Top 10 Reasons To Become An Affiliate Marketer

Top 10 Reasons To Become An Affiliate Marketer

Back when my online business was affiliate ONLY

sites, I didn’t need a personal assistant.

The sites were all up and my affiliate merchants took care of everything related to the orders.

Last week one of my clients mentioned that he was moving away from selling his own products to promoting more affiliate programs just for the sake of simplicity and freedom.

Yeah, he definitely “gets it”.

While there are many benefits to promoting affiliate programs with your own home internet business, here are my top 10 reasons to become an affiliate marketer.

1. No Product Development Costs – The cost of developing and producing a new product is expensive! But you don’t have to worry about that as an affiliate.

2. Low Cost Setup – Got a desktop, internet-connected computer, and word processing software? You are in business!

3. No fees or geographic limits on distribution – Affiliate programs are generally free to join, and market reach is limited only by the affiliate’s ability to promote their website.

4. Choose from thousands of products and services – What is not sold online? With affiliate networks like Commission Junction, Be Free, and Linkshare, it’s easy to find products related to your current or planned website.

5. No Merchant Account Required – Forget about the hassle of collecting and storing names, addresses, credit card numbers, and more.

storage problems.6. No inventory to carry – Even if you live in a small one-bedroom apartment, you can sell large items without

7. No Shipping Costs – Don’t worry about purchasing packaging supplies or postage rates. The cost and hassle of preparing and shipping the products to customers around the world are the responsibility of the merchant.

8. No Customer Concerns – Do you hate the prospect of dealing with mean people? Do not worry! The merchant manages the sneers.

9. Make Money While You Sleep – What other business allows you as a sole proprietor to keep your doors open and continue to make money even when you take breaks or after you come home for the night. night?

10. High Income Potential – With your own affiliate business, your income potential is only limited by your desire, your effort, and your imagination – not your boss.

Relatively low expenditure on resources with huge potential returns makes internet affiliate marketing a tremendous business opportunity.

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