On page and Off page SEO : Difference

on page and off page seo Difference


On-page SEO is mainly the most important than any other means of optimization. The processes are very simple but important when designing and contenting the pages. From my personal experience, I have managed to find 6 easy ways to optimize web pages with on page SEO
On page and Off page SEO : Difference
On page and Off page SEO : Difference

1. Positioning of keywords

I always try to use Google’s Keyword Tool, Google Trend, the Overture Keyword Tool to research what others are looking for related to my content. Then write my content using these keywords. Some people just try to overload the keywords. I believe 6% to 10% keywords in the content are enough for search engines to find your website from thousands of websites across the world.

2. Title tags

The title tag is very important. The title should not be too long. For Google, 70 characters are sufficient for SERP. Keywords should be placed in a natural way. The appearance of the repeats is strange when the web pages arrive on the SERP. Descriptive titles have maximum clicks.

3. Internal link

Internal liaison is very important. The more the links are distributed, the more the Page Rank is distributed among the pages. Spiders are very common on different pages and can dig very deep.

4. Meta description tags

Another important element for on-page SEO is the meta description. Google only considers 155 characters of the Meta description. It is therefore important to write a unique 155 character meta description using keywords.

5. Use images and ALT tags

Images make articles and pages attractive to visitors. In addition, the images are also indexed on various search engines. Using relevant keywords in image alt tags helps in SERP.

6. Submission of the site plan

The sitemap helps visitors navigate between pages and also helps search engine bots get indexed very easily. I personally submit the sitemap to Google Sitemap, Live Webmaster, and Yahoo! Site Explore regularly. To generate an XML sitemap, I use XML Sitemaps or VIGOS Gsitemap. For WordPress websites I use the Google XML Sitemaps plugin.


I will try to talk again about basic off page SEO techniques. Keep in mind that these are just the basic techniques and the result of my personal experience. So if you have different points of view, feel free to post comments.

For those who aren’t familiar with off-page SEO I would like to talk a bit – Off-page SEO helps your pages rank well in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) from outside your site Web. Suppose you are searching for Business Promotion” on Google You will thus receive 26,100.00 pages. But some pages arrive on the first page, others on the last page. So what makes this difference? Simply put, on-page SEO and off-page SEO are all about the placement of results in search engines. You have confidence in your pages, are highly optimized, you can now focus on Off-Page SEO.

Most off-page SEO techniques are all about link building methods. According to Google’s search algorithm, “Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote, per page A, for page B. But, Google looks at more than the volume of votes or the links it has. a page receives; it also analyzes the page which launches the vote. Votes cast by pages that are themselves “important” carry more weight and help make other pages “important”. Link building is therefore very important to target Google as a major search engine.
On page and Off page SEO : Difference
On page and Off page SEO : Difference
Some people are still trying to promote others or their own services while writing an article or suggesting different services. Since I do everything on my own and don’t have any other services, I don’t provide any links in SEO techniques. Please search Google for services, directories… you will find thousands of them.

Here are some popular link building techniques:

Directory submission

When in doubt, these are the most popular and popular ways to get quality backlinks. There are thousands of web references on the Internet. These web directories offer free links or paid links. If you have a good amount of money for directory submission you can choose high traffic directories, they will start charging you $ 15 to $ 100 for a certain period. Search engine bots frequently visit well-known directories, so you will have a good change to have quality backlinks in a short period of time. Please keep in mind to place your link in the correct directory category / niche. Search engines always prefer links from the associated category.

There are a lot of companies, people charge a small amount of money to submit your website in different forums. But please before you pay them any money, check their previous records, provide them with your website title, keywords, description, etc.

Article / blog submission

It is a very useful technique but much appreciated. Suppose you have a “Cricket Accessories” website, so you can write a cricket accessories article and place your product links in appropriate positions. You can talk about the usefulness of your products, the benefits your customers will get if they buy accessories from your etc. Again, you can create a new section in your website – blog section. You can write daily, weekly or monthly about your services, products and place your links. This will help your pages get indexed soon and show up in the SERP.

You can search for freelance article writers in Google, paying them a generous amount of money, they will write articles on your chosen topic.

Signature display

The internet is an amazing place. There will be someone ready to help. And this concept created forums. There are different types of forums: computer forums, fashion forums, doctors forums, etc. It’s a great way to get backlinks from related topics. Even if you don’t have enough time to post, you can find members in forums selling their signatures – it can start from as low as $ 10 / month with over 1000 posts. This means that if you pay $ 10 / month you potentially get 1000 links. Although it doesn’t always work like this.

Link exchange

After then last year, Google changed its algorithm, the most popular means of SEO, Link Exchange has lost its popularity. Usually, people would ask owners of similar websites to exchange links between their websites. This means that Site A will place the link from Site B on its website and Site B will place the link from Site A on its website. Today, new ways of exchanging links are underway – 3 ways of exchanging links, so Google and other search engines have little idea about exchanging links. Depending on whether site A places the link from site B, site B will place the link from site C, site C will place the link from site A!

Social referencing

It is growing in popularity because it is not only a medium for backlinks but also generates a lot of potential web traffic. Recently I wrote an article on Do Fo On Social Bookmarking sites, you might find this interesting. Digg, Stumbleupon, Technorati, Del.icio.us are very well known bookmarking sites, but with the exception of Digg not all of them allow dofollow links. So you can try other dofollow bookmarking sites if you are looking for supports; Spurl link, Mister Wong, Backflip, Bibsonomy etc. Otherwise, you should use previously mentioned bookmarking sites for traffic.

The most important factors in achieving backlinks are links from a related topic and anchor text. You should always research your keywords and place keywords, of course completely in the anchor links.

Hope this article will help you start your SEO journey. SEO is a long process, so be patient and try all the techniques, eventually you will be successful.

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