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how are you guys i am Sameer Mansoori from Mr. Sameer Technical and this is the 40 advantages and disadvantages of the new galaxy s20 compared to the iphone 11 pro now i have been using the S20 since it first came out about four weeks ago but before that i was back every day using the iPhone there released in September so five months of integration is now 20 good enough to turn me off on the iPhone.

to start with the beauty of S the first number one has a USB type-c like the rest of the world come to Apple the iPhone is still stuck with Lightning number two feels good in the hand a little smaller in width so it’s easier to navigate at number six than light weight and sounds very light on hand especially on top of the iPhone 11 Pro I will take a cheaper and stronger phone than a heavy cracked sandwich like the iPhone any day of the fourth week Thanks to the small screen protector installed in the s20 and even though it is plastic and it may be cheaper it is a good deal and I know many people out there will leave it for help prevent easy scratches such as key pockets and wallet number five UI – the worst naming system but it feels great so far it has a new interface with more than tons of iPhone advanced features in settings has many panels wok you change quickly here add delete or re-order and a few other t weaknesses I always like to apply on new Android to font size make it smaller screen zoom small screen resolution well normally I Jack it all up up but here on the s20 number six we have a hundred and twenty display Hertz which means the solution needs to be slightly reduced to full HD but still very sharp in my opinion and unlocking 120 Hertz feels so much fun now the funny story when I started setting up the s20 I thought I was sticking to this 60 Hertz as long as if you can see if i can tell you the difference well i can stay for about 30 minutes with a good Moses when i switch to you you can feel the difference between the 60 Hertz.

the iPhone has compared to the one it makes the connection to your device is very sensible and tactile and fun and i really can’t think it’s not all great flagship in the near future with a high level of display of the seventh value in another setting I always like to change the opening deposit Loper options scroll down and change all three of these animation scales to 0.5 X or turn them off if you like briefly this makes all small pictures and uploads your phone feel faster and faster than before when comparing it to the iPhone it is sure that iOS is wet and smooth but it goes very slowly to my taste and I wish we could speed up the number eight face opening now in s20 is a little safer but much faster than the face ID of the iPhones I got without Looking at You from that right angle it doesn’t always work so yes i will take a quick opening on this xx number nine there is a fingerprint reader at the bottom of the screen which is very amazing to have now reliability on s20 I find it inconsistent and it may be slow to learn why you ten people have different types of locks on my iPhone about a hundred times a day when my face ID is not working.

I have to hit my number key just slow and kind of clunky but I can open the unlock pattern feels more fluid and faster than the unlocked number 11 unlock pin is very good it keeps your phone unlocked in certain situations like when connected to a specific Bluetooth device or home geolocation no need to continue entering my password many times saving my number twelve always on display is very easy having details that can be as simple as time and date and no no new screen there is a pixel switch to block this number Thirteen talk about display Samsung makes a good display and s20 is bright and attractive now don’t forget that Apple is using these Samsung panels on its iPhone screens with fourteen pixel density think of it as a screen resolution and better and stronger s20 for example you can fit more on the screen than the iphone so Here’s a quick example of the pixel density when we take a look at how much we can squeeze on the screen s20 there are two other articles below on Instagram rebel to see some Commons already building here on iPhone and another little example on my profile Instagram make sure you follow me or else you can see that we are seeing the whole third line below and you are very excited now you can hear me the display on the iphone still looks very good but the s20 has some advantages with a fifteenth body rating just look at the two screens facing each other and the s 20s coming out to all four corners the iPhone feels outdated and the man that notch at the top is too big compared to the small camera cut on the s20 16 number I mentioned that Samsung has finally removed most of this curved edges on s20 and i love it so much easier to type and touch objects at the edge of the crash and around me number 17 that the keyboard and typing experience sounds so much better now both the default Samsung keyboard and Swift key.

