Tips on time management and daily schedules for bloggers

Tips on time management and daily schedules for bloggers

One of the biggest issues that many bloggers face is managing their time effectively and not getting sidetracked.

There are so many distractions online like checking your Facebook page, sending a Tweet, or reading your favorite online newspaper, and without a boss looking over your shoulder, these distractions can really take a toll on your workday. productive blog.

Tips on time management and daily schedules for bloggers

If you are trying to make an income from your blog, you should treat blogging not so much as a hobby as a job. From the moment you sit down at your desk, you need to be in the frame of mind that you have timed and the boss is watching over your shoulder.

It is so easy to get distracted that you need to get rid of it as much as possible. Even I am also distracted, but if you follow some of my tips below, you will at least be able to minimize distractions and plan your time more effectively.

Keep distraction to a minimum

1. Turn off email notifications: Having your emails set to show up and alert every time you receive an email is a sure way to lose track of what you’re doing and your precious time. I raised my hands, I’m guilty of this!

Whenever an email pops up I can’t ignore it, I have to check it immediately. So a good tip is to shut down your email client and check your emails first thing in the morning or the last thing in the night. No email is that important, right?

2. Disavow Your Phone, Go ‘Airplane Mode’: Funny as it sounds, phones and smartphones are by far one of the biggest distractions for any blogger. I’m sure many of you are guilty of having your phone next to you and grabbing attention every time it beeps, vibrates, or warns you to come back to one of your games. .

The temptation for most to grab your phone without any hesitation is an addiction that many phone users now have. I’m sure SMS can wait or the next level of angry birds can be put on hold until you’ve finished your daily blogging schedule, right?

Tips on time management and daily schedules for bloggers

3. Pick a Fixed Location to Blog: One of the perks of being able to blog for a living is the fact that you can work from virtually anywhere. As great as it sounds, the reality is that you need your “blog space,” a place you can call your own when writing your next blog post. Yes, you can work with Starbucks, but in all fairness the distractions are far from great.

By having your own bedroom, you can close the door to the outside world and devote 100% of your effort to your next killer item.

4. Close All Social Media Links: If you’re serious about being a problem, it’s a no-brainer! Closing your Facebook page or opting out of Tweets is a must for your blogging success. Not only are you tempted to check your friends’ latest status updates, but the abundance of games and time wasters available on most social platforms means you can easily waste your precious blogging time – turn off and disengage!

Ideas to save time

1. Schedule Your Posts: Instead of trying to guess what to write about when you wake up in the morning, why not schedule your posts throughout the week or month. When you wake up, you will have a clear indication of what to do and achieve during your working day of blogging. In the last section of this article, I offer some suggestions for planning, scheduling, and keeping up with your blog’s daily routine.

2. Using Apps: Using apps is a great way not only to save time, but also to keep your life organized. Some of the apps that I use daily are:




Google reader

Why not check them out!

3. Plan Ahead: Much like planning your posts by planning ahead by finding and collecting photos and links etc. for your scheduled publication will definitely save you time.

What I tend to do is have a folder on Evernote for each of my scheduled messages. This folder contains notes and newspaper clippings from the web that I plan to use to create my blog post. Evernote is a great tool and it’s FREE!

4. Use an RSS reader: If you don’t use an RSS reader, where have you been? By consolidating all your favorite blogs and online news sites into one platform, you save a tremendous amount of time.

By not visiting each of your favorite sites individually, you won’t believe how much time you can save. The advantage of using an RSS reader is that everything is in one place, so when you want to do a little research on your next blog posts or see what your rival blog is posting, it can be extremely quick and easy if you use an RSS feed aggregator like Google Reader or FeedDemon.

Editorial calendar

A great way to manage your time and stay in control of your blog is to use an editorial calendar. It’s a great way to plan your blogging work week, having your daily schedule in black and white and setting goals for yourself by the end of the week, it’s a great way to keep you on track.

Tips on time management and daily schedules for bloggers

You can fill your editorial calendar with what you plan to write, tweet, or comment on over the course of a week or even a month and you can even set aside time for side projects like research or the layout and design of blogs.

Once you have checked off your tasks, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. It’s a great visual aid and definitely a way to increase the productivity of your blog.

Wunderlist and RememberTheMilk are two great FREE editorial calendar alternatives that I have discovered to use as online task management tools, these tools are a great way to set your tasks for the week, day or month and the ability to Getting alerts for your set to do is a great way to stay on top of things.

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