Some essential email marketing rules to remember

Some essential email marketing rules to remember

For your email marketing campaign to be successful and effective, always think about how your subscribers or readers will receive or interpret the email messages you send to them.

It should not be offensive or derogatory and should show respect for your readers not only in its content, but also in the way it is written or formatted.

Remember, a relevant, well-written email earns the respect of your readers (enough that they won’t delete it altogether) and gives you credibility for the topic you’re talking about.

That is why the first order of business is how to properly compose or format your emails so that at first glance they are neither difficult nor difficult to read.

Some essential email marketing rules to remember

These rules aren’t just meant to give your emails an “aesthetic” appeal, but rather to make your emails better understand you.

First rule: wrap your email to 65 characters or less per line.

Writing your email so that each line is about 65 characters long makes it easier to read and makes it more appealing to the recipient of your message.

A shorter span of characters in front of the computer screen is easier to watch than, for example, something that is so long that it seems to move off the screen.

And how do you do this if your email client software does not allow you to set the width of the message line you prefer (i.e. 65 characters)?

Use a “marker” for your email, a graphical aid to tell you once the email you enter has already reached 65 characters.

You can type 65 asterisks or dashes in a Notepad file to create a template for your messages. Then paste your email below to see if each message line is within the prescribed character length limit.

This way all you have to do is do a “hard return” by pressing “Enter” when your message length reaches 65 characters as seen from your asterisk or hyphen marker.

Rule two: watch your spelling and grammar

How would you feel if someone sent you an email with notable spelling and grammar errors? I’m going to risk a bit here, but I guess it wouldn’t be positive.

When running your online business, keep in mind that a lot of your reputation is based on the image you project; and your reputation plays a big role in the decision-making process of your readers as long as they believe what you are offering is reliable and of good quality.

As soon as your recipients receive your email sales message with errors, what do you think they’re going to say?

“Terrible! This person can’t even get their emails properly! If they don’t even take the time to correct their email, I wonder what kind of quality control they’ve done on their product?”

Don’t become your own worst enemy by sabotaging your emails; they are designed to work for you, not against you.

Some essential email marketing rules to remember

You can always use your word processor’s spellcheck feature to review your work, or if that is not available, have someone edit or correct your work for you.

Third rule: stop “shouting” at the recipients of your e-mails

On the Internet, sending e-mails written in all capitals is like yelling at someone. And no one likes to be yelled at.

When writing emails to your subscribers or potential customers, be selective in writing words in all caps, as overdoing it can be viewed negatively by them. They will be deactivated by your offer or by e-mail.

Sometimes you need to type words in all caps, of course, but do it wisely.

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