Is It Necessary To Make A Website To Make Money Online

Reasons why you must finally have a website

Think you can get away with just using affiliate marketing and not having your own website to put it online? Think again.

Certainly, one way to market products online is to use affiliate programs where a website may not be needed.

For many affiliates (or “publishers” as Commission Junction calls them), this business has been successful and has been quite profitable for them.

There are valid reasons to be an affiliate, of course, and I don’t blame anyone who has made a fortune online as an affiliate. My hat, actually.

Affiliate Marketing is a fast, convenient, and painless way to generate income online because the internet marketer does not have to worry about the complexities of building and maintaining a website.

No HTML coding, javascript, autoresponders, pop-ups or web hosting to mess around, configure or pay for.

Is It Necessary To Make A Website To Make Money Online

All you need is an affiliate link from your merchant and off you go to promote your chosen product to your niche or target audience.

Personally, however, bothering with such “complexities” in building and maintaining a website has its own perks and intangible benefits that I’m not ready to forget or give up just yet.

Here are a few reasons why, until now, I still believe that ultimately having your own website is still the way to go if you want to make it big and be successful online:

First of all, your website becomes the center of your web presence. This gives you the opportunity to show your potential target audience or target niche the unique product or service that you have to offer.

Think of it as a dazzling, interactive online business card that internet users, marketers, and researchers can always refer to – hopefully – for the purpose of buying or using the product you are looking for. offer or approve.

This stacks the odds in your favor as being their first choice once they need something you have to offer and have taken notice of your website at one point or another (I hope you have incorporated a way for your online visitors to bookmark your website so they can come back to it later).

Since this is your website, you are able to exercise some control over what it contains, what it does and how things are presented.

You are able to negotiate with potential merchants to be either a reseller or a promoter of their products, and gives you the opportunity to earn more income due to the higher margins that merchants can give you in exchange for a exclusivity or arrangement you will achieve.

This should allow you to position the products or services in the way that will benefit you the most (ie, the products that need to be promoted can be placed on a “Featured Page” of your choice).

Second, most internet users and potential customers now expect you to have one (a website, that is). If you want to be seen as a professional or an internet marketer, this is the way to go.

Is It Necessary To Make A Website To Make Money Online

With the right elements, your website should help further build credibility and rapport with your niche. You can use it as a way to convey information or some expertise that your target market would find very valuable.

Remember: a website that shows glimpses of your personality can stand out from a sea of ​​“Me Too” websites. Internet users today are more and more demanding and tend to appreciate sites that are more unique than the typical cookie-cutter sites found everywhere else.

Third, and this is an important point to consider: your competition is probably online with their own website! Most likely, they are using their online presence as leverage to offer and benefit from a product or service that you could similarly promote and earn money from. if you had your own site!

With a website, you are always “open for business” giving your potential customers or your niche the opportunity to buy, visit, and do business with you at a time that is convenient for them.

Whether it’s 10 p.m. or 2 a.m. shouldn’t matter in cyberspace anymore.

With the tools currently available, it’s pretty easy to set up your website to automatically respond to inquiries, requests, orders, and deliveries.

Not a lot of pain in there, in fact just a little bit of initial setup time required. After that, things should go smoothly.

Fourth, a well-designed website always gives you the potential to get more leads or customers over time.

Is It Necessary To Make A Website To Make Money Online

Provie “standards” such as a simple sitemap to direct your online visitors to your different product or service offerings; the information (technical or not) that they may need; support in terms of after-sales service, documentation, manuals, video tutorials, etc.

Offering up-to-date news and information also makes your site “sticky”, since your visitors will always have a reason to keep checking out your site and will be eager to come back looking for new stuff.

Product reviews, current online advice and / or exclusive membership rights and information are just a few of the other things you can add to make your site progressive and interesting.

Remember the potential of the commercials you can sell to advertisers once your website reaches a certain “critical mass” in terms of daily unique visitors, pageviews, or achieves a high pagerank with Google (Page rank 6 or more).

Google itself gives you the opportunity to make good passive income with your website through its Google Adsense program.

So, at the end of the day, there are so many website offerings in terms of validating your online presence that no serious internet marketer worth his salt should be without.

Done correctly, a website will go a long way in helping you achieve your business goals, whatever they are, on the net.

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