Top 10 Link Building Strategies For Safe Backlinks

Top 10 Link Building Strategies For Safe Backlinks

How to build backlinks is a common question many new bloggers are asking themselves. The days when you could build backlinks from anywhere manually and on autopilot, with new updates from Google, things got rocked. and times are changing.

Top 10 Link Building Strategies For Safe Backlinks

So how do you create safe backlinks in the new age of Google? Below I have listed my top 10 link building strategies that I use and follow that have been very successful in this regard.

Top 10 Link Building Strategies

1. Viewing guests

By far one of the most popular ways to build secure backlinks is to write for someone else’s blog. – I know it took me a while to figure it out. Basically you are writing an awesome post for another popular blog within your niche that has huge traffic, readers read your post like it and skip over to see what your blog is all about, most blogs out there. Except for guest writers, will also allow You can embed your blog or link to websites and some of your social profiles like Twitter, Google+ links as well as in a short bio about yourself.

Using your Google+ social profile and writing for others is a great way to tell Google that you are a popular guy in your niche.

2. Blog comments

Who doesn’t understand the power of blog comments these days? This is something I do on a daily basis and have seen great results, for example: I recently launched 2 new sites (Marks Marketing Toolbox and The Online Movie Store) I know a little catch but I don’t couldn’t resist, and by only using blog comments I have seen their PageRanks increase dramatically, for me blog comments are one of the best and safest ways to build backlinks to your blog or blog. website – not only that, but you go out (well into cyberspace) and interact with other bloggers, marketers and the like in whatever niche you want.

3. Backlinks from forums

I don’t know how interesting backlink building from forums is in the new age of Google, but that hasn’t stopped me from doing it – I’m pretty sure it’s still a safe backlinking method. as long as you don’t. autopilot with an aggressive automated tail link software program. Being a human and joining a forum or two in your niche and actively participating in threads and discussions, offering advice and answering questions from forum members is a sure way to show that you are an authority in your chosen niche. Oh yes, don’t forget to use your link in the forum signature for the backlink.

Top 10 Link Building Strategies For Safe Backlinks

4. Submit to press release sites

Some people hate them, others love them, but do they still work as a way to build backlinks? To be honest, I don’t think you can rely on online press release sites to bring you a ton of backlinks, but publicizing your site and the possibility of one of your posts getting picked up is reason enough. for me. occasionally submitting to press release sites – what have you got to lose?

Try – Online PR News, PR Fire and Open PR for Beginners!

5. Use a good image or infographic

As the title suggests, use a good image or infographic and share it on your social profiles, it won’t necessarily get you direct backlinks, but it should hopefully get you a lot of traffic. No artistic spirit, why not make your infographic on, I had great results buying gigs on Fiverr.

6. Create a product

If you can build a product – like an eBook, app, or software, it can be a great platform to promote your website. I know for sure that when I read a great book that has links or a link to the author’s website, I have always gone to find out more.

7. Create videos

Google loves nothing more than videos these days and there are plenty of YouTube videos that you will see ranking very well in Google search results. Create a short YouTube video outlining how to fix, help, or fix a common problem for others in your niche, add your URL, and upload it to YouTube – you’ll be surprised at some of the results you’ll get, especially if the video YouTube is creating the buzz.

8. Submit to RSS feed directories

Using RSS feed directories to support Putting your website URL is a great way to deliver your content safely, on autopilot. RSS feed submission websites allow you to create an automated way to backlink and promote all your future posts on your blog or website that won’t need you any more, once set up, sit back and leave. – do the work for you.

Try these: FeedAge, RSSbuffet, and ooBdoo to get started.

9. Open a Yahoo! Answers Account

It’s not something that I have personally done, but I have heard of other people using this method with great success, think about it – if you can respond and help others in your niche by responding to their question on Yahoo! Answers: They are more likely to become a regular reader of your blog (in theory).

Top 10 Link Building Strategies For Safe Backlinks

If you have an article on your blog that answers a specific question about Yahoo! Responses then post that link in response to the question.

10. Submit articles to Web 2.0 sites.

Who hasn’t heard of HubPages, Squidoo and many other Web 2.0 sites? of course you have.

Write an article about your niche topic on one of these Web 2.0 sites, spend time on it, do keyword research, and use it as a stepping stone to your blog or website. Make sure to incorporate a link or two into the content.

11. BONUS: Check the backlinks of your competitors

One strategy I sometimes use is to spy on or check where my competitors are getting their links from and then try to copy their link building strategies and campaigns.

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