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Apple MacBook Pro Update: – 

Apple has announced this here, here is the new 13-inch MacBook Pro. It’s not 14 inches as we were hoping it probably had a new Magic keyboard, which is great news because you can actually type it. There are two versions of this, basically, there is a low-level model with two ports of Thunderbolt and then there is a high-end model with four ports of Thunderbolt and also has 10th Gen processors, which are new processors. And there is a big difference where you might want to pay attention to the functionality of the graphics, but there are a lot of other things that need to be considered about this so obviously we will do that.

What you will find in the MacBook Pro box: –

I haven’t done unboxing for a while, it’s fun. It’s all standard stuff, cable, some building materials, some stickers in there, charger, this good, not bad. Here it is, (playing music) and the main thing to be aware of is that it looks exactly like the latest MacBook. The difference here, of course, is the real Escape key, the T-key turned key arrow and the Magic Keyboard. Physically, we look at the same things, there is the same list of three microphones, there is a big pad like Magic Track. Is it exactly 13 inches long, 13 inches wide? Exactly the same Select the primary language. – Hello. Press Restore Recovery keys at the end; let’s talk about this machine. In fact, the devices, as I said, there are two versions of the 2020 MacBook Pro 13-inch. The basic model has two Thunderbolt ports instead of four and also has an Intel’s8th generation processor, not a brand new one.

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This model is up-to-date, costs 1,799, has an Intel’s 10th Gen Core 5 processor, and has fast RAM, its 3,733 megahertz, and 16 gig of that RAM and 512 storage. You can upgrade this to 32 gigs of RAM and four full terabytes of storage if you want, which is a lot on a 13-inch machine. Now, if you look at this device, it looks exactly like a 13-inch MacBook Pro, in terms of how it looks for years, and I mean I was hoping for rumors on the 14-inch screen but that’s not what we found here. Now, in the 16-inch version of the MacBook Pro they have been able to reduce the bezels and make the screen look bigger. They were also able to provide better speakers and studio microphones. These speakers and the list of three items here are exactly the same but very good so I don’t complain about it but you know, the bezels are the same, smaller but better. This screen, which has a wide P3 gamut color, and has the same 720p webcam, is there. So I know I was saying that this is the exact same MacBookPro we saw two, three, four years ago, anything but actually atiny, a little different. So I’m going to take my 201713-inch MacBook Pro here and look at it on camera, they look exactly the same, don’t they? But there is a small difference, so I see, right here, I could push my fingernails and see that the 2020 version is much smaller, I think it is 0.61 inches compared to 0.59. And it weighs just a little bit, weighing 3.1 pounds instead of 3.02. And the reason for that extra tension, is what you’ve been waiting for, the new Magic keyboard instead of the old butterfly keyboard and, I’ll tell you, is fine.

We not only have that Escape key and the modified Ts I mentioned, it also feels better, more reliable, and sounds better. So this is the 2017 edition. Sounds bad, sounds bad, and my last key doesn’t work, ha. Here is the 2020 version. Sounds good, sounds good, I hope it doesn’t break because it’s an old circus switch, great improvement all around. Now, Apple says they did more than just take their old, old keyboards and put them on this computer; they say they have done the job of stabilizing the whole key so that when you press a corner you press down properly and evenly instead of slightly loosening it.

I think I understand that, and the key navigation isn’t quite as great as you might be from an old MacBooks but it’s still better and better and has a better way than the butterfly keyboard. I am so glad that five years later, Apple finally gave us the butterfly keyboards and gave us the scissors witches we know and love. Now if all Apple did was pull out a butterfly keyboard and give us a Magic Keyboard I probably wouldn’t have complained, but they also gave us this new processor for testing. Also, it is the 10th generation of Intel’s Core series, this is the Core i5, and that is important because it is a little faster and may have a longer longevity because it will just stay longer. And it doesn’t have WiFi 6 for some reason, I don’t know what the agreement is, WiFi performance here is ok. But the fact is that the biggest thing is that it has better graphics, it has Intel’s Iris Plus graphics and that can be a big deal for you, depending on the pace of your work. Look, one thing we do know about Macs is that certain software uses a lot of GPU, things like Apple’s Final Cut, and other software, and not so much, that is, you know, Adobe Premiere Pro which we use. So we actually have a video that we actually published, Duo hands-on, five and a half minutes, is 4K, H.264, and we usually do this export of an external SSD but I can’t access it because I’m locked up alone at home, so this is locked to an internal SSD, so it’s not entirely scientific apples in apple testing but I think it helps. And this 2020 MacBook Pro, 13 inches, is made at 11:26 so it’s very fast, lovely, and very hot on it. Apple says it hasn’t changed much in the heat and we know that, in general, MacBook thermals aren’t really cool with Windows operating systems, but I’m more impressed than I expected here. Now the question I get a lot is whether you should get a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro? It’s actually a lot more complicated than that, if you can get a MacBook Air, or a MacBook Pro base or this 10th generation Intel processor MacBook Pro and here’s the kind of environment I live in.

If you just want to be thin and light, you just want a Mac, you don’t have to worry about power, you can be very happy with the Spirit, it’s the best automatic MacBook. If you want more power but don’t worry about graphics processing power, you may be fine with the MacBook Pro base. If you think you need that GPU or if you want something super cool, get the 13-inch MacBook Pro, so far I’m happy with it. You will want to see other benches across our small one-stop Premiere export to see if it can manage the software you are using but my hunt is that it will be fine. Look, the point here is that the butterfly keyboard time on Apple’s laptop line has finally expired. In six months they have updated all their laptops in this new Magic Keyboard. I wish it hadn’t taken five years to do it but I’m so glad they finally did it.

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