Make money online with a blog

Today, the Internet dominates almost all the world’s networks and continues to develop at an enormous speed, while its routes and its content are constantly developing, at the same time as new technologies develop which serve us as entertainment and enable us. to feel more comfortable with reality. . . Google, the big Internet giant, has developed programs such as Google Earth or SketUp, a very useful tool for architectural projects. There are many other subjects in which this multinational works: applications that have revolutionized our lives, allowing us to access information and research.

Make money online with a blog

The opportunities offered by the Internet have become so widespread that today we have many opportunities to work from home. Telecommuting, or working from home, is an option that is starting to attract many followers, thus achieving the construction of a new era. How to earn money from home is really easy and fun and the possibilities continue to proliferate day by day. Before we focus on how to reach it and make money online, it is necessary to stop and explore why the demand for this service has enabled many people to make a profit by creating just a blog.

Well, currently it is estimated that by 2020 the Internet will have gained such popularity that users will be around 5,000 million. That is, such a huge rate: more than half of the world’s population. In practice, the scope of this communication medium will be the same as that generated by television and radio: having a computer with Internet access will be a modern requirement and those who do not have this tool will really find themselves at a disadvantage. huge level. intellectual and technological backwardness.

Of course, the effects of this situation are already visible. How to make money online will be a question easier than it sounds. Advances in digital information have caused the use of the physical page to begin to run out. Today, books are sold more than anything in their digital version, which allows readers to enjoy them via their tablet. The same is happening with newspapers, where the same media start to take over through web pages as an inevitable change to which they must adapt to the strong changes of the technological revolution. Now, as you know, businesses need a lot of advertising to be able to sell their products and services, so the most natural option is to show your ads on websites. The same journalism agencies are given contracts with various companies to use the media to place a simple banner or small ad box which when clicked by a user is sent to their website. This trend is getting stronger and stronger, as many of us use the Internet, much more than television or the press. Just as advertisers’ intention is almost that the product penetrates their future customers through the eyes, the Internet is currently the most suitable means to achieve this.

And this is precisely where our opportunity to make money from home comes in. Google has an advertising program for businesses that allows them to serve their advertisements on many web pages. Businesses pay for their ads to appear on various websites. The investment can be $ 100 and the little banner appears on many screens around the world. Every time someone takes an interest in said ad and clicks on it, a percentage of said $ 100 starts to decrease for the business, at the same time as Google pays the owner of the site the click is made from to serve as an ad. of link. This program and marketing strategy is known around the world as Google Adsense.

Yes, that’s right, what you are thinking right now will then be a great strategy to make money online in a very easy and straightforward way. Only to achieve this and boost your income with your blog there are several aspects that you must take into account to attract more visitors and therefore more clicks to banner ads. For this you must observe the second part of this article.

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