Make money online with an Ebook

Naturally, after completing the whole process of making money online through the Make Money Online with Twitter series of articles, where we take the literary world as a point of reference to promote the works of writers , now let me tell you how it is possible to make a living by being an ebook author. If you don’t like to write or don’t want to write to get the work from home lifestyle, this article may not meet your expectations, although you don’t have to be a literary genius to get started. to earn money and earn money online.

So if you are interested in this lifestyle, where every morning after having your coffee you go to your office and dedicate yourself to writing about the topic that you are most passionate about, then this can be a challenge in which you can feel fulfilled. as a person and as a professional, making huge profits from all over the world: your readers will follow you to become a successful bestseller. For many writers, as Andy Weir, who wrote the hugely successful El Marciano, has said, this is the best moment in self-publishing history. This represents an event that takes a lot of strength away from publishers of paper books and literary prizes such as those promoted by Grupo Planeta or Alfaguara.

In fact, there are many professional writers in the field of fictional literature who have started to accept this alternative, leaving aside the opportunity to participate in these awards because the dissatisfaction of having the opportunity to have a good literary career at the expense of a publisher. New writers find self-publishing their e-books the perfect strategy to gain exposure and position themselves in a growing digital market, where the future of the paper book is apparently in danger. ‘extinction since now the platforms that are used to read literary works are tablets or the same Kindle devices sold by Amazon.

If your dream is to work from home as a writer, it is important for you to know that there are many web pages that you can place your eBook on. The most prestigious of all and the winner is Amazon, which generates multi-million dollar annual revenue from downloadable books sold for $ 1. The business is so successful that it’s not just about promoting e-books, but if a reader is thrilled with your work and wants to receive it at home in its print version as if they just bought it. in a bookstore, then Amazon takes the trouble to print it out and send it home: you won’t even have to pay a publisher to do this work, but the Amazon organization itself has its tools and employees. in charge of this task, although for sure in this case the book would have a higher value for the customer and you will get an even higher sales percentage profit than what a traditional publisher can offer you.

Additionally, books from Amazon, especially those from authors who have just been released, typically cost as little as $ 0.99. The profit they make for you from that sale is 35%, which is much more than what a print publisher can offer you when you market your book online. It could be that $ 0.99 is a fee low enough to make a profit, but now think about what it would be if your sale was massive worldwide and you sold at least a million copies. In fact, the main reason people decide to start with such a low price is that they can be read more easily this way.

In the following article, we will explore in more depth the conditions for a successful book and you can make money from home with your ebook.

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