Tips to create a great money making product

Tips to create a great money making product:

We saw in the last post that the best way to make money blogging is to actually post your own product and pray for it to be a bestseller / total success.

Once you’ve created something of your own, with your own unique signature, there is more to it than praying to turn an unknown product into a hit in the market, and that’s what the post is about. today.

Tips on how to be successful when launching your own product.

Well, to be precise, when releasing a product there are two key phases that will determine whether you will hit all of your goals or just make some lucky sales.

These two phases are the pre-launch (VERY important) and the “work already done” launch phase. Let’s divide them and observe them individually

Tips for conquering the pre-launch phase:

I said that the pre-launch phase is very important because if you use marketing wisely you will have “ assured sales ” even before you finish your product because if you know how to showcase the qualities of your product to come, you will already have half the work done.

I have thought about a few tips that may help you:

1) Start working on it now:

Unless this point may sound silly, this is very important. For some reason we are delaying what we want to do. You delay one day, then delay it another day and end up doing nothing at all.

The first tip is to start working on it now.


2) Take your time:

It’s better to spend a lot of money to deliver a quality product than to want to get it to market quickly and do it badly.

Creating something of your own, from scratch, takes a considerable amount of time, so the second tip is to take your time and be patient.

Be prepared to think that this will take a lot of work from you. Be prepared for this before you start.


3) Analyze the market – the key to success:

The first part of a good marketing plan.

If you just build your product based on what YOU think is correct it will just be another product like the thousands of other failed programs / ebooks.

What you really need to do is check the net, check other bloggers’ products to see what they’ve been missing, and focus on what they’ve been missing.

Besides checking out the work of other bloggers, surf certain forums or use Yahoo Answer to find out what readers are asking and build your work around it.

If you do it right, you’ll have the other half of the job.


4) Associations – part I:

If you want help getting the job done, you can always ask for it by shouting out loud to the blogosphere.

You obviously won’t get any response from a top blogger, but there will definitely be more bloggers willing to help – in exchange for some profit, of course –

This will reduce your workload and you will have a more complete project.

Associations are really profitable when applied in the right way.

Tips for conquering the “job already done” – phase


Once we’ve won the pre-launch, it’s time to move on to the post-launch phase, which is basically the launch of the product itself.

1) Think about whether it is the right moment or not:

The fact that you have a product is not really necessary that you should release it immediately.

If I have just launched my blog, I will not release it. I wait until I regain some reputation and generate some discussion, otherwise, you will lose a little bit of ability.

Think if this is the right moment to launch or if you should wait a bit before jumping into the pool.

Sometimes, the fast runner does not win the race.

We saw at point number 4 of the pre-launch phase that it would be great if you could help other bloggers create their work.

I wrote that you don’t expect help from any of the top bloggers, but it doesn’t hurt at this point if you send them a quick email asking for a little review, a quick overview on your creation to see if Is it ready to be a hit in the market.

Be careful though. There is always a righway to do it

Tip: Ask well first and do not send any url / attached file. You should ask first, wait for the response and then, if you have received a positive response, send the URL or file.

Do not look like a spammer. Remember you need help and not vice versa.


3) Associations Part II – Extend yourself:

Like again on part number 4 but now applied for ‘work already done’.

Creating an association will not only make your work “easier”, but it will also be great for expanding both you and your work, generating some discussion and reaching more visitors.

Obviously, although a relationship with a problogger will be as difficult as you should try to achieve, you should try to find a partner who is at the ‘blogging level’.


A little note: You can try, while sending an email to a top blogger to see if he can make a quick overview, without being forced to ask if he / she wants to take part of the project. Made or even offered… just ‘ask’.

Who knows? If you have an outstanding job and it is your lucky day, you can be the next lottery winner!


4) Free review pays off:

For a newbie, giving free reviews to regular visitors of a product you want to fool around, but it’s actually a great tool that you can’t buy even if you have all the money in the world: trust and reputation.

You can give free reviews of your work and publish some testimonials in return.


Landing Page:


You may want to use a landing page to release your product, if so, you want to check this post on how to create a good landing page.


Also, if you have more ideas to get a hit with your product, send me more emails or better, leave a comment so we can all discuss it.


more to come. Thank you all for reading.

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