Reviews of Rog phone 3

Reviews of Rog phone 3

The change made by ROG from the first generation of the Rog series to the second generation Rog phone to give you a quick deterioration make the display faster from 90 hertz to 120 hertz the cpu is restored as soon as the memory receives a bump from the eight to 12 gigabyte battery size from 4,000 milliamp hours to 6,000 million hours The camera system has received further improvements and from 12 megapixels to 48mamegapixels and ROG price of Phone 2 could be 900 which was really nice to look at what you were getting and now we are here in 2020 with the ROGPhone 3 and after just a quick look at the specs and some of the features asus has improved on this phone I found Honest this with the coolest looking Smartphone.

I have ever seen so let’s see what’s new let’s find out what’s new with ROG Phone 3 after this what you need to meet compact high perfor mance playbook you need specs that can meet the most demanding tasks like fast cpu up to 32 gigabyte of ram ultra fast nvme ssd and rtx graphics and you want something light and easy carry it around about strong optical mechanical and perky keyboard RGB lighting and fast ips 144hz ips this is the new xpg xenia playbook for links below and game up to standard so i will download items for phone price of the three rog now I am not quite sure what the official price is for the united nations but I know they will be three types of this phone starting with strixedition starting at 800 Euro and there is a standard model that comes with 12 gig ram and 5 12 gig storage capacity is almost a thousand Euros and the sample I have over here comes with it all you can do is throw it now if you look at some specs this place and it is a place where asus does everything they can possibly create a certain monster so you get a snapdragon 865 and a soc with 5g compatibility up to a gigabyte 16 of lpddr5 ram half terabyte of ufs 3.1 storage one sim supporting 6,000 milliamp hour battery equivalent to rg phone 2. so nothing has changed there so the first thing that stood out after pulling out the box on this phone is design i mean It is obviously a ROG-based Smartphone gaming when you look at their list of books on their graphics card bases they are their category and this type of phone follows the way you get the rgb logo on the back which is customized with software there is also aura rgb led around the camera lighting a flashlight when you install a light bulb case case gives you a very subtle matrix led design but you can also customize.

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im count to be really cool software you can see that this is not your traditional Smartphone with clear glass on the back and edges show that this is designed to be useful for gamers and I will talk about it a little later in the video as the size this big phone is actually bigger than my one 8 pro plus size hands-on experience so you may need to familiarize yourself with this form factor even if you have big hands now if you look at the ROG 3 phone and compare it to the ROG Phone 2 nothing much has changed from physical view the display is still increasing by about 6.6inches 1080p and AMOLED HDR 10 is also certified as a rog phone 2. however they have increased the refresh rate from 120 hertz to 144 hertz and got an average of 270 hertz touch sampling light levels have also been improved and asus says they have improved the color accuracy of this phone they say it covers 113 dc ip3 but without k of the box i have seen it shows cool tones compared to my one and 8 pro there are different profiles you can play around using the ttings and i ended up with the regular one because the colors looked neutral in my eyes now you can change the color temperature and saturation levels at will and honestly i have no complaints about it for now but let’s take a moment to talk about that nice buttery upgrade rate of 144 hertz because switching from one plus 8 pro which includes a 120 hertz display I personally haven’t seen much difference switching to ROG Phone 3 but this still shows very fast and when you can find games that can support the high level of refreshment experience for stupid guys as you all know I got into racing games and have been playing the need for unlimited speed lately and it just brings the experience smooth not to mention with an incredibly fast touch the sample rate all touch-based inputs are remarkably faster than my single 8 combination I mean here is a slow motion comparison between the two and you can tell that the display responds even the slightest finger movement is just a good combination of hardware and software and let’s not forget this so flat you don’t get any curves around the edges thank you so much asus for keeping you that way and you get -show a working fingerprint sensor pretty well it’s relatively as fast as the one plus 8 pro,

so I Have no complaints in that area now given the gaming brand attached to the Smartphone there are some features that they’ve improved from the rog phone too so when you’re holding the phone in landscape mode where the volume and power buttons are located there are two invisible ultrasonic buttons asus is calling this the air trigger 3technology basically you can remap your touch input son the display within a game play to those individual buttons through game genie which is an overlay when you install the game so you don’t have to use your thumbs to communicate with the game your two index fingers will do the job and each of these buttons comes with a really hepatic and fun answer now with this generation of ROG phone series asus add swipe support and create dual split with each button leading to a four-shoulder configuration I am now not a tough player like many of you out there but I have played some racing titles and some other sports that I really enjoy using these breathable items because then I don’t have to worry about using my thumbs I can focus very little on my game. These features make a lot of sense with Smartphone gaming because they are very useful and I am sure that if you are a serious basic mobile player you will definitely find these useful portable ports hini is one of the signature features of a series of phone numbers because you can simply plug the charging ging cable while playing in geographical mode so that it does not get in the way unlike your usual orientation of charging the Smartphone port and it serves as a hub for various asus gaming devices to offer as game pad twin port and a port stopper that gives you access to the Usb land jack display port port and SD card space.

