do.

In the last post, we saw how a reader can easily see if you’ve posted an unaffiliated or affiliate link, and easily remove the affiliate extension, leaving you with no commission at all.

This problem could be solved by using a WordPress plugin called Ninja Affiliate Plugin, which basically hides the affiliate extension. Example:

Turning this:

in this:

See the difference? The second link seems more “clickable”.

It’s a paid plugin but definitely worth every penny. If you really want to make money blogging, you really need it. All the problems out there cannot be wrong!

Reason number four – Lack of knowledge / passion / imagination:


1) Lack of knowledge: How do you claim to teach something if you are not an expert in your field?

Before you start blogging, be honest and think about what you do best.

In fact, Aristotle said that you can achieve happiness by practicing your virtues. It can be applied here. You can be successful by blogging about your virtues.

You should never just keep blogging about a topic just because you’ve seen a blogger make money from it. This is the biggest mistake you can make.

2) Lack of passion: same as the point above.

You can teach without having a passion for a topic if you are an expert, but you will end up getting tired and blogging is time consuming, so you better choose something you like to write about or you will quit your blog for less. three months at best.

3) Lack of imagination: With tons of blogs, what makes you think readers will choose your blog over mine to stay up to date?

Take the time to think about something that can make you different. We are all different, so don’t act like a sheep and follow the sheep in front of you.

You can be creative and apply it to the way you write and express yourself, the way you structure your posts, the way you publish – video-posts – your design… has to be different, think about it, even before you start blogging if possible.

Reason number five – Adsensemaniac:


Being an adsenseman is the dumbest way to lose money online.

While Adsense is an amazing way to make money, using it as your sole source of income will only hurt you.

You need to diversify your sources of income, set up more ad networks and PPC systems like Bidvertiser, sell affiliate products or even make your own product and sell it, email marketing… ways to earn money. money online.

Stay in touch with blogs that discuss ways to make money blogging – like this one, Problogger,, to name a few – and apply new methods.

Keep trying and keep what works, throw away what didn’t. It’s simple.

That’s all. Still quite a long post, sorry for those who don’t like reading such long posts, but it was necessary.

Thanks everyone for reading.

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