Make Money with ClickBank

Make Money with ClickBank

Already in the Make Money with ClickBank series of articles in this dedicated blog on how to make money online, we have delved into what an affiliate network is and how to work from home simply by promoting a product through a blog.

Well, this time we will be focusing on how you can get great profits from underwriting a tiered business and why this business model is so popular today. For this, we are going to start explaining what a tiered business represents in its most traditional way to the modality it has today, thus allowing many sellers around the world to make money with it. blog and work from home.

Make Money with ClickBank

The history of this type of marketing dates back to the decade of the 1940s, indicating that while it has survived over 70 years in time, it clearly shows the triumph of multilevel marketing. At that time, the founder of this marketing strategy was known as Carl Rehnborg, whose selling product was nutritional supplements called California Vitamins. With his original idea, he changed the traditional door-to-door selling model and moved away from promoting the product through the experience of a satisfied customer. Precisely, the magic of this affiliate marketing model is that it is the same customer, who really benefits from the product, who can certify that what is sold effectively meets the expectations that the said product promises. The failure of the traditional model is that the product is delivered to a customer, which allows them to triumph regardless of the results or the veracity of it.

The market model proposed by Carl Rehnborg was that the distributor, in addition to having the opportunity to become a beneficiary customer of the product, had the chance to earn additional income for only a few hours of work per day. What happened later was that it was thought that the client-distributor could achieve greater sales if he joined a team of salespeople, so as to integrate them into the same commercial dynamic. This is how California Vitamins began to gain as many followers as if it were a religion where all the recipients of sales income were, which resulted in vitamin supplements having a fixed customer structure. and also continued to develop.

The reason there are more followers who have joined the cause of this business model is that for every customer who attracts a customer-distributor, they get a percentage of profit that increases as their business grows. diversifies. own network, so that there comes a time when the head that is in this network is in a position similar to that of the owner of the marketed product. And just when California Vitamins started, many other companies offering the same trading system were structured: the best known companies under this system are Amway, Herbalife, Omnilife, 4life, among others. The stimulus that each client-distributor receives allows them to evolve so that there are hierarchies with distinctive names: for example, at Amway, the best salesperson with the largest affiliates behind them obtains the title of Diamond Salesperson.

For many people, the multilevel marketing process resembles the structure of a group of shareholders who, as they acquire more people who invest in the business, the more they are able to support the whole. distribution system. That is why it is considered to be a suitable activity for enterprising people, who wish to acquire possession through trade, attract new people and give them the opportunity to develop themselves as the most advanced.

If you want to make money from home and become a great salesperson, continue with Part II of this multilevel marketing article series. Rest assured that at the end of this journey you will have enough conviction to embark on this market strategy.

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