Trick to increase your mobile speed

 Trick to increase your mobile speed:

In order to work to the best of your ability, you need your devices to operate at their optimal level so, in today’s article, I’ll tell you how to double the speed of your Android phone.

Whether it’s an old Android device or a brand new phone. Hello everyone, Mr. Sameer technical here that helps you do more and enjoy less pressure and as you navigate through the various apps and areas you need to be in your phone, you may notice that there is a little zoom in or image zoom feature and this can take about a second, maybe even time. long depending on the age of your phone.

Trick to increase your mobile speed
Trick to increase your mobile speed

Yes in today’s article, I want to tell you how you can change that to see a big difference in the performance of your phone. All we have to do is need to go into the settings,

It does not mean that you have a phone that you can find in these options on all mobiles, I will tell you exactly what you need to look for and where you need to go. So within the settings, you want to scroll as much as possible to the bottom of your settings, and click on About Phone and search for Build Number. Now on your device, you’ll see lots of other numbers. You will see Phone Number, Model Number, Product Number, If you have not seen Build Number yet. So all you have to do is click one level above Software Information and when you click on Software Information, there you will find your Build Number in the middle of the screen. Now here is where it really cools down. You must tap the build number seven times.

At your last tap, he or she will ask for your PIN number. You must enter that to confirm and now Developer Mode is enabled. What on earth could that mean?

Well, when you return to the main settings screen, you’ll see that you now have another option below Phone, and this is called Developer Options. When we click on Developer Options, we get a lot of great tools and extras that we can make on our phone. Now some of these things you may be aware of in terms of what you want to use to be sure of your level of comfort but what I will tell you today is completely safe. You should scroll down until you see something called Drawing, It may be slightly different from the rest of the phone, but the key words to look for are any animation in the article where you will find three gathered together.

Window Animation Rate, Adjustable Animation Rate, and Animator Length Rate You can see that everything is set to 1x. That’s their default rate, 1x as 100% or simultaneously. The best thing we can do is to get in here and be able to turn off the cartoons completely and then when you go back and forth between your apps, it is still there. No matter where you want to go, you have to get inside those apps. Now this is the fastest way you can find here when it comes to closing photos, but that might be a small thing for some of you. So let’s go back to your Developer settings and you should set it to .5 for this.

Now keep in mind that that will be twice as fast as the default setting. So with those three things listed in .5, if you go back here, you still have those little animation effects, but it’s much faster and better yet that you’ll see this speed difference in some other apps, right? Even if you work as new items are unlocked, as you switch within certain applications, you will see that it will be very fast. So I would encourage you to turn on Developer Options and change your cartoon scale and be better but share this with a friend or colleague, they will think it is best to unlock a special level in a video game or you ‘re-open a special code. Show them how to turn on Developer Options. You will look like an Android expert.

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