What is web hosting and why do we need it

What is web hosting and why do we need it:-

There are many hosting options out there but what is the best one for a Word Press website in this video we’re going to compare different types of hosting solutions and compare the two most popular ones which are shared hosting and managed Word Press hosting hi I’m Anna the how to girl at 10 Web your home for a managed Word Press hosting platform powered by Google cloud before we get started what has been the best and worst experience that you’ve had with Word Press hosting platforms let me know in the comments down below and I will be happy to discuss them with you also don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the bell button to receive notifications about our latest posts all right.

What is web hosting and why do we need it
What is web hosting and why do we need it

now let’s take a look at how websites in general are being hosted so in order to make your website available to the world you need to host it on a servers which will be connected to the web now these servers are going to connect the data the files the scripts of your website which will be returned as a result of the search queries that people make on a daily basis now how well these servers are set up and how powerful this server is is going to define how fast this process will happen and how fast it happens defines how fast your website load speed is so the faster your website load speed is the higher you will rank on the search engine result pages so as you see everything is interconnected which is why you want to make sure that you choose the best Word Press hosting out there now let’s talk about the types of Word Press hosting so there are four main types of Word Press hosting which are dedicated hosting VPS managed word press hosting and shared hosting so let’s start by discussing what a dedicated hosting is a dedicated hosting will provide a dedicated server for your website only so that you don’t have to share it with any once website and any types of security issues that would have happened to other web sites will not have to affect your website and basically your website’s fortune is not dependent on the other website which is great

however you need to keep in mind that what unique hosts things you need to set up your server and have it up and running and if you do not have the experience so that you have to hire specialists who will do that for you which will cost you a lot it will be at least a hundred dollars for an unmediated hosting and it can go as high as 300 dollars per month for a dedicated hosting so if you do not have the time the resources and experience team that will help you for setting up and maintaining dedicated hosting then this option is not an optimal one for you VPS is short for a virtual private server which is the type of a shared hosting the difference between a shared hosting and a VPS is that VPS also use a certain physical server however about 10to 20 websites can be hosted on a VPS and the reason why it’s called virtual server is that each of these two in 10 to 20 websites have a single virtual server for them and this means that they have a certain amount of resources provided for them so whatever happened to one of the websites hosted on this server will not have a chain effect on the rest of the website which is great however if you’re a growing website virtual private servers are not a great option for you because in case if you have a set of search of traffic for different types of reasons this may happen for example marketing reasons or something else then the resources that are provided to your website will not scale automatically which usually happens with other types of Word Press hosting such as shared or managed WP hosting, 

if you know that you website have limited or small traffic might need more resources than they actually already have then VPSs are not something you want to use shared hosting gives me one of the most popular forms of Word Press hosting and probably the cheapest thing about shared hosting however is that you have to share everything that is given to your website with the rest of the websites that are hosted on your physical server as well so unlike VPS shared hosting is do not have a virtual server provided to your website and so the resources that are given to you are not limited which means that the security issues that shared hosting is usually have and the speed issues they might be affecting the rest of the websites as well so thesis a great thing in a way that it is going to be cheap however you will have to make additional expenditures on securities and on speed and on back backups and things like that in order to make sure that your website will not go down one day so these are additional payments and additional headaches that you will have to take into consideration before choosing shared hosting

What is web hosting and why do we need it

now if you’re a small website and you do not think that you’re going to grow very fast you might want to choose shared hosts things however I would like you to hear out what manage Hosting’s have to offer it before you do that managed hosting gives several last generation and high-performing servers in the cloud computing environment and managed word press hosting are the most reliable and secure dynamic types of hosts things that manage every technical aspect of running a website by themselves so everything with a nice Word Press hosting is safe and secure however they might be a little pricey but this aspect has become history as well stay tuned to find out now as I promised we are going to compare it to the most popular types of host things which are shared hosting and matter or pass hosting now the thing that you need to know about shared hosting is that people normally and mostly choose because you will get shared hosting for only $3.00 per month plan and it can go as high as 12 dollars per month but the lower you pay the more a commitment you need to have so if you’re paying three dollars a month and you need to have a 36 month commitment and shared hosting as you have one shared server among hundreds of different types of websites you will have security and speed issues so you will need to purchase additional I don’t know backups for malware removal services and ssl certificates can be accumulated – I don’t know $ 200 per month donate 12 months commitment and also the speed issue is about a 30 Google page speed score which are red flagged by search engines when for your chances of ranking higher on Google so there are a lot of things that you need to know about shared hosting and there are a lot of costs additional costs that you are going to have to cover when it comes to shared hosting,

