PropellerAds review

PropellerAds Media is a CPM / CPA advertising network that offers publishers the opportunity to earn money through banners, Pop Unders, and many other ad formats. They work great with entertainment and gaming niche sites. It can also work well for other niches if they are successful in attracting huge traffic from European and American traffic. As a Propeller Ads Media publisher, you could boost your income with pop-ups and pop-unders. This digital advertising network started in 2012 and is now one of the fastest growing advertising companies in recent years.

There seems to be mixed reviews on this network regarding low income, but in reality all the complaints were from people who don’t have decent traffic from Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. Getting traffic from these places with this network works great because they pay the most for those places. They also offer mobile solutions for your mobile site and a referral system. review

They pay by Paypal (minimum $ 50), Payoneer (minimum $ 100) and by bank transfer (minimum $ 500). They will pay you on a NET 30, which means you will be paid monthly as long as the payout threshold has been reached for the option you want. This network works well with AdSense and can also be a great alternative to AdSense if you have been banned (disabled) by them. Keep in mind that AdSense pays per click (CPC) while Propeller pays per impressions (CPM) and actions (CPA).

Try this network if you want to start making money on your websites let us know in the comments how it goes.

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