I used for many years now has more features on Android than their iPhone app like changing the size of the floating keyboard I find that I can touch faster and more accurately on Android now a quick example under settings and long keys for automatic publishing can be four hundred or something I always bring you down to 200 milliseconds and the iPhone doesn’t have this and I’m not sure why the volume control volume sounds worse r is like we can be a little quieter than the iPhone but it can definitely go up a lot and number 19 stereo sound sounds better on s20 and it sounds like I was watching this video play on YouTube the other day and I actually heard the gunshots explode the bombs on the left side from the right iPhone I don’t get the same feeling of number 20 buttons feel very click here on the iPhone 21 or stock dial app is fun with a single tap of the microphone none of the two taps on the iPhone 22 number Samsung’s built-in screen order can include news or media and microphone and we can turn on a selfie video camera or annotation tools of the same number 23 and screenshot tool incorporates many functions such as automatic folding to capture long web pages in crop mode on Auto plants at the top and bottom of the OS navigation bar super genius and other subtitles or r 24 when I click the youtube link in Google Hangouts which opens on the lower screen partition screen is very easy to increase the size of the small touch let’s get into the realm of the camera and I’ve already shot s20 vs.

camera comparison tests. iPhone I-11 Pro check it out in case you missed it but this short list is more about the camera app and the features I didn’t include when it was number 25 there is a nice amount of photography under the camera head and I remember it so much for iPhone model I can open HEV C video but save it with photos save it to the latest JPEGs compatibility is better for websites like Craigslist will not even read my iPhone photos hey C number 26 not only the quality selfie cam looks really good but i love this little timer photo frame camera cut this is a little touch of app ingenuity a reminder of where to look while giving you an idea of   countdown timer number 27 that I can continue to record a video clip while switching between front and rear cameras number 28 I can pause the video clip in between hi and recording expect my kids to do the same thing again and hit re-recording to keep you all in one video clip instead of confusing multiple video files file number 29 double tap the power button to open the camera app quickly and I use this one like 5 or 10 times a day all number 30 there is a pro image and pro video mode which also includes an ISO manual to unlock the white balance and also focuses on now one of the biggest negatives I found in the Profoto boat can’t use that 64 megapixel sensor large sensor bummer 31 I think I like the system Samsung gallery app over iPhone with a few examples here check gallery as twenty app when we hit video play time line rubbing great smoothness here on the left side can bring a bright down or all the way up on the right side volume all the way down or the volume up is cool he just a few other camera things I don’t think most people know even the number thirty-two s20 has sixty-four megapixel sensors that can shoot a solution 92 48 by 69 36 looks very amazing when you zoom in image number 33 we can shoot images in RAW DNG suitable for professional editing control number 34 we can record up to 8k video resolution now we are sure it has many flaws but it is good to have it and i am sure other people can find it -35 shooting ultra slow motion at 960 fps iPhone is released at 240 one quarter speed so now let’s focus on one of these 20 and let me tell you I’m honest here there is no perfect phone and there are a lot of things I lost e really on my iPhone 11 pro number 36 my s 20 can only record 4k 60 video on the main rear lens is not availableultra wide or that hybrid telephoto however the iPhone can accomplish this on all three lenses number 37 while on the note of those three lenses when recording a video and sliding through the lenses the transition seems to be a lot smoother on the iPhone while the s20 sort of looks pretty abrupt and jerky sometimes.

number 38 I prefer the screen brightness slider on the iPhone feels more ergonomic in my opinion going vertical over horizontal like on Android number 39 the iPhone feels a little bit better at ambient light sensitivity auto adjust seen the screen brightness whether you’re in a dark or super bright space number 40 apps are often better designed and developed for iOS a small and simple example when I got my smart ember mug that Bluetooth connection worked all the time with my iPhone when I switched it over to my Android I had plenty of connectivity issues and I know I’m not alone in this so there’s 40 pros and cons of the S 20 versus the iPhone 11 pro there’s see I left out like airdrop on iphone is one of my favorite features and I’m gonna miss it dearly what are your favorite features or tips and tricks of iPhone or Android let me know down in the comments thanks so much for watching guys and until next time let’s live off

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