so you might to consider all those before choosing a shared hosting now let’s talk about managed word press hosting which are very secure they are very safe and you get a free SSL certificate you get free malware scans and you get free backups and automatic ones so everything is managed by the hosts and you literally do not have to do anything connected with the technical aspects of running your website so that’s a great thing so what people usually ignore imagine where post hosting is because they are pricey but I as I already mentioned with ten web that is already history and there is a very great plan offered for you now stay tuned to learn all about it so as I mentioned tell oppose the best price offered in the market for America’s hosting provider as you see our prices start at ten dollars per month in case of one website was still at Taleban you can go as low as six dollars per month in case of 10 or more websites hosted I tell him but let’s not go deep into that just yet in order for you to have a more clear picture I decided to pick some of the popular shared hosting platforms out there and compare them to town work these companies are a Hostgator GoDaddy and Bluehost I’m going to compare these Word Press hosting providers based on eight components and these components are things like Page Speed Security elasticity of time customer support and complimentary tools as well as pricing now let me go through each of these components so that you have a better understanding as to why I chose these components for comparison now starting with Page Speed Page Speed is one of the most important features of google ranking the increase in your page speed increases your chances of ranking on the first pages of search engine results pages and without rating speed helps you become the average user of many users who often leave a website when they lose something over five seconds so for the sake of increasing your user experience and driving more traffic to your website you want to make the optimization process of the page speed of your website a number one priority for you.

so moving on to the next component which is security as I already mentioned earlier in this video due to the fact that websites hosted on a single server sure although resources among each other they have high security risks and speed risks anything that might happen to a one website on a shared hosting platform may have a chain effect on the rest of the websites as well which is why you would like your hosting provider to provide you with security services preferably for free so that you do not have to pin any additional money besides what you are already paying for the hosting provider now the next thing is elasticity is a crucial component of hosting providers especially if you have a potentially growing business you want to stay ensured that the resources given to your website will scale whenever you have a sudden traffic or memory search this is preferable for well this is preferable to be available for all the plans that a certain hosting company has to offer so that you do not have to so that you don’t have to you know upgrade your plan just to be able to have a scale of salable resources now the next thing is up time is one of the most important components that you need to pay attention to when it comes to choosing a Word Press hosting platform most companies ensuring a nine point nine percent uptime however this is really rarely true usually one of the most or the best ways to ensure that that amount of uptime is to host your website on a cloud computing environment just like we do here atall the website cetera are hosted on the last generation of best performing servers of Google cloud no support is another component that is absolutely crucial because no matter how experienced you are you want to have good customer support available there for you 24/7 to answer all your questions and inquiries whenever you have them now the next component is complimentary tools which are some tools or I don’t know features that you want to pay attention to once you think a host you want to know what additional features and services you will be provided whenever he besides the price that you pay for just hosting your website now we will take a look at these deeper and you will understand what these are and last but not least its pricing pricing is definitely something that you want to pay attention to when choosing a host seeing a cheap rest doesn’t necessarily mean anything I a tall you need to pay a closer attention to all the features and components that you’re getting with this plan so you do not want to overpay by purchasing additional features besides the host.

What is web hosting and why do we need it

so now let’s go to the pricing and the plans that might already mentioned companies have to offer and let’s see what their plans have to offer and do they include these components and are they worthy hosting companies for your website so as I already mentioned present is one of the most important components that you should pay attention to when choosing a hosting company for your website and pricing is one of the most popular things one of the most common things that people pay attention to when choosing a host and this may be one of the main things that they look at when purchasing the host but pricing is very biased because people may just purchase the lowest possible while the cheapest possible hosting company but in reality they may end up paying a lot more because there are a lot of features that were not in the plan and they didn’t know about it beforehand is that they just end up purchasing so many things that it just costs a lot more than some other hosting company who might have costs it for them so that’s what I’m going to help you understand how exactly you should evaluate whether a certain hosting company has a great deal or not for you so let’s start with town well as you see the lowest plant starts from a $10 per month billing which is billed annually and of course as I already mentioned 10Web is a managed  Word Press hosting company the before besides managed WP hosting it also lets you connect three sites you get real-time differential backup you get a website builder with over 30 premium widgets about 40 templates and over 50 premium plug-in you also get services like security scanner SEO plug-in analytics and 24/7 customer support though they’ll be there to answer all of your questions and inquiries all the time so this is about 10 Web.

