Sites like Fiverr are the secret to blogger outsourcing

Sites like Fiverr are the secret to blogger outsourcing

Everyone loves a good deal, right? I know I do.

Most bloggers and indeed almost all new beginning bloggers have very limited budgets. Many are still getting to grips with the whole concept of blogging and after splashing around blogging themes, templates, paying for hosting, and an array of other hidden costs they weren’t expecting, then they end up with empty pockets and very tight purse strings the least.

Sites like Fiverr are the secret to blogger outsourcing

Let me introduce you to Fiverr and sites like Fiverr offer an endless list of possibilities for just $ 5 per job or “gig” as they like to call it. You can get anything for $ 5 from SEO, from linking to intro videos, voiceovers and to be honest if you think about it you could probably get it for a “Fiverr”.

I know what you are saying Fiverr sounds like a scam, I can assure you it is not, although I posted a few jobs in hopes of making a few extra bucks.

But one of the hidden gems of is the ability to outsource some of your jobs or blogging projects to someone else for a few dollars, you could save yourself hundreds of dollars!

What is outsourcing?

Who better to explain than my friend Mr. Wikipedia:

“Online outsourcing is the business process of contracting out to third party vendors (..) to provide products or services that are provided and paid for over the Internet.”

Simple, isn’t it?

Sites like Fiverr are the secret to blogger outsourcing

Outsourcing to Fiverr is no secret in the blogging world and you will find plenty of issues using sites like to create logos, eBook covers, and even testimonials for their blogs.

As I mentioned above even I have a few “gigs” on so nothing stops you from trying it out, it doesn’t cost you anything to sign up and start using the service and they only charge you $ 1 per gig sold so you’ll end up with $ 4, still not a bad deal, right?

If you want a step-by-step guide on how to really squeeze the mega dollars from sites like, why not check out this comprehensive step-by-step plan.

This guide has taught me a lot of new things that I hadn’t thought of before and made quite a few sales after taking a few tips from this guide into account.

So if you have a few things to blog about before you look elsewhere, why not venture out to and do a quick search, I think you’ll be surprised what you find for $ 5 and who doesn’t. hate saving a few bucks here and there, especially if you are new to blogging.

If you’re feeling brave why not post a few gigs of your choice, those extra dollars could help offset some of your blog expenses.

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