what are long tail keywords – how to use long tail keywords

what are long tail keywords – how to use long tail keywords

The central starting point of every search engine optimization are the keywords for which a high ranking in the search engine results pages can be achieved. It should be clear that there are such competitive keywords that it is very difficult to change the rankings and improve your own pages for those keywords. To give a few examples: if you want to be at the top of Google and Co. under the terms “insurance” or “investment” you have to spend a lot of money, because the top ranks are determined by the pages that have been in it. Search index for a long time and can hardly be surpassed with many great external links.

what are long tail keywords - how to use long tail keywords
what are long tail keywords – how to use long tail keywords

However, you should know that more and more visitors are not just using a search term when looking for a particular website. Instead of entering “insurance” as a search term, it makes more sense to search directly for the type of insurance, for example by entering “baggage insurance”. Many search engine users have also experienced that this is still not enough to achieve good results that optimally cover their personal preferences. Therefore, they add other terms: for example, “cheap baggage insurance” or “airplane baggage insurance” and many other combinations of terms are entered.

In this context, it is interesting to note that Google’s statement that around a quarter of all user requests are completely new keyword combinations that entered the search engine for the first time and only once. In order to get high rankings and more search engine optimization success, you need to specifically determine the “long tail” keyword combinations so that you can successfully place your own pages in front of those or more rare search queries. recent.

By “long tail keywords” we mean an effect that has been specially developed for niche marketing on the Internet. The authors Gladwell and Anderson found that Internet retailers like Amazon made significantly more sales with products that were rarely requested than other retailers. Long tail keywords effects always happen on the internet because you can offer a much wider product line on, in principle, unlimited supply pages than a stationary retailer.

Here you can see the graphic illustration of the long tail keywords effect. If you focus in marketing on the yellow part of niche products then you get a lot of long term sales that others have to generate in the short term with a lot of effort in the green area of ​​short term sales.

If the long-tail effect is transferred to search engine optimization, then it’s a matter of finding many combinations of niche terms in the context of contested search terms from your own offering and promoting them through additional pages. Then in the long run many visitors will be drawn to these new pages and from there you may be redirected to the actual landing pages along with other marketing strategies.

what are long tail keywords - how to use long tail keywords
what are long tail keywords – how to use long tail keywords

With the following five tips for long tail keywords search engine optimization, you can use the long tail to get more visitors to your own pages.

  • First, you need to sit down and work as a team to determine the keywords for your own business and jot down additional keyword combinations for each of those keywords. Here you will add at least one additional keyword, but often two to three additional keywords.
  • Customer and prospect surveys should complete the keyword definition before text is produced. Competitor sites and websites in the wider environment should also be analyzed to determine if some important terms have not been overlooked due to operational blindness.
  • Synonyms and technical terms in a foreign language, which are also used more frequently by interested parties, should be considered as separate keywords. This also applies to a limited extent to plural deviations and genitive formations.
  • For some terms there are sometimes incorrect spellings, but these are often used: eg. dashboard instead of the dashboard. If you also want to use it in the sense of long tail keywords strategy, you need separate pages where this misspelling is typically used. It doesn’t sound cool, but in some borderline cases it can be useful if you assume that interested parties make this mistake very often.
  • Now the content should be created for the first combinations of keywords found. The usual principles of OnPage optimization should be applied here. In particular, you should make sure that you only use the combination of keywords that you want to promote more often in the text, and that keywords intended for other texts are used only to a limited extent.

Once the long tail keywords have been determined and the appropriate content created with good quality, the texts should be provided with additional links to the actual landing pages and placed on the website. The online store is ideal for placing the content of product offers; Service providers can create an additional blog for their own offering, which also gives them the option of successively posting the additional long-tail texts.

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