now let’s compare the rest of the hosting companies as I already mentioned that we would be comparing so starting with GoDaddy this is GoDaddy’s plan and in order to have a more fair comparison I decided to somehow try to bring all of these hosting companies to an equal ground and then compare them with each other now let me explain what this means so with each of these hosting companies I’m going to go ahead and choose the cheapest possible a plan which in Go Daddy’s case is the $6.99 plan which is actually on sale and the regular one will be $9.99 I’m going to add it to cart now as I said in 10Web;s case it was a annual building so I’m going to choose the 12 months of billing and then I’m also going to include malware and scam removal because this is something that was included in the plan of 10Web what I’m also going to add the SSL certificate because this is also something that we provide all our users for free so as you see whenever I brought all of this to an equal ground for a measuring for comparing this plan to 10Web’s plan we see that the subtotal is two hundred and forty two dollars now let’s go on to the next one and then we’ll summarize everything that we saw at the end so the next one would-be Hostgator again the cheapest plan here is to 75 per month let’s click sign up now okay so over here you have to enter my main I’m gonna skip that you have to choose the hosting plan and this one was the cheapest one I’m going to choose the 12-month billing cycle I’m gonna skip these skip these as well I am going to include this visitor data safe and both come whatever this this is the SSO specific am sorry so I’m gonna include that because Itelepods it for free and also they have this SEO service which is also included free toe up so I’m gonna include this as well they also offer you to get a professional email we do not have this I tell IRB’s.

I’m not going to check this one so after we’re done bringing to a equal land comparison we see that the subtotal here is 181 this is cheaper than GoDaddy but still it has X more expensive than atella now let’s move on and see what bluest blue host has to offer the basic plan of Bluehost is starting at 3:19 per month actually this is on sale and the normal price is $7.99 but even though even if it’s on sale we can still do the comparison and see what happens I’m going to skip creating good domain so again I’m gonna choose the 12 months billing I am going to include the SEO tools and that would be it and again it’s a 179 so Bluehost was the cheapest among these all but it was on sale as you saw however just like we witnessed with ten one of you get a lot more than just as SSL or only SEO services you get a builder you get plugins widgets services like security scanner SEO plug-in analytics a 24/7 support and a lot more and you get all these for only $10 a month about annually which is going to feel comfortable subtotal of 120 dollars per month so among all of these hosting companies  10Web is cheapest and yet it’s not just the shared hosting companies and manager as hosting company so both quality wise and and pressing wise telev is winning but let us not draw any conclusions just yet we are going to continue our investigations and the next thing that i decided to do is to host website with all of these hosting companies and try to see how they perform speed wise so that’s the next thing that we’re going to do so in order to be able to copy and paste the URL of the website and see how they’re performing I will need to serve it will work from here now as I mentioned I have greater websites and host I want all of the hosting companies that I’ve been mentioning throughout this video and all of these websites were created using the same template now that starts checking their performances by copying the girl and pasting it over here so as you see for the mobile you get a Google Page Speed score of 64 and for the desktop in a 79 and the speed index is 3.3 seconds which is pretty slow anything over 3 seconds is not something that you want to have for your website and if you want to know what a fast website would have what score it would have it would be at least 90 so anything less than 90 isn’t really good so let’s compare the one of GoDaddy to the results that we got with Hostgator so the mobile is six-six and for the desktop you get a 79 so most probably if you host your website with cold a very these are the results that you’ll be getting and the speed index is 3.1 seconds which isn’t really good as well.

so the next one that we will wait to check and see the performance is the one who’s that was Bluehost we have to copy the URL and paste it over here so didn’t show the result and things like that happened so we will need to refresh and give it a second chance so for the mobile you get any Google please be square of 62 and for the desktop it’s going to be 74 and this feeling that says various access point seven seconds which definitely isn’t something that you want to deal with so I wouldn’t recommend you use Bluehost  if you want to have a fast website now the next one that we’re going to check is the one hosted with teller as you see with the table you will get a mobile as the score of 93 and for the desktop there will be a hundred which is the maximum that you can possibly get with a Google Page Speed score and the speed index is 0.7 seconds which is amazing so and not only what this website any website hosted at 10Web gets an automatic Google Page Speed score of 95plus so if you create a website from scratch you get an automatic 95 plus school via the score or if you my treat your website to tell web there are just a few simple stuff that you’ll need to take and you’ll have a Google PC score of 95 Plus which is something that you want in order to be able to rank high on search and result pages and as a result of that you will get more traffic going to your website and more revenue door locked her so out of all these the best results were the ones with what 10 web obviously and let’s see which comes after toe up so with Hostgator it was a desktop score of 79 79 with GoDaddy as well so they’re pretty much almost the same and 74 for Bluehost so the worst-performing one was Bluehost now this wasn’t for checking out the speed of the web sites but as I mentioned earlier in my video there are a lot more components that you want to check out when choosing your host so we will definitely do that next I will close the tool bar back again and we can continue by comparing the rest of the components now in order not to bore you by going one by one through each of the hosting companies and comparing the rest of the components with each other I’ve already pre done the investigations for you and have created a table that will help you have a more visualized understanding get more visualize comparison between the rest of the components between these hosting companies now let’s start with security which is the next important component after the Page Speed score the loading speed which we’ve already done now serving with security with10Web your website is isolated in a single container meaning that your websites I tell it will be hosted on at the Google cloud servers and they will be in isolated as single containers which means that anything that happens in on to one of the websites will not have any chain effects on the rest of the websites which is great with 10Web have you get a security scanner you get built-in locking limitations,

