Top 5 blogging misunderstandings

Today I would like to talk about some common misconceptions around blogging and especially the blogging journey.

This is primarily intended for those who are just starting out or are considering starting a blog. It can save you time and money. Those who have blogged for a while will surely agree with me.

It can save you some time because starting a blog, and I mean really doing it and not taking the typical two week blog trip and then quitting, takes a long time. Both to build it and to succeed.

Apart from that, having the right concept around blogging and what you can do with it will also save you money as you will have some fees to pay, such as hosting, domain name, design. …

Some will look at this post from a negative point of view, others from a positive point of view. The truth is, it’s neither positive nor negative; it’s just an article that will allow new blind bloggers to see what’s going on in the blogging world.

Confusion When You Make Money Blogging Top 5 Blogging Misconceptions

So what misunderstood am I talking about?

1) A Wonderful World: You may have heard some successful bloggers say they make tons of money working just a few hours a week.

While the first part of the sentence is true, I mean professional bloggers make more money per month than a doctor makes per year, I have to totally disagree with the second part. At least partially.

It is true that these problems out there “work” just a few hours a week to earn that incredible amount of money, but hey, how long did they have to spend WHEN STARTING UP?

Sure you can work on your blog three hours a week and earn that amount. But to do that you need traffic and audience first, and boy, I guarantee that getting those two key factors will take you over two hours a week.

To sum up, you can make money blogging by blogging for a few hours, but that’s when the house is already built. It’s worth the time spent getting started, but be prepared to work like you’ve never done before!

2) The Charming Community: How many times have you read that when you blog, in order to be loved, you have to give love first and foremost? Forget it here.

Some big bloggers always give the advice to blog “build relationships”, but they don’t apply themselves.

Unless you offer them a deal where they could earn an incredible amount of money / reputation / money, chances are you are just being ignored.

Fortunately, these are only a small minority, and bloggers will often help you out, but be prepared to get slapped in the face.

3) The only way to make money blogging is to learn how to make money blogging / online – that’s not true. In fact, it is one of the lowest paying niches in the market. There are tons of niches that can make you big money outside of this one.

I choose to write about making money blogging because I love to write about it, that’s it. I have the experience of telling someone what worked for me and what didn’t. Also, my blog gives blogging tips for making money blogging, so I can talk about hundreds of things outside of the monetization side alone.

4) Making Money Online Is Easy: Wrong. These guys you see making thousands a month were in the right place, at the right time, and met the right people. Does this mean that you are late in making money? No. It just means that it will be more difficult than before, and every day that you waste without having your blog will make it even more difficult, so start blogging today!

5) You can’t make money blogging: I love this one. If you’ve heard this from a blogger, it’s simply because he / she is too afraid of the competition. You can earn money whenever you want. It will take time, skill, and a lot of persistence, but you can.

Now that you know it, start blogging and show off what you’ve got! If you want, you can do it.

Thanks for reading.

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