I mean that the asus presses the limits of what the Smartphone can reach and is actually a level above that for me is awesome oh me It should also be in the box you get this cool cooler that works and the ports are set aside to attach the phone to a functional fan designed to lower the temperature above the device by four degrees while increasing the clock speed on the cpu and has a usb type-c pass-through port and 3.5 mm audio jack which I think is important because as you may hear these fans shouting so you don’t want your colleagues to listen to that compared to your ac two words and another thing I want to say is that this comes with a king status so it would be great to have a great feature to watch the movies he is talking about this phone has two forward speakers and sounds absolutely amazing the best sound speakers I hear from Smartphone and if you pair with something like this you find yourself looking like a portable theater or home theater uh I think that I will definitely benefit from this setup because it is very unfortunate that they have removed the headphone jack from the Smartphone and I am sure that many gamers may be a little disappointed with that light because this is the Smartphone to play after all and most of you are very lu you may end up using headset u use this phone without installed apps it doesn’t make sense because ROG Phone 2 had it why would they end something like this i mean asus designed this to be a Smartphone to play but decided to eliminate one of the most important things people or gamers.

keep in mind that this phone does not have wireless charging support and does not have an official dial so it all makes sense because if you look at the inside parts of the Smartphone asus pack it with advanced cooling layers to make sure the soc clock speeds remain stable during long play because this thing looks like real air below. or up and you have these two side ports and so I think these are some of the things you should consider that are completely understandable now after making artificial benches and comparing them to my one and 8 pro ROG phone quickly and logically because you know they have packed a lot inside the Smartphone that you end up wanting the best performance in terms of frame and stuff like that so that’s what you appreciate so here’s how to go even if they really nailed you in that apartment this phone supports fast charging 30watt but due to how big the battery is asus has used a few battery care options to extend its life time so in this menu you can allow slow charging to be limited to 10 watts and you can set the charging limit for less battery wear over time and you can configure a smaller charging feature now now i have spent a few days with a three rog phone so i can’t give you a complete decision on my knowledge of battery life on this device but i talked to some of my friends in the tech community who were using this device is longer than I have and is closer to six and a half hours and nine and a half hours of screen time depending on their operating case cases so it’s amazing and I understand the descriptions of this package so I can say that it’s amazing software information is a lot closer to what you get with pixel and one asus integration device did not load this item with any bloat ware apps other than the crate app which is actually a phone tuning app when you set up a device that will give users a choice between a gamer style style or classic stock look which I prefer they have a dedicated theme store you can customize a few things in ui such as changing the roaming style of the system by touching or in the old round and square buttons Armor software is like a game site where you can choose which apps you would like to use within certain games as you see there is a game library where I can start or join in status profiles and I have organized various things that affect the gaming experience such as affecting the sensitivity of the air network performance level that makes it in be custom to make a macro map is a lot to explore and if I go to the co nsole tab it is where i can enable x mode over cpu clocks and allow it to stay steady at high clock speed remember that enabling x mode can affect life battery and you can adjust the fan speed of aero active cooler system light and that’s great now i’m not sure what software support will be with the Smartphone in the next two to three years because if you look at the ROG Phone 2 phone that just got an update on Android 10so it’s not going to be for the first in line to find the best that Google has to give you so what we have to keep in the end but let’s talk about cameras as asus has updated their main camera with the new imax686 sensor now don’t confuse what the imx689 sensor is found on one plus 8 pro sensors fall in the same category yo but they have different features and you get a 13megapixel ultra wide angle camera and 5 megapixel macro camera let’s start with u The wide ltra does a good job with a flexible range and a nice enough display when compared to my one and 8 pro I saw that the phone -rog take the real sand of life color gets a straight white balance than fine details and also ‘I don’t break the shadows so much the amazing switch on the big camera you will see that the rog phone is struggling to keep a strong distance even when hdr allowed these people to be overweight compared to one and the 8 pro me and note that this phone usually produces different images by crushing the shadows a little bit but to be honest i like the look compared to z8 in broadcasting these are all statements so you may end up liking one or the other but i would like to know what you think What is the low performance really good for this phone and I wonder how it can keep up with 8 and 8 pro details available colors are not washed when ‘m pick up I would say it revolves around white balance here and there but overall it is actually a very good selfie camera system. 24 megapixel is amazingly beautiful it captures my skin tones accurately and beautifully wide it softens my skin a little bit but overall I am very happy with the results so this is a forward-looking camera test on the rog 3 this phone can shoot up to 8k in 30frames per second but you lose hdr and image stability uh but you can also shoot 4k up to120 frames per second which is amazing actually something i have never seen from a good Smartphone camera uh but yes loaded video features and sample foot looks really good i love it in to powerful range sensor and this is a good test for microphone quality and I think I’m really happy with the white balance or I think the color signals that come out of the sensor in general I think the asus really did a good job because I think it’s a Smartphone to play so let me know what you think in the comments so you have everything you need to know about the ROG 3 phone.

you see this phone gives me a completely different vibe and that’s because this is not your flagship flagship smartphone in the middle you can go to your car dealership and buy it immediately by its category and that’s by bringing -The most powerful android smartphone for $ 1,000 but let’s not forget that this is the first Smartphone to play and that is very important for you guys to remember because it is not something that is meant to compete with one plus or Google or you know that Huawei y Smartphone gaming and you may be wondering why you spend this kind of money on something like this when pc and console users do not see the point of mobile gaming is a huge and growing market in some disciplines will pass by more than hundreds of billions of dollars in this -china, india and other overseas markets and is slowly going to north america but let’s also admit that most of this revenue is driven by in-game purchases because while the game is free to download you will have to plan to pay your way to unlock achievements or certain pockets and things like that win uh game has never been focused much needed for high-level independent frames in mobile games but as the titles become more difficult at the end of computer hardware it is necessary to push developers to make resources many game streaming such as geforce now offer a wide selection of themes if standard Android games are not your thing now this can be used as a mini console 2 by connecting to a bluetooth controller and output to the display type c to hd adapter well this can be an exciting option especially for someone who might not be able to have a pc or console but still want to play on about ROG Phone3 in the comments in fact if you are in the Android flagship Smartphone market you might consider getting a Smartphone for play or you could have completely removed that from your list I would like to know thank you very much for watching and I’ll talk to you guys next time.

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