What is web hosting and why do we need it

you get a vulnerability scanning DDoS scanning and repair of hacked websites and free website security audit so you get all of these with all of the plan of 10Web and they’re absolutely free and they’re just included and all the plans of 10Web so you do not have to pay any additional fees for any of these and now moving on to GoDaddy your website is on the same server what hundreds of other websites I have mentioned this a few times already this is a very bad indicator because it’s very risky and dangerous and this means that your you’re gonna have security and speed issues so you do get an ssl certificate but there are restrictions as a SSL certificate is not included for free with all the plans you only get that for free for the last two plans mistaken then you get 24/7 security one which is good and you get a DDoS protection which is good as well with HostGator the same problem of hundreds of websites on the same server and you only get an ssl certificate as a security production what Bluehost the only security protections are ssl certificate and resource protection and again you have the risk of hosting your also with hundreds of other websites so quality wise and security wise again 10Web offers the best feel and they’re absolutely for free included in all the plans now let’s go ahead and check the next component which is backup so trauma offers a differential real-time background which means that your website will be automatically back and then whatever changes that you make after the last backup only those changes will be saved there will be no need to say everything again and whatever changes that you make and whenever you make them you will be able to restore them right away because the backup is done in real time now moving on to GoDaddy you get just a regular general backup and restore staying with a HostGator and because you just get general backup with HostGator and restore weekly off-site and with the most it’s just a general industry next comes elasticity and with 10 Web  your website scales with your site’s traffic and memory searches this means that for example if you do certain marketing activities or campaigns and suddenly huge amount of traffic comes to your website the resources that are given to your website will automatically stay and you will not need to worry about upgrading your website for this or doing any changes or are paying right away 

everything is going to be done automatically for you so you just can’t have a fence pretty hands-off approach to this now what all the rest of the hosting companies you will need to have higher plans in order to be able to use this is elasticity and with their plans that do not have elasticity your site will be shut down so not only do they not give you all the resources that you need you also have the risk of having your website shut down in case of sudden traffic surges and this you never know whenever you’re good to have a traffic surgery you can’t be prepared for that so the next thing is uptime since 10Web’swebsites are hosted or empowered by Google cloud you automatically get a99.99% uptime all the time and the rest of the hosts eggplants also claim to have a 99.9% uptime which is a very good indicator now moving on to support with10Web we get 24/7 online chat support ready to answer any word press related questions now the great thing about 10Web is that it is a managed WP hosting company and all the Customer Support Specialists are very much geared towards word press related websites and they have all the knowledge and experience connected with Word Press websites as opposed to the rest of the hosting companies which are shared hosting companies and they work with not only Word Press websites but any other websites built with any other CMS as well so this is bad because they’re not going to have specific and good knowledge of Word Press websites or if you have a word press website you’d better have your website hosted at another posting company so that you’re sure that the customer support there will be able to answer any of your questions and concerns right away and professionally so what GoDaddy you get a 24/7 chat and phone general support with what was the next one yeah Hostgator and you get 24/7 chat and phone general support and thelast one was Bluehost for what you do not get a 24/7 support it’s just a chat and informed general support now let’s move on to the complementary tools as I already showed you with 10Web  you get not only a managed WP hosting but also a website builder based on Element or which include over 40templates over 50 premium plugins you get SEO service automated optimization and analytics now the next is GoDaddy and with GoDaddy you get over 125 3applications and email with annual plan the next one was Hostgator are not mistaken yeah with Hostgator you get mobile templates image library and email with annual plan and with Bluehost again marketing credits and a equal boom of my business verification so that’s what the complementary tools and the last one is the pricing which we’ve already discussed I don’t think we should go over that again so basically we’ve already discussed all of the essential components that you should be taking into consideration when choosing a hosting company for your website now it’s your turn to explore and investigate all of this and see for yourself which one works best for you now that you’ve seen the comparison between these hosting platforms feel free to try for yourself just keep in mind that you will need to keep up with the renewal crisis of the shared hosting and the services and tools that they have to offer and also the fact that they shared hosting are not geared for Word Press websites.

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